Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit | New York | September 24th & 25th 2014


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Protect your reputation, profits and ensure customer loyalty. Design digital customer experiences that engage your customers anytime, anywhere.

Creating a unified and personalized customer experience across channels is pivotal to any modern business strategy. Given the proliferation of digital channels, companies need to strategize how best to use digital channels that reconcile business and brand objectives with customer needs.

Develop an action plan to make customer-centricity in this digital age a core element of your company’s daily operations. Collect best practices to track your customers’ experiences and optimize the performance of your digital projects. Source the right tools and develop key processes to prioritize your digital investments and identify areas for improvement that will maximize your ROI.

Benchmark your company against internationally recognized digital customer experience programs and interact with cross-industry leaders in interactive Q&A sessions. Digital has the power to innovate and it is here to stay; you do not want to be behind the curve.

Your next step — this conference!

Implement 10 key digital customer experience best practices / solutions / strategies:

1. Incorporate customer – centricity to align your operational processes
2. Improve your digital CX performance with actionable data analytics
3. Manage social conversations effectively
4. Create digital experiences to secure customers over your fastest growing channels
5. Increase engagement and deliver value through mobile
6. Leverage digital innovations to drive customer experience
7. Align business objectives with customer needs
8. Deliver consistent omni-channel experiences
9. Benchmark your success to uncover new opportunities
10. Capitalize on digital channels to increase conversion

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Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit | New York | September 24th & 25th 2014

