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Cousino Sheldon

  1. 1. Sheldon CousinoIT Consultant - ManagementLocation Columbus, Ohio AreaIndustry Information Technology and ServicesOverviewCurrent • IT Consultant at Quick Solutions • Project Manager (QSI Consultant) at Cardinal HealthPast • Applications Manager / Senior Project Manager at Ashland Inc • IT Consultant II / Sr Programmer Analyst at NiSource (formerly Columbia Gas Distribution) • Systems Analyst at Northwest Ohio Regional Information System (NORIS) see all...Education • Bowling Green State UniversityRecommendations 23 people have recommended SheldonConnections 233 connectionsWebsites • My Resume • My Google Profile
  2. 2. • My VisualCVPublic Profile Is something missing? Suggest a profile update.Thanks for suggesting a profile update. SummaryCareer History Blends Success in Information Systems Management and ProjectManagement Roles, Recognized for ability to Facilitate Business Process Improvementsand Increase Profitability, Accountable for Multi-million dollar Budgets, Coordination ofMulti-disciplinary global IT Professionals.As a well-rounded and solutions-oriented Information Systems Manager blendingleadership and technical expertise, I bring to organization’s the innovation and solutionsrequired to revolutionize your clients’ system environments. In anticipation of creatingeffective outcomes, I unite my comprehensive knowledge and talents with a company’sdesire to step to the forefront in a highly competitive, profit-directed marketplace.My success stems from a strong commitment to excellence and in providing a hands-onmanagement style combined with the ability to see the big picture. Consistently I havebrought about new ideas, ways of thinking and problem-solving techniques that haveproduced successful results. I am versatile, possess a positive leadership style, and I havegained the respect of those with whom I have come in contact.Specialties- Strategic Planning- Staff Management- Staff Training- Budget Management- Project Management Lifecycle- National / International IT Initiatives- Critical Application Development- Infrastructure upgrades / implementations- Contract Review / Recommendation- Technology Evaluation- Needs Assessment- Program Development- Mergers & Acquisitions- Data Integration
  3. 3. EventsSlideShare PresentationsExperienceIT ConsultantQuick SolutionsPrivately Held; Information Technology and Services industryAugust 2009 – Present (1 year 7 months)Consulting Assignments:Cardinal Health (Aug 2009 – Present). Project ManagerRecommend Sheldon’s work at Quick SolutionsProject Manager (QSI Consultant)Cardinal HealthPublic Company; CAH; Hospital & Health Care industryAugust 2009 – Present (1 year 7 months)Cardinal Health (Aug 2009 – Present). Project Manager• Order Express Infrastructure Migration and Expansion Aug 2010 – Present- Developed $7.6 million budget to support the 11 month project- Directing migration and enhancements: Migrating application to the new platform andenhanced the application to leverage new features in the new software versions- Leading Platform Refresh Strategy: Upgrading Websphere platform to next majorversion (should last 3-5 years)- Overseeing the Lower Cost Infrastructure Strategy: Converting all existing hardware toLinux platform and virtualized servers utilizing VMware- Managing Capacity / Expansion Strategy: Expanding hardware capacity and software
  4. 4. licenses to support 20k additional Hospital segment users on current web orderingplatform.- Coordinating Data Center Strategy: Migrating production hardware to the McGaw ParkData Center.• IBM InfoSphere DataStage ETL Conversion Aug 2009 – Aug 2010- Directed a culturally diverse, cross-functional and globally dispersed team of 35individuals from IBM, WIPRO and Cardinal Health in conversion from Informatica ETLtechnology to IBMs Information Server’s DataStage ETL version 8.1 technology- Managed FY10 Project Budget of $1.7 million with final spend 11% under budget- Effectively led the conversion and implementation of over 850 Informatica objects toDataStage within 4 months resulting in 0% impact and 100% transparency to the business- Utilized out sourced resources located in India- Identified, developed and implemented process improvements that resulted in 5%improvement in all conversion activitiesRecommend Sheldon’s work at Cardinal HealthApplications Manager / Senior Project ManagerAshland IncChemicals industryApril 1998 – December 2008 (10 years 9 months)As an Information Technology Manager administered all facets of operations responsiblefor manufacturing division global applications development, support and analysisfunctions; oversaw and ensured