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Harvard Group International Performance Metrics


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An overview of the mertics that clients mention as "Most Important" when looking at search firms (both retained & contingency)- and how Harvard Group International measures up to these metrics

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Harvard Group International Performance Metrics

  1. 1. Harvard Group International:Metrics That MatterTom Furlong, Managing DirectorOil & Gas Sector Practicetfurlong@harvardsearch.com678.214.6065
  2. 2. Harvard Group International An executive search firm that helps our clients build theirfuture by introducing them to the top performing talent available
  3. 3. HGI: A Privately Held Company• Our metrics are based on client satisfaction and feedback• Not activity driven or designed to please shareholders
  4. 4. 98+%Completion rate of retainedsearch projects since 2006
  5. 5. 91%of placed candidates arepresented within the first 30days of the search project
  6. 6. 68%of all search projects are withprevious clients
  7. 7. 37%of all placed candidates (since2006) who meet one or moreDiversity criteria
  8. 8. 10%Amount of companies in anyindustry that we accept asclients
  9. 9. 1office for our 35 team members-one of the largest single officeexecutive search firms in theindustry
  10. 10. 16Years that Harvard GroupInternational has been inbusiness
  11. 11. 300+Combined years of searchexperience at Harvard GroupInternational
  12. 12. Summary• Every search firm offers:  People  Process  Systems• How these resources are deployed: – Differentiates Vendors – Determines Results• Harvard Group International utilizes these components to set: Industry Standards for Success
  13. 13. Contact Details Tom Furlong Managing Director, Energy Practice +1- 678.214.6065