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Creating Your Pyramid of Success


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A look at the success elements and behaviors required to achieve distinction with your business or profession. Based on the Coach John Wooden pyramid model, altered for business application by MyEureka Solutions llc. Includes exercise to define and then prioritize your building blocks for achievement.

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Creating Your Pyramid of Success

  1. 1. Creating  Your   Pyramid  of  Success     What  are  your  building  blocks  for  Success  in  Business?   Follow  the  Wooden  model  and  build  your  business  version   RISING TIDES ALLIANCE Business Networking Presents   White Plains, NY June 11th, 2014
  2. 2. The  Famous  Wooden  Model  
  3. 3. The  Building  Blocks   Coach  John  Wooden   First  Level   •  Industriousness   •  Friendship   •  Loyalty   •  Coopera@on   •  Enthusiasm   Second  Level   •  Discipline   •  Knowledge   •  Decisiveness   •  Perseverance     Small  Business   Synonyms   Second  Level   •  Self-­‐Control   •  Alertness   •  Ini@a@ve   •  Intentness   Business   First  Level   •  Planned  Behaviors     •  Rela@onships   •  Allegiance     •  Partnerships   •  Passion  
  4. 4. The  Building  Blocks   Coach  John  Wooden     Third  Level   •  Condi@on   •  Skill   •  Team  Spirit   Business     Third  Level   •  Ethics   •  Exper@se   •  Team  Building   Fourth  Level   •  Poise   •  Confidence   Top  Level   •  Compe@@ve  Greatness   Fourth  Level   •  Equanimity   •  Faith   Top  Level   •  Professional  Dis@nc@on    
  5. 5. MyEureka  Solutions  Pyramid  Model  For   Business  Success   Professional   Dis@nc@on   Faith  Equanimity   Ethics   Team   Building   Exper@se   Discipline   Knowledge   Decisiveness   Perseverance     Passion   Strategic   Partnerships   Allegiances    Rela@onships   Planned   Behaviors    
  6. 6. Exercise   For  each  of  the  building  blocks  iden9fy:   1.  The  single  most  important  regular  Behavior  to  succeed…                (Make  sure  you  always  do  what?...)   1.  What  is  the  most  likely  significant  consequences  of  failure?   2.  Give  one  example  of  a  winning  strategy  for  making  sure  that   the  block  is  a  strong  founda@on/asset  for  your  business  
  7. 7. Conclusions   •  To  get  to  the  top  of  the  mountain  you  have  to  be  climbing  on   solid  founda@ons   •  Behaviors  get  things  done—   •  Plan  them   •  Be  accountable  to  them   •  Demonstrate  Passion,  fuel  it  with  your  integrity,  knowledge   and  perseverance   •  Find  a  way  to  consider  yourself  a  person  of  Faith   •  Having  every  box  ac@ve  and  accomplished  is  a  challenge,   finding  3  priori@es  at  a  @me  can  build  you  a  path   •  Becoming  a  business  of  dis@nc@on  can  create  personal   wealth,  posi@ve  social  impact  and  business  success  
  8. 8.  Tom  Fox    President    MyEureka  Solu9ons  LLC     1315  Park  Ave.     Mamaroneck,  NY  10543   P:  917  539-­‐6617   E:   hcp://                Success  Training      Empowering  Performance,        Through  Strategy  &  Skills     Contact  Info  
  9. 9. About  Rising  Tides  Alliance   Rising  Tides  Alliance,  based  in  Westchester  County,  NY,  is  a   relaEonships  organizaEon  that  believes  networking  should  be  more   than  handing  out  a  business  card.  We  know  that  giving  is  the  Ede  that   raises  all  ships,  that  it  allows  you  to  be  a  person  of  value  to  others  and   helps  create  success  for  your  business.     •   •  Monthly  member  business  to  business  networking   •  Meets  2nd  Wednesday  of  each  monthly  (Sep-­‐June)  at     The  Mansion  on  N.  B’way,  White  Plains,  NY   •  Special  Summer  Events  for  July  &  August   •  Monthly  secondary  small  group  or  1-­‐on-­‐1  facilitated  networking   •  Business  Growth  Programs  in  Sales  and  Key  Business  Issues   •  Member  Expert  Panels   •  Membership  Info  Contact:       Perry  DiNapoli    914  804-­‐6234