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Tom Chamberlain - Question 2 Evaluation


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Tom Chamberlain - Question 2 Evaluation

  1. 1. Tom Chamberlain (3241)Harrogate High SchoolA2 Media StudiesFinal Evaluation
  2. 2. How effective is thecombination of your mainproduct and ancillary texts?
  3. 3. Final Short Film – Screen Shots from ‘The Eleventh Hour’
  4. 4. Final Products – Ancillary Products
  5. 5. Creating a Strong Sense of Brand IdentityI first generated an original production company called ‘Spectrum Films’. The namespectrum has been used as it relates to the light spectrum captured by a camera filter andvideo camera, and thus linking directly to film making. Once the logo was designed andexported in Adobe Photoshop CS5, I placed the image at the end of my short film and at thebottom of my film poster and magazine review.As I wanted to be more creative throughout the production process, I also created a newmagazine called ‘Lore’; this name was chosen as the word means ‘a body of traditions andknowledge on a subject or held by a particular group’. Hence the body of knowledge orsubject matter could be film making or cinema. I used this name for one of the reviews atthe bottom of my film poster and for the title at the top of my magazine review page.
  6. 6. Choosing an Appropriate House StyleIn addition to placing both of my production companies logos on all three of my products, Ialso used a consistent house style to help create a strong sense of brand identity. I used myresearch into similar products to identify how house styles have been used across differentmarketing packages for short and theatrical productions. I focused my attention on font,text size and spacing, colour and effects.I used the exact font called‘Ronando’, centre alignment andstyle for the title at the end of‘The Eleventh Hour’ short filmand for the title for my filmposter. The spacing it slightlydifferent as the orientation of awidescreen video is different toa vertical film poster. The colourwas also changed on theancillary text, as the colourneeded to contrast the sky andtherefore I chose black, butlowed the opacity and blendmode of the text.I did not use the same fontfor the title of the film beingreviewed in my magazine, asthis is not a convention dueto the magazine potentiallyreviewing many differenttexts and thus a consistenthouse style is needed forevery page in the print basedproduct.
  7. 7. Identifying Links Between My Short Film and Ancillary TasksI chose not to use a screen shot from myshort film in the construction of my filmposter, as I felt I needed the image to beslightly more captivating by using a widerrange of colour through the colour gradingand correction of the image. I think thecontent of the shot is still very effective, asthe image frames an empty road like theestablishing shot of ‘The Eleventh Hour’ toconnote the endless and tiresome journeythe protagonist must endure.
  8. 8. Identifying Links Between My Short Film and Ancillary TasksTo create an effective combination of my maintask and ancillary tasks, I used a screen shotfrom my short film in my film poster. This is adirect link, while the colour blue was ‘eyedropped’ in Adobe Photoshop from ‘TheEleventh Hour’ and film poster to help medecide on the colour scheme for the reviewmagazine. The tagline on the film poster, thetext bleed and quote on the magazine revieware all different; each sentence combines tocreate a strong enigma code for the viewer.