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Linkedin marketing: I signed up for linkedin. Now what?


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Do you ever wish that you could get more in-bound B2B sales leads from Linkedin?

Getting your profile exactly right is one of the vital first steps.

By using the simple 6 Ps structure, you can write a Linkedin profile that grabs the attention of ideal prospects and magnetically attracts more in-bound sales leads,

For more information on how you can get more leads from Linkedin in 3 easy steps, contact Tom Mallens on,, +44 (0)1926 678 920 or follow me on Twitter at @TomMallens.

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Linkedin marketing: I signed up for linkedin. Now what?

  1. 1. Social  media  marketing:  I  signed   up  for  Linkedin.  Now  what?         Have  you  signed  up  for  a  Linkedin  account  and  now  find  yourself   wondering  what  on  earth  you  should  do  with  it?     Which will put you streets ahead of most other B2B salespeople who don’t get any business from Linkedin or social media. Decide on your objectives! What do you want to achieve on Linkedin? Increase engagement with existing customers? Find new prospects? Or build awareness of you and your brand?  Have  a  story  to  tell!  People  don’t  like  to  be  sold  to.   But  humans  are  hard-­‐wired  to  find  well-­‐told  stories   irresistibly  persuasive.  If  you  can  tell  a  coherent   story  about  your  product  or  service,  you  won’t  have  to  sell  AND   you’ll  never  be  stuck  for  what  to  say  in  posts,  messages  and  updates   (unlike  most  other  people  in  B2B  sales).     Get  social!  If  you’re  going  to  make  social  media  marketing  work   for  you,  you  have  to  actually  be  sociable  (the  clue’s  in  the  name!).   This  means  making  the  like,  share  and  comment  buttons  your   friend  on  a  regular  basis  –  don’t  worry,  it  only  takes  a  couple  of   minutes  each  time  and  it  builds  engagement  and   brand  awareness  with  the  people  you  want  to  do   business  with.       1.   2.   3.   Helping  you  get  more  leads  from  Linkedin  in  3  easy  steps   W:   E:   T:  01926  678  920                      M:  07917  005  938                      @TomMallens   If  you  can  get  the  following  3  key  areas   right,  you’ll  be  set  to  start  getting  more    in-­‐bound  leads  and  warm  phone  calls.   Put  these  3  simple  points  into  action  and  you’ll  get   yourself  and  your  B2B  social  selling  off  to  a  GREAT   start  (and  start  to  get  more  leads  &  opportunities)!