performance of 30 staff, managed $3.5 million budget(allocated to development and support of mainframe, AS/400, and client server ERPapplications as well as providing international support to manufacturing business units).Scope of responsibilities included evaluation of existing applications, project andresource scheduling, and project life-cycle management; collaborated with businessgroups on planning, coordination and management of resources for both international anddomestic project goals and objectives.Through experience and judgment, have guided businesses through strategic planning,critical application development, data integration, mergers & acquisitions, technologyevaluations, needs assessments, staffing and other Information Technology challenges.Directed team of 15 members and administered $3MM budget allocated to developmentof mission critical data integration application for global SAP implementation
  5. 5. Served as infrastructure project manager for global SAP supply chain (R/3) and globalSAP human capital management (HCM) implementation projects.Sheldon has 23 recommendations (1 manager, 1 report, 19 co-workers, 2 partners)including: • Janice Worthington | Executive Job Search Coach, Executive Director, Worthington Career Services • Mike Franklin, PMO Manager, Ashland Inc.Recommend Sheldon’s work at Ashland IncIT Consultant II / Sr Programmer AnalystNiSource (formerly Columbia Gas Distribution)Utilities industryJanuary 1988 – April 1998 (10 years 4 months)Served in several roles within Distributed Information Systems organization (responsiblefor customer information and billing system); scope of responsibilities included timelyand accurate billing of 2 million residential and commercial customers in 5 states;development and maintenance of batch billing and transactional programs,comprehensive technical and business process support provided to marketing,engineering, training, human resources, and graphics/video services, development ofindustrial billing system, rate refund coordination, and design, development andmaintenance of reporting programs, databases, and batch job schedulers.Recommend Sheldon’s work at NiSource (formerly Columbia Gas Distribution)Systems AnalystNorthwest Ohio Regional Information System (NORIS)Information Technology and Services industryJune 1984 – December 1988 (4 years 7 months)Provided software development and hardware support for Courts, Law Enforcementagencies and Correctional facilities in Northwest Ohio
  6. 6. Recommend Sheldon’s work at Northwest Ohio Regional Information System (NORIS)Security Specialist, Staff Sergeant (E5)U.S. Air ForceMilitary industrySeptember 1972 – April 1980 (7 years 8 months)Led team of 35 responsible for securing nuclear weapons storage facilities, inter-continental ballistic missile complexes and communication facilities; monitored,dispatched and coordinated law enforcement teams.To perform these duties a top-secret security clearance was required.Recommend Sheldon’s work at U.S. Air ForceEducationBowling Green State UniversityBS, Business Administration - MIS1980 – 1984Majored in Management Information Systems, with additional course work inInternational Business and Computer ScienceRecommend Sheldon’s work at Bowling Green State UniversityRecommendations For SheldonApplications Manager / Senior Project ManagerAshland Inc“I find Sheldon to be a very bright professional with whom it is a pleasure to work. Hispersonality is very compelling and we at WCS see him to be a solid candidate with astrong information technology background. He presents very well, gaining an immediateunderstanding of concepts and processes. I highly recommend Sheldon and have nodoubt of his future success.” April 28, 2009
  7. 7. Janice Worthington | Executive Job Search Coach, Executive Director, WorthingtonCareer Serviceswas a consultant or contractor to Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon is an experienced and results-oriented project manager with a solidunderstanding of information technology, systems integration, and infrastructure - goodwith people, process, and technology.” April 17, 2009Mike Franklin, PMO Manager, Ashland Inc.managed Sheldon indirectly at Ashland Inc“I worked with Sheldon while he was employed with Ashland Inc. At that time, he was aProject Manager for several projects requested by the businesses that I supported (while Iwas a Business Opportunity Manager). He did a great job managing each of theseprojects. He was action oriented and worked hard to successfully implement projects. Hewas customer focused and well liked by the team he managed.” April 5, 2009Barb Scheiderer, Project Manager, Ashlandworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon