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Marketing Automation and Multi-Wave Campaigns


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Marketing Automation is at the forefront of the marketing battle ground. m-savvy's marketing automation solution allows users to target the right people at the right time with the right message.

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Marketing Automation and Multi-Wave Campaigns

  2. 2. STRATEGIC OVERVIEW … MRM, CRM, Digital Communications and Online Research
  3. 3. Solution Summary Powerful End-to-End Marketing Intelligence The one tool for marketers Greater Clarity of Activity & Results Better Plans & Strategies Improved Quality of Communications Increased Effectiveness of Communications Enhanced Online Relationships Enhanced Usage of Digital Assets Improved Efficiency of Communications Valuable Market Insights Greater Accountability for Marketing
  4. 4. Modular Construction The Dashboard Quick and easy navigation from simple summaries of activity The one tool for marketers and results Business Planner Three tier planning and navigation of customer segments, activities and finances Campaign Manager Campaign content, targets, budgets and tasks simply and visibly planned and presented Customer Manager Segmented, multi-channel communication based on understanding value and need Web Workshop Websites, microsites, surveys, questionnaires, email marketing and competitions Digital Library Electronic storage and retrieval of files, documents and recordings Project Office Automated workflow from templates and task lists managing exceptions and responsibilities Market Leader Interpret and action brand and customer satisfaction research Report Viewer Centralised access to a menu of real time reports and briefs
  5. 5. Benefit Summary A Common Platform The one tool for marketers Efficient Workflow Effective Communications A single view to manage all activity Visible allocation of budget Higher retention rates One process to follow Visible allocation of tasks Higher response and conversion rates Predefined and agreed templates Eliminate duplication of tasks Greater market share Single Repository for all digital assets Eliminate repetition of tasks Greater share of wallet Retain customer and campaign learning’s in one place Defined approval process Greater returns from Channel Partners Eliminate the need for “other” spreadsheets Defined and standardised Agency briefing Identified opportunities for new sales Executive reporting at summary level with drill down to detail Visible reporting of variations and exceptions from plans Lower costs per sale Standard business reports for all individuals and teams Less time required to produce personalised and in-depth reporting Report cause and effect
  6. 6. Programme Overview Management MMaarrkkeettiinngg AAuuttoommaattiioonn Customer Communications Segment Targets & Plans Marketing Planning & Resource Marketing Communications Plans Marketing Workflow Marketing Resources Customer Profile & Behaviour Triggers & Automation Marketing Analytics & Reporting Contact & Relationship Rules Customer Analytics & Reporting A fully integrated & automated programme Customer Communications and Lead Generation Contact & Channel Plans Multi-Channel Communications Multi-Wave Campaigns Multi-Channel Responses Sales Funnel / Pipeline Sales Analytics & Reporting Segment Targets & Plans Contact & Channel Plans Marketing Communications Plans Marketing Workflow Marketing Resources Personalised Content Targeted Segments Targeted Segments Triggers & Automation Sales Funnel / Pipeline Marketing Planning & Resource Management and Lead Generation Marketing Analytics & Reporting Sales Analytics & Reporting Customer Analytics & Reporting Personalised Content Multi-Channel Communications Contact & Relationship Rules Multi-Wave Campaigns Multi-Channel Responses Customer Profile & Behaviour
  7. 7. Marketing Planning and Resource Management … for the Efficient Marketer
  8. 8. Marketing Communications Plans Better plans and strategies Clear and visible alignment of goals and resources Five tier planning and navigation of all activities
  9. 9. Marketing Workflow Allocate tasks and approval responsibility from predefined templates Accurate capture and presentation of variations and exceptions from plans and stakeholder feedback Automated workflow from templates and task lists
  10. 10. Marketing Resources Robust management of planned and actual expenditure Allocation of non-financial resources to Campaign and Events Simple entry and reporting of planned budget and actual expenditure with highly visible variances and exceptions Easy management of resource usage and conflict resolution Robust financial and resource management
  11. 11. Marketing Automation … for the Effective Marketer
  12. 12. Segment Targets and Plans Strategic approach to the market based on customer value and behaviour Align communications to segments to better manage targets with potential value Customer value, behaviour & profile driving targets and communications
  13. 13. Customer Profile and Behaviour Manual and automated management of in depth customer profiles A single repository for: •Contact information •Profile data •Transaction data •Opportunities •Communications History A single view of customer » Fifth level
  14. 14. Triggers & Automation Manage dependent actions through pre-defined rules Create Rules for: •Campaigns •Communications •Segments •Individuals •Events To Manage Customers and Groups: •Create / Duplicate / Split •Build / Rebuild / Extract •Add / Delete / Increment •Assign / Remove •Generate / Test / Send Global and Campaign specific automation » Fifth level
  15. 15. Contact & Relationship Rules Ensure customers always receive the most important and valuable communications Based on rules for: •Marketing Communications •Sales Activities For: •Types of Communications •Types of Relationships •Planned or Reserved communications By Specifying: •Mandatory exclusions •No. Of Comms Per Days •Stand Down Period Prioritise communications based on recency, frequency and monetary criteria » Fifth level
