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SJ_120614_SJ_MAIN_1_028 letters 1.PDF

  1. 1. 28 THE JOURNAL, June 12, 2014 Newsdesk: Salisbury 01722 426511 • Advertising 426500 email: Aggressive strategy will put visitors off What you’re saying about... Feedback Go to @journalupdate on Twitter or add a comment on our facebook page about Wiltshire Council offering free car parking at Culver Street car park after 3pm Share your views... n It should be all car parks. Rebecca Lockwood n Free parking in all car parks in Andover after 4pm, free all day at Next, The Range, Wickes, Maplin, Halfords Homebase etc etc (Nice new bus station as well!). It's a start I suppose. Are there elections coming up? Mike Bealing n It's good to see Salisbury finally being proactive about the lack of footfall coming through the city. However, I feel making the central car park free would have sent a better message to the local population. Chris Grinter n A start, yes, but not going far enough in my view! Maybe shops can do a Thursday night opening when parking is free? Jessica Jade Fretwell n So the council think they’re doing us a favour. Culver Street is the least used car park in the city. Wow wee. Marc McCabe IF the coach drivers are going to use Britford park and ride, why would the coach tour passengers not come into the centre of Salisbury on the park and ride buses? We don’t understand why locals are expected to use park and ride if it’s not good enough for tourists. This is an opportunity to rid Salisbury’s city centre of oversized coaches by using the park and ride system, which is already in place with plenty of unused capacity. Brown Street car park, right, is highly valued by local shoppers because it is about as far as many people are prepared to walk carrying shopping. An end to Brown Street car parking would be another nail in the coffin of Salisbury as a shopping and market town. Sacrificing regular local year- round shoppers in a fanciful attempt to lure tourists to linger longer is a poor deal for people who live here, attempt to earn a living and provide much needed employment for others. The Salisbury Vision team may think Brown Street car park to be a great place for coaches, but who is looking out for the local people who think Brown Street car park is a great place for them? Salisbury Vision says there is plenty of space in Culver Street, but that is because people don’t want to use it. Take away Brown Street and more people will find Salisbury an unattractive proposition and will stay away. The Vision wants extra coach parking for the Magna Carta celebrations - they’ve got it using Salisbury park and ride. We urge you not to trial this concept - shoppers will be lost, more shops will close and, once lost, the shoppers probably won’t come back. Norman Hughes Salisbury n GIVEN that we are going to lose the ideally-placed coach station at Millstream Approach, Salisbury is going to have to put up with coaches squeezing through the narrow city streets to find some other place to drop off and pick up. But wait a minute - we have buses (some larger than coaches) already doing this, so are a few more going to make that much difference? And, come to that, what's wrong with the old abandoned bus station as a coach park - then Brown Street can carry on doing what it's good for - parking cars. Don't tell me - Wiltshire Council has already agreed to sell it off for housing. Now where have I heard that one before? Jeremy Court Salisbury n THE current coach station in Millstream Approach has a short relatively direct approach from Churchill Way, toilets and a café, Brown Street has none of these on offer at present. Please rethink. True the size could be improved - I counted more than 20 coaches at time - the café and toilet could be upgraded, and perhaps the bridge could be widened too as part of Maltings development. One suspects part of the motive to develop coach parking in Brown Street stems from the disastrous waste of money on Culver Street, which is rarely used even when it is free Jim Radford Salisbury I WAS interested to see recent references in your correspondence relating to Wiltshire’s aggressive parking strategy and its consequences. Having tickets for a concert in Salisbury on Friday last, and not knowing the city, we decided to come in on Thursday afternoon to see where the venue was, where we could park and where we might get a meal before the performance. We found the central car park and paid for an hour. In fact, I paid a bit more than the hourly rate, not having the exact change required. Unfortunately, due to unfamiliarity with the city and also to the awful weather, we returned a few minutes later than expected; just in time to see an operative walking away from our car, having left a fixed penalty notice which revealed that the vehicle had been "observed" in place 12 minutes after the expiry time on the ticket. Ok, we'd overstayed slightly, but with no intention of doing so, and I would have thought a little leeway could have been applied, as happens elsewhere. After all, I had paid more than the hourly fee, and give and take should surely work both ways. The wider problem, of course, is that such precipitate action is counter-productive, in that it has discouraged us from hurrying back. Somebody representing Salisbury tourism really should have a word with Wiltshire parking services about that. Ian Vargeson Dereham Plansforcoachparkingrun risk of alienating shoppers more than 600 patients missing their appoint- ments at Salisbury Medical Centre since January n It's blooming annoying as it's near on impossible to get an appointment at this sur- gery. Becky Milton n They should charge those who let the sys- tem down. Storm Angel n Charge for missed appointments. Frea Marie Nunn n Considering the huge numbers, why are appointments consistently running late? This has to work both ways to work at all. Gareth Brown n I guess the odd person can genuinely for- get but now they send text message reminders and given that you've no doubt made an appointment for a reason it seems a shame that people can't be more careful and thoughtful of our precious resources. Siobhan Haines n It's hard to get appointment then some- times it’s up to two weeks away. Mandy Newton n Use it or lose it. This is a very good sur- gery. That said, no surgery should be taken for granted; we are lucky to have such a serv- ice. Yan Webber I THOUGHT the market square looked very charming and pretty this Monday morning as I had a coffee in bright sunshine in the square. The leaves on the trees are out and bright green, the toilets have been masked by floral arrangements, the new paving is a great improvement and the tourists are all stopping to take photos of the new arrangements. I think in all sincerity that the councillors who planned all these improvements shouldnow be acknowledged to have done a fine job in bringing the market square up to date. Timothy Stroud Harnham Market looking very charming Salisbury Market Place Picture byTom Gregory DC4656P10