is great to work with. He is always willing to learn new things and works wellwith both business and technical teams. He was a great PM for a number of eBusinessprojects that I participated in.” March 11, 2009Kristen Loesel-Sanchez, eBusiness Specialist, Ashland Incworked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I have worked with Sheldon on several projects throughout the years. He is very detailoriented and organized. He is a project manager with an IT background which makes iteasy to communicate with the technical team members. I” March 7, 2009Michael Oney | Senior Software Consultant, Senior Systems Engineer, Ashland Inc.worked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I worked with Sheldon several times over the years on multiple projects. Sheldon isdetail oriented, decisive, and accountable. Sheldon is very good at communicatingbusiness requirements to the technical team members. He is able to build great teamdynamics to accomplish project goals.” March 6, 2009Jeffrey Crabtree, Infrastructure Support and Services, Ashland Inc.worked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon is very well organized and thorough. He is very detail oriented, and is a greatproject manager. Sheldon was a pleasure to work with.” March 6, 2009
  8. 8. Cynthia Kirchner, Senior Managing Consultant, IBMworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I worked with Sheldon for several years on various integration projects. Sheldon is avery detailed and knowledgable technical and project manager. Sheldon is always quicklyup to speed on the business process knowledge, but also has a strong technicalbackground that allows him to positively influence design and approach to solve thebusiness requirements. Sheldon always has a can-do attitude and is strong/confidentmanager that holds people accountable to their assigned tasks. Sheldon also has thatability to understand the politics of a project and always works to do the right thing. Ihave always enjoyed working with Sheldon and wouldnt hestitate if that opportunitypresented itself again.” March 6, 2009Jon Spears, Development Group Manager, Ashland Inc.worked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon and I worked in the same group at Ashland. Our offices shared a partition wall.Sheldon is an achiever who gets the job done. He successfully juggles multiple projects.Sheldon understands IT development, IT architecture, and business. And he caneffectively communicate with technical and business resources around the world. WhenSheldon traveled overseas, he expressed interest in learning the culture. When in China,do as the Chinese and eat with chopsticks. Sheldon looks for ways to improve. And he iswilling to help others. What I appreciated most was Sheldons perspective because Ilearned from him.” March 5, 2009Christy Koczwara, MBA, PMP Project Manager, Project Manager, Ashland Incworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Excellent Project Manager. Detail oriented project planning, action oriented executionof plans. Team oriented player. Great communications skills. Proactive approach tomanaging his projects, always trying to head off an issue before it could arise.” March 5,2009Paul Phillips, Business Relationship Manager, Ashlandworked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon is a capable project manager, and very easy to work with.” March 5, 2009Jeffrey Crum, IT Manager, Ashland Inc.managed Sheldon indirectly at Ashland Inc“I worked with Sheldon at Ashland in two different capacities. He was my manager forseveral years. As a manager Sheldon balances the need to stay on top of the issueswithout micro-managing. He is willing to engage his reports in problem solving and opento input from the group on how to get the job done. I also worked with Sheldon as a peerin a Project Management capacity. The same skills previously mentioned allow him to
  9. 9. build strong team-oriented groups from widely varying backgrounds with different goalsfocused on achieving a common objective. His ability to translate technical issues intobusiness terms and conversely is a skill valued by team members and is a powerful teamenabler.” March 4, 2009Sandi Berry, Project Manager, Ashland Incworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon worked as my project manager on a large scale, highly visible project. Histechnical knowledge helped bridge the gap between business requirements, technicalspecifications and technical capability. Despite an agressive schedule and challengingtask, he maintained an even keal when others were unable to do so. His hard work anddedication was key to the projects success (a portion of