  16. 16. Targeted Segments Use segments and filters to easily interrogate your customer base Build your segments: •For B2B or B2C •Automated or manual •Immediately or Scheduled •By Sub-segment or Criteria •With or without control groups •Splitting by specified or random methods •Attach to emails, extracts, campaigns •With Quick estimate of total or by field •By Priority •With or without Seeds Easy to build complex segments for target audiences and analysis » Fifth level
  17. 17. Personalised Content Personalised communications with your customers from retained knowledge Use the information you have about your customers with: •Dynamic Text: •Personalisation •Profile Data •Person specific •From Team / User / Account Manager •Offers Matrix •Trackable links •Anchors Personalise content directly into digital comms or extract scripts » Fifth level
  18. 18. Customer Communication and Lead Generation … for the Connected Marketer
  19. 19. Multi-Channel Communication Communicate with customers in their preferred manner Select the method(s) of communication for each campaign either send directly from m-savvy or provide channels specific data to your preferred Comms Partner EEmmaaiill SSaalleess TTeeaamm OOnnlliinnee SSMMSS PPhhoonnee MMaaiill Channel specific communications
  20. 20. Multi-wave Campaigns Automated proactive and reactive communications Waves of communications automatically developed for a campaign based on: •Repetitive timings •Specified media channels •Last communication •Customer Responses •Changes in Customer behaviour •Allocated budgets •Allocated tasks Campaigns created with multiple interdependent communications
  21. 21. Multi-channel Responses Manually or automatically receive or import data from any channel Responses received by: •Customers visiting microsites •Call Centre accessing directly •DM responses manually entered •Media responses imported •Online behaviour tracked •Social Media behaviour tracked •Internal responses •Net Promoter responses entered directly •Customer Satisfaction responses entered directly •Individual responses counted Responses received from all channels and then acted on.
  22. 22. Sales Funnel / Pipeline Effectively manage Opportunities through the Sales Pipeline to conversion Manage opportunities for: •Customers and Contacts •Channels and Partners •Key Dates •Value and weighted average •Multiple stages Multi-stage Sales Pipeline
  23. 23. Measurement & Reporting … for the Accountable Marketer
  24. 24. Marketing Analytics and Reporting Greater clarity of all activity and results for each individual from personalised views of reports and on their own Executive Dashboard Quick and easy navigation from simple summaries of information Visibility of activity and results
  25. 25. Customer Analytics and Reporting Valuable Customer Insights to direct future communications Actionable conclusions based on valid perceptions and trends. Information presented in all graphical and tabular formats and able to be: •Used within m-savvy •Retained within the Digital Library •Exported as images •Exported as data for further analysis Interpret and action customer behaviour and satisfaction analysis
  26. 26. Sales Analytics and Reporting Greater accountability for marketing by showing cause and effect of leads generated from marketing activity Results presented for: •Corporate customers •Individual customers •Sales Teams •Sales People •Summary Levels •Comparisons by group and / or time periods Powerful filtered and summarised analytics
  27. 27. Service and Support … for an unfair advantage
  28. 28. Set-up Services Immediate benefits gained from using best practice Consulting – Applying Best Practice Process :: Define and document the marketing process and integrations. Marketing handbook, guides and briefing templates People :: Define roles & responsibilities. Develop RASCI Models, m-savvy permissions and task templates Technology :: How to use the m-savvy toolset. Data analysis and loading, Systems integration and Segmentation modelling Measures :: Establishing what should, and can, be measured. Measures modelling, frameworks & templates Training – Preparing Users to gain immediate benefit All Users Receive 2 - 4 hours training and support material as required. Specific Process Training as required.
  29. 29. Ongoing Support Always there to help!! User Support Help Services Unlimited Support for the designated Administrator Online Help and Help Desk with 0800 and 1800 Free Access Training New Users Processes – Project Management, Content Management Bureau Services Data Management Data Preparation and Loading Data Analysis and Interpretation Digital Communications Emails and Txt Messaging – Message Production and Despatch Website, Microsite and Landing Page Production
  30. 30. DELIVERY … for a great customer experience
  31. 31. Integrated Data Flows :: 100% OOppppoorrttuunniittiieess Communications MMaarrkkeettiningg WWoorrkkffloloww RReesseeaarrcchh && AAnnaalylytticicss CCoonnttaacctt HHisisttoorryy CCuussttoommeerr PPrrooffiliele Management Plan SOURCES Communications Account Configuration & User Input Sales … for a familiar and intuitive experience Marketing Profile & Segment Profile & Segment Customers Real Time Reporting Customers TTrraannssaaccttioionn DDaattaa Digital & Direct Import & Direct Digital & Direct Integration Sales Communications Account Management Plan Real Time Reporting Marketing Communications NB: Comms Data includes Web Analytics, Media Analytics, Market Research
  32. 32. Immediate Deployment :: 100% Can be immediately accessed from any location … for a familiar and intuitive experience
  33. 33. Intuitive Interface :: 100% Intuitive interface that enables self navigation … for a familiar and intuitive experience - Clear Modular structure - Windowing with Minimise / Maximise - Toolbars - Menus - Trees - Drag ‘n Drop
  34. 34. Technology Independence :: 100% Technological independence i.e. does not require configuration of user’s computers. … for a familiar and intuitive experience
  35. 35. File Compatibility :: 100% Compatibility across all file types and formats … for a familiar and intuitive experience
  36. 36. Training and Support :: 100% Comprehensive initial and ongoing training and support services 0-800 1-800 … for a familiar and intuitive experience
  37. 37. Contact Us: NZ 0-800-550 855 AUS 1-800-832 819 … for an unfair advantage
  38. 38.