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Funding ideas in a globally connected world – a social approach


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A keynote given in the Seminars on Software Engineering & Information Systems

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Funding ideas in a globally connected world – a social approach

  1. 1. funding ideas in aglobally connected world a s o c i a l a p p r o a c h
  2. 2. ideas?Are ideas worth funding?What kind of ideas? indie projects business ventures social initiatives
  3. 3. funding?How do they get money now? Friends, Fools and Family Business Angels Credit Universities, Governments, ..
  4. 4. so what’s wrong?SlowHigh-riskUnscalableThe “Oh, but..” factor
  5. 5. can we fix it?It’s already being done. Be part of it.
  6. 6. evolutionMicrofinance P2P Lending Microlending Crowdfunding
  7. 7. crowdfundingA group of people joining efforts to financially supportprojects by individuals or organizations.
  8. 8. how it worksPitch your ideaHave a goal in mindSpread the word
  9. 9. how it worksMake your pitchLet us know how much and why?Gather your supporters.... and reward them in the end!
  10. 10. the prosFree marketing!InexpensiveInstant, no-excuses-for-you-sir feedback
  11. 11. the consCopycatsMoney regulation
  12. 12. how is it being used? Donations, Philanthropy and Sponsorship Lending Investment
  13. 13. where?
  14. 14. what about projects?We have: Spread accross: Startups Technology Indie projects Creative Arts Business plans .. mostly everything
  15. 15. common feedbackDoes it work?Why should I give my money?Is my idea suitable?But my idea is secret. Get out of here. Shoo!
  16. 16. does it work?April ’11, Kickstarter $53 Million asked $40 Million gathered 20371 total projects
  17. 17. does it work?March ’10, Kiva: $124156585 total raised 98% repayment rate 312345 total entrepreneurs 193 countries
  18. 18. quick showcaseThe +Pool: $41.647 (from $25.000)Diaspora: $200.641 (from $10.000)TikTok/LunaTik: $942.578 (from $15.000)
  19. 19. software engineering?A global network of people connected by theWebTrust, reputation and money transactionsAll of this happens because of technology
  20. 20. future steps?The USA Senate is currently revisinglegislation to allow investment up to $1 millionUSA’s President Barack Obama supports thebill.... so that just leaves the Senate fighting back
  21. 21. future steps?Are we encouraging low-risk low-returnbusinesses over high-risk high-return?How can we leverage the social nature of thisplatforms?
  22. 22. our attempt
  23. 23. any questions? ?