Nightlife Journey Interactive Infographic


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Heineken & InSites Consulting co-created the club of tomorrow with 19 young designers & a community of clubgoers

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Nightlife Journey Interactive Infographic

  1. 1. InSites Consulting 4 April 2012 Nightlife journey inspires the creation of the Heineken concept club [interactive infographic]This April, the end result of an exciting collaborative design project will be revealed at theMilan Design Week 2012. Heineken® Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club offered19 up-and-coming designers from Milan, New York, Sao Paulo and Tokyo the opportunity todevelop a progressive pop-up club. Over 100 clubbers from all over the world played a vitalrole in this creative process; their nightlife experience, perception and needs challenged andinspired the design team to make the club as enjoyable, social and memorable as possible.Inspired by conversationsThe global collaboration between designers, their expert coaches, the Heineken team andthe clubbers was facilitated by an online creativity hub, the Heineken concept clubcommunity. In the first phase over 100 clubbers joined forces in sharing their nightlifeexperience through discussions and images. The online research community (MROC),managed by InSites Consulting, provided a 360-degree view on the motivations of people togo clubbing. Not only did this connection provide us with a true understanding of theirneeds, it also enabled us to introduce great and inspirational clubbers to the designers. Screenshot: The Heineken concept club community The Heineken concept club
  2. 2. InSites Consulting 4 April 2012In the creation phase, the consumer insights were integrated in an interactive infographic toinspire the emerging designers. The InSites Consulting project team analysed theconversations to the core and reported these by connecting the shaped insights withdesigner challenges. The creative designer team joined the community to discuss the issuesand themes they discovered and to share their ideas, sketches and images.Customized for designersTo immerse the designers in the world of clubbers during their nightlife journey, they couldmove through the night by browsing the custom-designed interactive infographic. Discoverhow consumers are challenging Heineken to trigger their senses and encourage socialinteraction in the key moments of their journey: Interactive infographic: Nightlife journey The Heineken concept club
  3. 3. InSites Consulting 4 April 2012Driven by research and creativityBy playing to the needs of clubbers, the designers were able to develop a visionary take onclub design, raising the bar on how enjoyable, social and memorable a nightlife experiencecan be. Challenges like ‘how to bring the club’s atmosphere to the people waiting outside’have a direct impact on the design of the club, resulting in the origami element below,linking the outside to the inside of the club and hinting at the interior design. Artists impression: Entrance to the clubCheck out the feature on for more details on the Heineken® Open DesignExplorations Edition 1: The Club. Stay tuned, we are looking forward to partying at theopening of the Heineken concept club on April 17th in Milan and will definitely share ourimpressions with you. The Heineken concept club
  4. 4. InSites Consulting 4 April 2012 Author Thomas Troch, Senior Research Innovator +32 494 867 081 @thomastroch InSites ConsultingInSites Consulting was established in 1997, and although a marketing researchcompany, the founders never really wanted to be market researchers. InSites Consultingreally is a crazy blend of academic visionaries, passionate marketers and researchinnovators that are determined to challenge the status quo of marketing research.Over the last 10 years the company has grown at an amazing 35% per year. Today,there’s more than 130 employees working in five offices (BE, NL, UK, RO, US) gettingtheir energy from helping world leading brands to improve their marketing efforts and todevelop deeper connections with consumers on a global scale. InSites Consulting isrewarded with no less than 15 international awardsThe recipe for success: a never-ceasing enthusiasm, a lot of hard work, a culture ofsharing, and permanent innovation in research methods and marketing thoughtleadership. And last but not least: positively surprising clients every day.More information is available at: The Heineken concept club
  5. 5. InSites Consulting 4 April 2012 NotesAbout the interactive infographic:The interactive infographic ( was developed based on theresults of an online research community (MROC) with over 100 clubbers from around theworld. This research project was conducted by InSites Consulting as an integral part ofthe Heineken® Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The Club project. The intuitiveinfographic was created by in HTML5, making it ideal for browsing onboth desktops and mobile devices such as tablet computers.About HeinekenThe Heineken brand, which bears the founder’s family name - Heineken - is available inalmost every country on the globe and is the world’s most valuable international premiumbeer brand. Additional information is available on contact for the interactive infographic and service designThomas Troch: +32 (0)9 269 12 26Media contact for online research communities (MROC)Tom De Ruyck: +32 (0)9 269 14 07Media contacts for Heineken® Open Design Explorations Edition 1: The ClubMarnie Kontovraki: +31 (0)20 5239 355Iris PR:Rachel Newman: + 44 (0) 20 7922 8190Amy Vickery: +44 (0) 20 7654 7359Robin Davies: +44 (0) 20 7654 7657 The Heineken concept club