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Richard Hall


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Presentation at the INMA seminar in Copenhagen "Re-creating Value in An Age of Abundance".

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Richard Hall

  1. 1. Who exactly is your Audience?
  2. 2. Would you pay … For this …? Rules and Regulations Governing Plumbers and Gas Fitters 248 CMR 1.00 - 11.00 Or this …?
  3. 3. Why should I pay for content?   “I read it, but it’s not really valuable to me.”
  4. 4. So how do you pay the bills?
  5. 5. What’s your content worth?   News costs money to gather – can you still afford to give it away?   What will happen to you if your readers decide your content has no value to them?
  6. 6. Google says:   “The whole secret here is the ads are worth more if they’re more targeted, more personal, more precise.” Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google
  7. 7. Writing on the wall?
  8. 8. Is content relevant? Greg Hadfield, former Telegraph Media Group’s head of digital development, says: “Most crucially, they (newspapers) need to rethink how they relate to their communities of readers, subscribers, and users, when they know next to nothing about members of their digital audience.
  9. 9. “They need to identify their most loyal users and then work harder to meet their individual needs.” “I don't have as much time as many to wait for the future. I want to help make it happen now.” Source: telegraph-greg-hadfield
  10. 10. How good is your content?
  11. 11. Handheld for 40 years   The UK’s No1 circulation daily newspaper.
  12. 12. Who decides what is relevant? Only your readers can decide what is of value to them.
  13. 13. A personalised newspaper
  14. 14. The value of individuated news   Advertisers eager to reach local customers.   Ads charged at 5 cents per ad, per subscriber (higher than online ads).   Readers read what they want to read, and have the time to read.
  15. 15. People will pay your bills ONLY if you deliver relevance. But first you have to find out about the individuals who make up your various audiences.
  16. 16. Audiencentricity Relevance = Value. You are uniquely able to deliver relevance.
  17. 17. You already know … An individual’s:   Subscriber history   Reader Offer history   Advertising history   Accounts history
  18. 18. You may also know …   Their mobile and home phone number   Activity on your Website   Some of their social media activity, etc … “How much does Google know?”
  19. 19. Information is valuable Google collects what information it can – and will use information to take even more revenue from you. You can collect very much more audience data than Google, or anyone else.
  20. 20. It pays to deliver value “Rich audience data enables you to deliver value and dominate your community.”
  21. 21. When you’ve got it, use it.   To be rich, use rich audience data.
  22. 22. Tailor your content   “In order to reach and retain profitable customers you have to understand what drives their purchasing decisions - and tailor messages and products to resonate with them.” … Nielsen PRIZM
  23. 23. Time on-site is your best measure. 35 30 25 20 15 Aug-09 10 Aug-08 5 0 Source: Editor & Publisher
  24. 24. You have to connect the dots. Web Mobile Print Social Publisher Advertiser
  25. 25. What Google CANNOT do   Know if you are a Subscriber   Know if you respond to Reader Offers   Know your bank account details   Know your home address etc.
  26. 26. What Google CAN do   Deliver a very large audience   Deliver interest-based advertising based on information about the Web pages people visit, or searches executed.   Take large amounts of YOUR revenue!
  27. 27. For Profitable Relationships You have to:   Acquire: lots of data, information, lists   Grow: customer spend   Manage: with offers, new products, etc   Re-educate: if their spend declines   Respect privacy – you already do all this
  28. 28. Do you also create   Value-based opt-in inducements   Membership/loyalty programs   Referrals   Affiliate networks & communities   Microsites, etc.
  29. 29. Small newspaper - Big business   15,000 copies circulation   1,000,000+ individuals in CRM database   $2+ millions added revenue Burgett Mooney, President News Publishing Company Rome, GA, USA Direct marketing business now bigger than his newspaper business
  30. 30. You don’t have to be big February 01, 20105800 7th Avenue • Kenosha, WI 53140 • (262) 657-1000   Daily paper – 22,000 circulation   Generated more than $200,000 in new revenue the first year using the targeted marketing
  31. 31. Hunt for new Audience
  32. 32. Map and measure the response
  33. 33. “Hearst launches e-reader”   Content delivery will be to an increasing range of digital devices.   These devices are owned by individuals. iPad Apple iPad   You therefore need to know who these individuals are, exactly.
  34. 34. Look behind the mask   Persona literally means ‘mask’ although usually refers to the ‘social masks’ all humans supposedly wear
  35. 35. Audience Touch Points Web visits Newspaper articles Subscriber Smart Phone database feeds Social Media Newsletters Other Opt-ins
  36. 36. Audience Touch Points Web visits Newspaper coupons Blogs SMS, RSS Social Media Movie Club registration
  37. 37. Only when you know …   Who they are, as individuals, can you provide the relevance for which they are prepared to pay.   With delivery to the platform they most use, when they use it.
  38. 38. Once you know your audience You can target any content, ads, direct marketing, etc: - to any individual, - to any device, -  to anywhere. And you can make money.
  39. 39. Would this keep you engaged? ! 
  40. 40. Good looking and personal   But what if you had a Website that kept individuals really engaged? What if your audience could personalise your content– just for themselves? What if you could provide this?
  41. 41. Personalised targeting pays …   It provides real value for your audiences and your advertisers.   People are willing to pay - for value.
  42. 42. Not cheap, but worth it!   You like it   It’s relevant   You can afford it So you are prepared to pay for it.
  43. 43. Thank you DTI is proud to be an INMA business partner