this project was awarded a 2007Chairmans Award)” March 4, 2009James Weitlauf, Senior Systems Engineer, Ashlandworked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“It has been a pleasure working with Sheldon. I worked with Sheldon on Europeanprojects including travelling in Europe. Understanding and dealing with multiculturalEurope, different languages and business habits was a great plus and getting thoseprojects done in a timely manner” March 4, 2009Karin van Heugten, Service Support Manager EMEIA, Ashland Services B.V.worked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon was a pleasure to work with and managed his projects very well.” March 4,2009Karen Berry, Project Manager, Ashlandworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I have worked with Sheldon a number of times in the past on various projects. He isvery capable from a technical perspective and has great communication and collaborationskills. Hes been a pleasure to work with.” March 4, 2009Stephanie Smith, SAP Integration GlobalOne Project Team Member, Ashland Incworked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I worked with Sheldon for several years at Ashland, He understood technology &business very well, and was a peoples manager since employees & vendors liked his styleof operation. Sheldon always demonstrated a keen sense of getting things done right, thefirst time around.” March 4, 2009Ana Gonzalez, Project Manager, Ashland Increported to Sheldon at Ashland Inc
  10. 10. “Sheldon and I worked on a global implementation project and his attention to detailhelped achieve certain milestones. With his leadership and direction, his team was able toput together the small-infrastructure requirements for the project and ensure therequirements were in place and working before go-live. He is dedicated to his work andwould recommend him.” March 4, 2009Shankar Vydianathan, Manager - Production Services (SAP), Ashlandworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“I have worked with Sheldon on many occasions during my tenure at Ashland Inc. Hisdeep knowledge and experience about the business and project management processesmakes him a great addition to any project. His dedication, attention to details andinterpersonal skills makes him a true project manager.” March 4, 2009Prabodh Kumar, Project Manager, Ashland Incworked directly with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“As the Technial Manager of Ashlands SAP deployment projects, I worked with variousproject managers to ensure that different components of the technical deployment wasprogressing as planned. Sheldon, being one of those project managers, was always veryresponsive to the needs of the program and always met deadlines and provided statusupdates as necessary. Sheldon was meticulous in his style and I could count on him todeliver what I needed for the programs that I managed. It was a pleasure to work withhim.” March 3, 2009Eric W. DeBord, Technical Program Manager, Ashland Inc.managed Sheldon indirectly at Ashland Inc“Sheldon has been the project manager on several EMEA projects, where I was a teammember. We have travelled around europe together. Sheldon has great skills dealing withpeople from other cultures, and gets people with completely different backgrounds, notjust skills but also nationalities and cultures to work together. This is a skill not manypeople have.” January 15, 2009Maarten de Kreij, Manager Service Delivery & teamlead SAP support EMEIA, Ashlandworked with Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon is an outstanding team player who will get the job done! I worked closely withSheldon on the data team for the SAP implementation project and his attention to detailand execution is flawless. He is the brain-child of many home-grown applications thathas added great value to the organization. He is good in dealing with various parts of theorganization dispersed globally - effective in communicating & ensuring that they areserviced well to achieve required results. Sheldon has a can do attitude, and will not takeno for an answer. Sheldon is highly respected by his management team and his peers.Teaming up with Sheldon on a project always meant being part of a winning team.”January 4, 2009
  11. 11. Ram Narayanan, Executive IT Architect, IBMwas a consultant or contractor to Sheldon at Ashland Inc“Sheldon was a project manger in my group who was able to handle multiple projects atone time. Sheldon has a technical IT background and is able to understand issues andtasks that need to be monitored / resolved in order keep the project moving.” January 2,2009Joy Gauder, Group Project Manager, Ashland, Inc.managed Sheldon at Ashland Inc