MyTownCryer April, 2010 Newsletter


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Tom Cryer\'s Monthly Newsletter, MyTownCryer!

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MyTownCryer April, 2010 Newsletter

  1. 1. My Town CryerApril, Twenty-TenBy Tom Cryer, Broker Associate @ The Kentwood CompaniesWhat’s New @ MyTownCryerWhat’s News @ The Kentwood CompaniesProperty Profiles of the MonthMyTownCryer Concierge ServicesCommunity SpotlightWhat’s New, What’s Hot, What’s HappeningFamily HappeningsDenver Market Watch 2009Oh, BTW…What’s New @ MyTownCryer HYPERLINK "" I have to take a moment of your time right here. I’ve been out with a few buyers lately. The Denver Market is really heating up under and around $250K. That being said, Dee and I were talking the other day. We’ve been married so long now, that we can actually discuss ancient history! Anyway, we were talking about our first house together. We felt lucky to get an FHA loan at 14.5% on a purchase price of around $76K, and just like now, we asked the seller to pay our closing costs. Today, that same property would probably be close to $300K to $400K, but today, we can get 30 year fixed rate loans for at and under 5%. Sure rates have been bouncing around, but let’s do the math. Way back in 1982 the principle and interest on that loan was $931/Month. At today’s price of $330K the principle and interest would be $1,772/Month. Even with values up more than 4 times, the monthly payment has not even doubled.What’s the point? Rates, Inventory and Incentives have never been better to be in the Denver Residential Market. Please don’t get caught sitting on the fence. If you or someone you know has been contemplating a move, let me be their guide to the many creative ways to become a first time buyer, a move up buyer and yes, even a move down buyer. The clock is ticking, and the time is now!What’s News @ the Kentwood CompaniesWe are making the Residential Market in Denver from the ground up. We are focused on creating connections stronger and longer lasting. With innovative marketing models never employed for Real Estate before, we are trying to stand out in a productive way as individuals and as a company. We are listening more closely, we are writing those ideas down in the middle of the night and we are trying to strike a balance between the Art and Science of Residential Sales. Every one of our listings has a fundamental energy in the market place. We are tapping into that energy and artfully presenting properties to the world. For us, it was never enough to put a sign in the ground, put the property in MLS and sit back and pray. We’ve never settled for the three “P’s” and we still will not settle for that mind set. As print media becomes less forceful, video, text, social media and of course the Worldwide Web grows with information and offerings. We are on the leading edge with this paradigm shift, and you will be grateful for this perseverance when it becomes your time to buy or sell. Like the ad says, “We are Denver Real Estate”.Property Profiles of the Month HYPERLINK "" 9159 SCENIC PINE DR. PARKER, CO 80134 This is an fantastic opportunity to purchase a home in one of Denver’s Premiere Custom Home Communities, The Timbers at The Pinery. Stunning ½ Acre Home site featuring a forest of towering old growth Ponderosa Pine, a quite Cul-de-Sac location and a Mt. Evans view! HYPERLINK "" 7177 S. LOCUST CIRCLE, CO 80134A Special Point in Time to secure a lifestyle in Homestead on the open space. A Custom Sanford Plan with numerous updates and upgrades make it move in ready. Granite, Marble, Crown Molding, 4-Fireplaces, Expanded Deck, Finished Basement and a Master Retreat to Marvel At!MyTownCryer Concierge ServicesIs it time for you to take care of that “Family Portrait”? Graduation, Weddings, Family Events are just around the corner; aren’t they? Well, Dawn Catherine Photography has the image you’re looking for. Please click on the link for full contact information, history and some examples of what to expect. I’m personally going to be working with Dawn on a family portrait very soon. I bet you can’t wait to see it?!?! Huh? Keep an eye out for it right here in June!For all of Dawn’s contact information just click on the link below for two pages of the good stuff: Dawn Catherine Photography Community Spotlight - Cherry Hills Village, CO.The City of Cherry Hills Village sits near the western edge of Arapahoe County, which was the first county in Colorado. Residents of Cherry Hills Village chose to incorporate in 1945 due to concerns about adjacent development, including a proposal for a new regional airport near Cherry Hills Village. By incorporating, the City had the authority to establish an ordinance to regulate the lowest altitude at which airplanes could fly over the City. Ironically, Denver decided to locate its airport elsewhere, and Cherry Hills Village never passed an ordinance governing flight elevations.After incorporating, the City’s first priority was to put essential city services into place. In the mean time, citizens volunteered their services as town treasurer, marshal, attorney, city clerk, and judge. The city clerk worked out of her home, court took place on a porch in a backyard, and police and road departments worked out of their personal vehicles. For more on Cherry Hills Village click on this link & To Become a Fan. Or for Cherry Hills Market Data.What’s New, What’s Hot & What’s Happening?As many of you know, I love my iPhone. Sure, there is no device made by man that is not without its imperfections, but the iPhone is like a smart little friend always by your side with an app for your every need, want or whim. Ever wonder type of wood that is on the floor? I.D. Wood is the app for you! Family Happenings Dee is busy with her high school lacrosse team. So far, undefeated (Maybe it’s worth the 105 Days of Hell after all?) Caroline is busy at work. Almost every day, there is some exciting news coming out of iPhase3. William arrived back in South Bend from Costa Rico over spring break with sunburn. Or as he puts it, “one giant blister”. Andrew went kayaking in the Sea of California around volcanic islands during spring break; Bahia de Kino. Dee, Caroline, Andrew and I are enjoying the ski season. We’ve had a number of powder days this year. I am recovering from my “epic fall” and am slowing sliding over to the Black Runs again. I’m going to break down and get a helmet. I can’t afford anymore blows to the head. They are calling me Tumblin’ Tommy!Denver Market Watch 2009Follow this link to a comprehensive presentation of year end market data at, The Denver Market Watch Year End 2009 . You will find it informative! Also, Wells Fargo provided a very informative weekly update. I’ve uploaded it for you here: WEEKLY ECONOMIC UPDATE.Oh, By the Way…If your spouse, partner, family member, business associate or friend would like to be added to my Newsletter list, I’d be happy to oblige. If on the other hand, you would like to be removed from my mailing or have it sent to a more convenient personal email address just click on and type add, change of address or remove in the subject line and Shelby will take care of you. My intention is to not intrude but to add value to your world.BTW - Do you know someone who is considering buying or selling a home?  If so, please give me a call and tell me about them.  I would be honored to have the opportunity to help them realize their real estate goals. As always, I couldn’t be more thankful for the positive feedback, numerous referrals and repeat business that has blessed me over the years; Thank You!343027069850Tom Cryer, SCRP Broker Associate - RealtorThe Kentwood Company5690 DTC Blvd., #600WGreenwood Village, CO 80111(C) 303-638-3202(O) 303-773-3399(F) 303-773-1203Tom@DenverRealEstate.com<br /> <br />