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Co-creating Concepts & Ideas


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From making people want things
to making things people want.

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Co-creating Concepts & Ideas

  1. 1. Welcome! We’ll start in a minute..
  2. 2. Co-creatingconcepts & ideasFrom making people want thingsto making things people want. Tom De Ruyck | Thomas Troch
  3. 3. Your hosts for this Smartees Webinar Thomas Troch Tom De Ruyck Senior Research Innovator Head of Research Communities @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  4. 4. Innovate or die@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  5. 5. Special people + Special places a Special ideas ? @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  6. 6. For every 4 projects that enter development, only 1 makes it to the market.At launch, at least 1 of 3 productsfail despite high development costs, deep research and planning. Winning at New Products 4th Edition, Cooper, 2011 Making Ideas Work; Booz&Co, 2012 @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  7. 7. WHAT AREWE DOINGWRONG? @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  8. 8. AnnaKirah We come up with technology, then find a use – and try to invent meaning through advertising and communication… we have to push meaning to the beginning. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  9. 9. Consumercreativity,to DIY for @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  10. 10. Consumers are refining products/services @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  11. 11. Consumers are redefining products/services @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  12. 12. Consumers are competing with brands @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  13. 13. Consumers are creating new categories @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  14. 14. Consumer creativityRefining Creative Competing consumers are solvingRedefining unfilled needs Creating @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  15. 15. How aboutsolving problemsin a business context? @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  16. 16. 8/10 consumers wantto help in co-creationprojects of companiesthey like. The only thingthey ask in return: giveus feedback on what youdo with our input.Social Media Around The World 2012, InSites Consulting @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  17. 17. CONSUMERS IN INNOVATION Richness Co-creation Crowd- sourcing Reach Yannig Roth (2012) @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  18. 18. Market research communities are highly appreciated by consumers. 36% prefer to participate in a branded research community. These communities come second after a Facebook community. Consumers believe that their feedback will have a high impact in a research community. The latter is their key motivation to help brands.Social Media Around The World 2012, InSites Consulting @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  19. 19. Profile # Number Duration @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  20. 20. OK, LET’SMAKE ITHAPPEN! @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  21. 21. 1.Solution spaceTo set up an efficient and effectiveco-creation project, theobjectives and the desiredoutcome need to be defined.Insights from previous researchwill guide and stimulate thecreativity of your consumers. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  22. 22. 2.ParticipantsFor the ideation of new productsand services, a specific consumeris targeted in order to generaterelevant ideas. Next to topicand/or brand identification, wedifferentiate between innovatorsand influencers. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  23. 23. High involvementLow involvement@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  24. 24. High involvementSocial independence Interpersonal influence Low involvement @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  25. 25. High involvement Independent Social innovators influencersSocial independence Interpersonal influence Laggards Followers Low involvement @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  26. 26. 3.BriefingParticipants join an interactivechat session at the start of theproject to discuss the briefingand compose a list of‘ingredients’ that can be used tocome up with and fine-tune ideas. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  27. 27. 4.CommunityConsumers can generate ideasand share their stories on theonline research community. Theircreativity is triggered by acontinuous flow of new ideachallenges and inspirationaltrends. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  28. 28. Inspiration By highlighting sector and technology trends, consumers get inspired to link these with their own needs. They’re not only solving their own issues, the stories and pictures of the other participants are also a great source of inspiration.@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  29. 29. Ideation tool The ideation tool features an insight and a challenge for consumers to generate ideas before the deadline. To match the iterative and non-linear nature of idea generation, the Ideation Tool allows participants to post multiple ideas to the ideation challenges@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  30. 30. Level up the idea Participants can comment on each others ideas to improve them, resulting in a change of status, from mining to rough diamond, polished diamond and eventually a diamond ring… This gamification approach emphasizes the collaborative effort.@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  31. 31. 5.Qualitative pre-selectionBased on the ‘diamond status’and a judging round with bothparticipants and the client team,the best ideas are selected andvisualized.These visuals and existing ideasin the company are shared withconsumers to create the ultimateproposition. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  32. 32. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  33. 33. This is why we are CO-creating @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  34. 34. Involvement A successful concept needs to fit both the strategy and objectives of the brand and the needs of consumers. During engaging workshops the popular consumer ideas are being improved by the client team, while the ideas also inspire them to improve ideas that already exist in the company.@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  35. 35. Engagement Although not all ideas will make it to development, they are each solving relevant consumer needs. An overview of all the concepts is integrated in a Deck of idea cards, providing the company with a playful way to review and apply the findings now and in the future.@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  36. 36. THE PROOFOF THEPUDDING… @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  37. 37. ROAD TO MORE RELEVANT IDEAS Community Community with with In-company Innovators “Ordinary” idea generation & Influencers consumers Idea screening in 5 countries Top 10 Uniqueness Top 10 Relevance @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  38. 38. Products witha co-creation claimare perceived asmore attractive,innovative, uniqueand relevant.Van Dijk, 2012 @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  39. 39. TOO GOODTO BETRUE? @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  40. 40. Innovation is not only about generating and validating ideas, it’s about implementing them successfully and improving them continuously.@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  41. 41. Insighting Developing Business Objectives Optimizing Implementing@thomastroch @tomderuyck
  42. 42. InsightingThe global design project ofHeineken, Open DesignExplorations Edition 1: TheClub invited talentedemerging designers fromaround the world to co-create the club of the future.A 3-week community with120 design-savvy clubbersresulted in a consumerjourney map, visualizingtheir needs, perception,experience and motivation. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  43. 43. DevelopingTo further improve thetransfer experience oftravellers, Air France andKLM wanted to connectwith their customers on anemotional level.After an InsightmentCommunity, a group of 50frequent travellers placedthe insights into perspective.Their ideas resulted in 32concept boards, the 4 mostfeasible were integrated in aquantitative and emotionalconcept screener. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  44. 44. ImplementingTo support Vodafone withthe development of 12 newapps in 2012, and define themarket messaging for eachof the 9 relevant countries,we set up a series ofcommunities.Key target groupstakeholders were invited -consumers were recruitedfor participation over a 12month period in order totest subsequent versions ofthe apps in a 360 view. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  45. 45. OptimizingMarktplaats is a Dutchclassified advertising siteowned by eBay. Thecompany wanted torejuvenate their website toimprove the userexperience.We set up a 3 monthcommunity with 140 users toexplore the userexperience, users needsand the communicationcampaign. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  46. 46. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  47. 47. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  48. 48. Global connection:Looking for consensusor tapping into differences. @thomastroch @tomderuyck
  49. 49. PeterDrucker The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. @thomastroch @tomderuyck