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Digital Literacy Session 2017

A short session on Digital Literacies, specifically Online Identity

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Digital Literacy Session 2017

  1. 1. Digital Literacies: An Introduction By Tom Rowledge and Tom Davidson, Digichamps and Web Science Students
  2. 2. Digital Literacies Info Management Creating Materials Effective Communication Identity Digital Literacies are the way people use digital technology, to achieve any objective. Can be broken down into 4 parts as shown.
  3. 3.  Many people have perceptions of how they use technology, or how “tech-savvy” they might be. We are interested to hear your perceptions, and why you might think that way.  So please can you navigate to: and complete the survey.  At the end you will be given a grade reflecting various aspects of your own digital literacy Digital Health-Check
  4. 4. Online Identity Arguably the most important part of Digital Literacies, so here we’re going to do something a bit different. We’re going to show you how information might be gathered about you online. Video!
  5. 5. Nothing to do with me… It is easy to think that this doesn’t matter to you, for a number of reasons:  Since all privacy settings are set to “Only friends” or equivalent. But, many don’t know that every time Facebook updates its terms and conditions (even just changing one word), and you accept, everything changes back to public  Many people believe that Facebook and others don’t know that much about them…
  6. 6. Find Out What They Know About You Facebook Google (Only really works if you use lots of Google services) 1. Log onto Facebook on a computer 2. Go to Facebook Settings. 3. Click at the bottom of the first page; “Download a Copy” 4. Wait for the email to arrive You can use a combination of Websites to explore Google’s data. 1. – to see Google+ information, or if you don’t use this, other information you have given Google 2. - to see everything about your Google account, including “Location History” which tracks your phone! 3. - to see what information Google thinks it knows about you, from your browsing habits – fun to see what they have guessed at
  7. 7. Apple iPhone Location Tracking 1. Go To Settings 2. Privacy 3. Location Services 4. Scroll down to the Bottom where you should see “System Services” 5. Then Press Frequent Locations 6. You have a history now come up…you can click on them to see visits, a map, and the time spent at these locations! This data is not sent to Apple however, we’re merely showing you just so you can see quite how much data exists on you.
  8. 8. Google Maps History Instructions 1. Visit 2. Scroll down to “Location History” 3. Then press “View Location History” 4. Now you can navigate along the timeline
  9. 9. Online Identity It should therefore be very clear that it is best to be careful about what you post online for:  Security – there is a wealth of information that can fall into the wrong hands.  Image – employers are now more and more and more (we’re sure you’ve heard this as many times as us) checking up on prospects on Facebook. This is most important us, as we are both the group who needs jobs, and who are also most likely to be photographed on the floor of Jesters drenched in last nights Jesticle…
  10. 10. What Lack of an Online Identity Is Doing 
  11. 11. Activity Please fill in these surveys depending on what personal data you were able to access: • Facebook: • Google Search History: collection • Apple Location History: location-collection • Google Maps Location: location-collection
  12. 12. Lecture and Follow Up  Lecture will include:  Data Analysis on what you’ve provided today  How to generate a positive online identity  Information on resources to improve your skills and employability  In the meantime:  Visit the Business Management Blog ( and read the blog post on Digital Literacies  ….and others if you’re feeling it ;-)
  13. 13. Complete our Survey We also ask you to please complete our survey: Link: https://www.surveyface. com/l/session-evaluation Thanks again.