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Introduction to ePortfolio’s


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A short talk introducing the typology of ePortfolio,s and the taxonomy of their functionality. This was delivered as part of a University of West of England Practice Based Learning in Social Wok session.

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Introduction to ePortfolio’s

  1. 1. Introduction to ePortfolio’s
  2. 2. What is a portfolio?“ Simply a collection of documents relating toa learner’s progress, development andachievements ”Beetham, 2005
  3. 3. What is an ePortfolio?“ An e-portfolio is a purposefulaggregation of digital items –ideas, evidence, reflections,feedback etc, which ‘presents’ aselected audience with evidenceof a person’s learning and/ orability.”Sutherland and Powell (2007)
  4. 4. ePortfolio typology : DevelopmentalDevelopmental Portfolios•demonstrate the progression of skills over time•displays the journey towards competence /capability•acts as a medium between student and faculty
  5. 5. ePortfolio typology : AssessmentAssessment Portfolios:•These portfolios are popular with professional skilldevelopment•Used reasonably widely in work based education•Are used to evaluate student competence andcapability
  6. 6. ePortfolio typology : ShowcaseShowcase portfolio’s•To show off and demonstrate the studentsskills and work to date.•This purpose is public facing to display a level ofcompetence / capability and socially profilethemselves
  7. 7. Example of Showcase and AssessmentCMALT portfolio•Both Public facing showing off my skills andprojects but also to submit for assessment forCertified Membership of Association of LearningTechnologist’s•Created using Google Sites
  8. 8. Example of Showcase and DevelopmentalLinkedin page:•List of competences•List of projects•Validated by professional colleagues
  9. 9. ePortfolio Taxonomy of functionality Validity Community Reflection Curation Buckley (me) (2012)
  10. 10. Pertinent Drivers• Supporting workplace learning• The need for robust and valid assessment of this learning• To encourage the reflective practitioner and a lifelong learner
  11. 11. Systematic Review on use of ePortfolio’s in undergraduate education‘Higher quality papers identify improvements inknowledge and understanding, increased self-awareness and engagement in reflection andimproved student-tutor relationships as themain benefits of portfolio use.S Buckley (i.e. not me), (2009)
  12. 12. Systematic Review on use of ePortfolio’s in undergraduate educationHowever, they also suggest that whilst portfoliosencourage students to engage in reflection, thequality of those reflections cannot be assumed andthat the time commitment required for portfoliocompletion may detract from other learning ordeter students from engaging with the processunless required to do so by the demands ofassessment.S Buckley (i.e. not me), (2009)
  13. 13. PitfallsREAL LIFE – Is it all or nothing? /catalog/book/ pocket-logbookRESPONDING TO CHANGESometimes people want more individualisation than you can realistically give everyone
  14. 14. NHS ePortfolio revolutionThe NHS ePortfolio Revolution starts hereThis site exists to generate discussion and collate opinions on the experience of using the NHS ePortfolio. It exists to persuade "people in charge" that they need to invest in making the ePortfolio better because you matter, your training matters, and your time is too valuable to waste ticking boxes. ***
  15. 15. Where do we start?We start with looking at what we have• What does it consist of …• What is it good at …• What is it bad at …• What has been requested• Who views what• Does it incorporate work based assessment• What implication does capability have?• Do we need to prescribe one?• Is the solution a technological one …
  16. 16. Example Systems• Action Plan: Practice Assessment Management System• Pebble Pad• Mahara• NES NHS ePortfolios• Blackboard
  17. 17. BibliographyBeetham, H (2005) e-Portfolios in post 16 learning in the UK:developments, issues and opportunities.At: (accessed 26/07/07)Buckley, S (2009), The educational effects of portfolios onundergraduate student learning: a Best Evidence Medical Education(BEME) systematic review. BEME Guide No. 11. [Med Teach. 2009]Sutherland, S. and Powell, A. (2007), CETIS SIG mailing list discussions[Online] Available at: (Accessed: 13 August 2012)