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Linkedin API's


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Linkedin API's

  1. 1. API Possibilities
  2. 2. Agenda …2APIsLinkedIn APIsLinkedIn DataExamples Make it Relevant& SocialCombining withOther Data123456
  3. 3. APIs … what are they?3Google Map doc video onkhanacademy.orgAPIs are a way to use external data to enhance yourown site or app. Some examples …
  4. 4. LinkedIn APIs … why use them?4LinkedIn DataLinkedIn APIsMobile Sites & AppsDesktop Sites & AppsProfileNewsfeedCompanyGroups
  5. 5. Available LinkedIn data …5ProfileNewsfeedCompanyGroups• Name• Job Title• Company• Industry• Location• Experience• Education• Groups Joined…• CompanyName• Company Size• Industry• Products &Services• Followers• CompanyUpdates…• StatusUpdates• Authors• Likes• Shares• Follows• Comments…• Group Name• Discussions• Authors• Likes• Shares• Follows• Comments…Completelist at
  6. 6. Make it relevant and social …6Sites & Apps(Use LinkedIn data toPersonalise the experience) sharing into theexperience to Amplifytraffic & engagement)Newsfeedupdateslinking backto site/appAmplifiedtraffic backto site/app
  7. 7. Combine with other data …7LinkedIn dataHilton DoubleTree dataGoogle Maps dataA site or app thatmeets your objectives(In this case, a site that enables eventmanagers to find suitable HiltonDoubleTree hotels, then connect andcommunicate with hotel reps)++=
  8. 8. Things you can do …• Basic Plugins • Full-fledged APIs− Find Advisors− Social Content Hub− Analyse Profiles− Promote Events− Many more …8Complete plugin list at
  9. 9. Find Advisors …9
  10. 10. ObjectiveHow does it work?See next slide …Tap LinkedIn connections tomake advisor referralsFind an Advisorwww.ameripriseadvisors.comSolutionEnable prospective clients totap their LinkedIn network tofind an Ameriprise financialadvisorUS
  11. 11. User journey …11Click onAd, InMail, NewsfeedLink, etc.1Landing page with clearbenefit and Sign In button Allow brand to accessLinkedIn profile infoConnection request ormessage to advisorList of advisors connectedto someone you knowView advisor profile. Connect orcommunicate with advisor.23546
  12. 12. Social Content Hub …12
  13. 13. ObjectivesHow does it work?See next slide …Demonstrate thought leadershipin the energy spaceEnergy Realitieswww.energyrealities.orgSolution• Reach the right audience withrelevant content, enable usersto engage with content, andamplify content across LinkedInand other social channels• Content includes insights (e.g. from Statoil’sGroup and users’ profiles), TheEconomist, NationalGeographic, etc.UK
  14. 14. User Journey …14Click onAd, InMail, NewsfeedLink, etc.1Allow brand to accessLinkedIn profile infoNewsfeed update to 1stconnections(with link back to site) Comments appear underneathcontent and also on LinkedIn.comLanding page with relevant contentheadlines (can be personalised)243View content and also engagewith it via likes, shares, comments5Group post (with link back to site)6
  15. 15. Analyse Profiles …15
  16. 16. ObjectivesSolutionAnalyse user’sprofile, compare with LinkedInbenchmarks, and offer waysfor the user to get closer tothose benchmarksGenerate brand awarenessCareer MapHow does it work?See next slide …Global
  17. 17. User journey …17Click onAd, InMail, NewsfeedLink, etc.1Landing page with clearbenefit and Sign In button Allow brand to accessLinkedIn profile infoNewsfeed update to all 1stconnections (with link backto microsite)Personalised analyticsdashboard and info on whatleaders are doingComparison withindustry, function, senioritybenchmarks62 345
  18. 18. Promote Events …18
  19. 19. ObjectiveAttendee JourneySee next slide …Help attendees to betterengage with an eventbefore, during, and after.Generate leads.Dell Innovation Live Eventwww.dellinnovation.comSolutionAttract the rightmembers, make it easy forthem to register, andenable them to engagewith and share the eventFR
  20. 20. Attendee journey …20Click onAd, InMail, NewsfeedLink, etc.1Landing page with eventlist, speaker info, Sign In button, andopt-in to be shown on attendee listAllow brand to accessLinkedIn profile infoRegistration form pre-populated with LinkedIn infoAdd to calendar, inviteconnections, shareevent, comment during event32546Newsfeed update to all 1stconnections (with link backto microsite)
  21. 21. And to conclude …21
  22. 22. Measure performance …22• KPIs are tracked and reported via real-time online dashboard• KPIs may include visitors, views, likes, shares, comments, sign ups, leads, etc.