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Best of ESOMAR Belgium: Future Challenges DEBATE


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Ghent, December 2016

Published in: Business
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Best of ESOMAR Belgium: Future Challenges DEBATE

  1. 1. ESOMAR “BEST OF” SERIES 'Future Challenges' DEBATE Ghent, December 15
  2. 2. Agenda Future Challenges DEBATE Thursday 15-12-2016, Ghent (Belgium) Introduction | 16.55 – 17.00 by Finn Raben (ESOMAR) Future Challenges Debate | 17.00 – 18.00 3 Challenges | Tom De Ruyck Join the Debate | You ! The Jury | Kornel Muller, Stan Knoops, Koen Van Parijs The Judge | Finn Raben Reception | 18.00 – 18.45
  3. 3. See you in Amsterdam for ESOMAR Congress 2017! Celebrating our 70th Anniversary Save the date! 10-13 September 2017
  4. 4. THEME: VISIONARY DEADLINE: 20 January 2017 Congress 2017 Call for Speakers is open!
  5. 5. ANA Who is ANA? ANA is a new members resource, the first artificial intelligence search engine for market research with AI learning capabilities. ANA combs through ESOMAR’s 70 year’s of content to answer specific research questions… ANA will transform the way we provide market insights for the industry and beyond
  6. 6. The Proposer Tom De Ruyck The Jury Koen Van Parijs Owner Esploro Kornel Muller CMI Director Europe Unilever Stan Knoops Global Head of Insight IFF The Debaters YOU: + vs. - Finn Raben
  7. 7. #1. Are Robots and Artificial Intelligence taking over the Research Industry? Algorithms will become the key ‘drivers’ of the industry!
  8. 8. Remesh is mind blowing! We got insights on our product in minutes that we'd never have gotten from any other medium. Joel Wishkovsky, CEO, Simple Contacts Robots & Artificial Intelligence Ray Poynter, NewMR: Automation and Artificial Intelligence will, over a period of time, replace the worst 75% of market research, leaving just the best as having a significant human component.
  9. 9. DEBATE + -
  10. 10. JURY’S OPINION
  11. 11. #2. Will the explosion of available data and the continuous tracking of consumer behavior in the “outer net” make the collection of consumers' opinions redundant for insights generation?
  12. 12. Consumers opinions are becoming redundant
  13. 13. DEBATE - +
  14. 14. JURY’S OPINION
  15. 15. #3. Our new role will be totally different: more an activator and curator of insights - helping companies to select the relevant insights and help them to turn them into action.
  16. 16. Researchers are becoming the curators of insights New metric in the organisation. They built an installation with data- points represented by physical balls. An airstream shoots the balls in the air to the correct, corresponding height to show if the score goes up or down. And yes, people go wild when the balls go up.
  17. 17. DEBATE + -
  18. 18. JURY’S OPINION
  19. 19. ESOMAR “BEST OF” SERIES Wrap-up on RWConnect