The power of Kinect in 10 minutes


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The power of Kinect in 10 minutes

  1. The power of Kinect in 10 minutes
  2. Who am I?My name is Tom Kerkhove Owner of Kinecting for Windows Student New Media & Communication Technology at Howest Microsoft Student Partner for Kinect for Windows & Windows Azure
  3. The Kinect Effect
  4. The Kinect Effect
  5. What’s in the sensor?
  6. Color Sensor
  7. IR EmitterIR Depth Sensor
  8. Microphone array
  9. Tilt motor
  10. Sensor output
  11. Depth• Ability to get distance of pixel based on the sensor & gives player index• Default or near mode
  12. Skeleton Tracking
  13. Skeleton Tracking• Two trackingmodes :  Default  Seated• Positions are in three dimensional world based on the sensor. (values are in meters)
  14. Speech• Tracks loudest audio input• Automatic ambient noise filter• Can track position by noise
  15. Face Tracking• Released since SDK 1.5• 87 tracked points• Not unique per user
  16. Kinect Fusion (vNext)
  17. What’s the difference?
  18. Kinect for Windows vs Kinect forXbox360 - Additional features like Near-mode,Features Seated-mode, shorter USB-cable, - Basic features extended camera, etc. - $200 - $250 - $100 - $150 Pricing - Free SDK - Free SDK - For development & xbox useLicensing - For development & public use - Not for public use
  19. Sensor output
  20. Getting Started!
  21. Getting Started!Libraries Official K4W SDK for C#, C++ & AIRKinect as a ActionScript 3-wrapper Kinect for Processing Library or Jnect for Eclipse as a Java-wrapper KinectJS as a Javascript-wrapper
  22. Getting Started!Human Interface Guidelines UX guidelines for creating applications that are user-friendly Learn how to get all the power out of the sensor Developers need to read this as well
  23. Getting Started!Kinect for Windows official Official SDK updates & change logs Kinect for Windows news Stay up-to-dateChannel 9’s Coding4Fun Features Kinect projects/blog posts/libraries from the community
  24. Getting Started!Start Here! Learn the Kinect API Looks at the hardware in more depth Fundamentals on the Kinect API Good look-up if you’re new to the SDK or want to refresh your memory Covers SDK 1.5
  25. Getting Started!Programming with the Kinect for Windows SoftwareDevelopment Kit Takes Kinect API to the next level Gestures & Postures 3D representations of the scene Expert insights
  26. Getting Started!Kinecting for Windows News on Kinect for Windows SDK Updates Cool projects Libraries Tutorials Videos
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