  1. 1. DIGITAL CUSTOMEREXPERIENCES T R A T E G I E S S U M M I T Hear from these leaders WednesdaySeptember 24th & ThursdaySeptember 25th, 2014 New York Hilton Midtown Ali Hussain, SVP, Digital Customer Experience, Citibank, N.A. Jim Ferron, Customer Experience Architect and Strategist, Nintendo of America Lesley Mottla, VP Member Experience, Zipcar Vincent Boon, Chief Community Officer, Standing on Giants / Telefónica Kevin Thompson, VP, Customer Experience, Barneys New York Digital Transformations Engage Through Mobile & Social Data Analytics Improve Conversion Omni-Channel Experiences Secure Loyalty & Retention Personalize Experiences Maximize ROI d Gold Sponsors Silver Sponsor Partners
  2. 2. first major event where cx meets digital with Mobile, Web, Social, Personalization, Content, Design, and more! Your new imperative is here: harness the power of digital with customer experience Make sense of the digital opportunities and challenges for next- generation CX. Take away solutions unavailable elsewhere on mobile, web, social, personalization, content, design, and more. Source insights to set your strategy, prioritize your resources and execute for maximum results. Hear from award-winning, innovative top brands. Drive customer retention and conversions with fresh innovation, creativity and insights. Successfully exploit the power of digital CX. Now is the time for you – as a CX professional or marketer – to leverage digital tools and channels to further build a connection and relationship with your customers. Your next step to gain a competitive advantage and set your action plans – this conference! Meet and network with established and emerging digital CX professionals. REGISTER TODAY AND SAVE! Don’t Miss This Invaluable Learning Opportunity – Register Today! Don’t miss your chance to participate in this exclusive event for digital and customer experience professionals. Be at the cutting-edge of customer- and data-driven marketing. Call 1-866-298-9343 or email today. Insights from 18+ Digital Customer Experience Leaders: 1. Citibank 2. Barneys New York 3. Nintendo of America 4. Hewlett-Packard 5. Pfizer 6. Telefonica 7. Schneider Electric 8. Rue La La 9. WestJet Airlines 10. Dell 11. 12. Cleveland Clinic 13. Nationwide Insurance 14. Symantec 15. McGraw-Hill 16. RetailMeNot Inc. 17. Zipcar 18. NYC 311 10 Solutions to Maximize your Digital Customer Experience: 1. Mobile Strategy: Meet your customer anytime, anywhere 2. Social Media: Create opportunities for conversation and nurture customer-driven innovation 3. Personalization: Customize engagements to take your online strategy to the next level 4. Web Experience & Design: Delight your customers with responsive and efficient design 5. Content Marketing: Provide value-added content to boost customer loyalty 6. CX Framework: Align your digital strategies to balance business goals with customer needs 7. Digital Transformation: Innovate and evolve your customer experience from the inside out 8. Data Analytics: Increase advocacy and drive results with unique insights 9. Self-service Channels: Enhance your CX and improve operational efficiency 10. Omni-channel: Design and deliver cohesive experiences across channels Our Five Conference Differentiators 1. In-depth content with focused tracks and cross-industry case studies 2. Consolidated information, how-to’s and action plans on all things digital 3. Unique gathering of digital customer experience professionals 4. Exclusive Q&A with award-winning and innovative brands 5. Open forum to facilitate quality peer interactions
  3. 3. Book your accommodations at the New York Hilton Midtown by August 24, 2014 for an exclusive rate of $439/night by mentioning “Digital CX Summit by Strategy Institute”, when you call 1-800-HILTONS New York Hilton Midtown 1335 Avenue of the Americas New York, New York, USA 10019 Direct: 212-586-7000 Reservations: 1-800-HILTONS WHO WILL YOU MEET? Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Hospitality & Entertainment, Technology, Retail, and Utilities Chief/VP/Director Digital Customer Experience | Customer Loyalty | Chief/VP/Director of Digital Marketing | VP/Director/ Head of Digital Customer Service | Customer Care President | CEO | VP | VP/Director/Head Operations • Strengthen your marketing promise and brand experience • Understand emerging channels and their potential • Drive revenue and brand lift with your digital toolbox • Save costs and optimize multi-channel integration • Extend reach and engage your customers in compelling ways • Learn HOW successful strategies are implemented Customer Experience Consultants, Digital Advertising Agencies/Marketing Firms, Marketing Automation/CRM/Platforms, Enterprise Content Management Firms, Social Media Platform Software, Big Data Companies Director/ VP of Sales/ Marketing/ Business Development Managers | Consultants • Network with Senior Digital Customer Experience, Customer Care and Marketing Executives across a range of Industries • Be shortlisted on RFPs • Identify opportunities and trends in Canada and the US • Drive innovation and progress • Showcase your firm’s digital solutions for customer experience • Generate new contacts and crucial business relationships VenueSituated in Midtown New York, The Hilton New York is steps away from New York’s business district and premier attractions. You will be in walking distance to Times Square, Radio City Music Hall, Fifth Avenue Shopping, Broadway Theatres, Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art and many more iconic New York Landmarks Staying at the hotel has advantages for you! 1. The conference will take place inside the Hilton Hotels & Resorts. Be steps away from all the sessions and networking action! 2. Evening SOCIAL ACTIVITIES to facilitate peer-to-peer interaction and networking will be taking place in the hotel. 3. Save money! Call and mention “Digital CX Summit by Strategy Institute” to receive our exclusive conference rate of $439/night. 4. Conveniently minutes away from New York business district. 5. Bring your spouse and enjoy a mini vacation!
  4. 4. WHY IS DIGITAL SO IMPORTANT FOR CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? 80% 37% 74% 47% 60% 44% 32% 40% 85% 14% 19% 10% 72% 72% MOBILE: SOCIAL MEDIA: PERSONALIZATION: of customers expect the mobile experience to be at least as good as the in-store experience. minutes average time an American spends on social media, making it the top Internet activity, surpassing email. of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content (e.g. offers, ads, promotions) appears that has nothing to do with their interests. expect the mobile experience to be better than the in-store experience. of social media time is spent on smart phones and tablets, rather than desktops. Personalized emails improve click through rates by and conversion rates by In-house marketers who are personalizing their web experiences and who are able to quantify the improvement see, on average, a uplift in sales. of prestige brands are under-investing in their mobile opportunities. of customers said that they expect a response from a brand within 30 minutes. of customers buy more from retailers who personalize the shopping experience across channels expect the mobile experience to be better than or equal to online using a laptop or desktop computer. of customers said that they expect a response from a brand within an hour if they have a question or complaint. of marketers experience good ROI after personalizing their online stores Sources: “A report on the Customer Mobile Experience (based on the Harris Interactive 2011 Mobile Transactions Survey),” IBM Corporation, April 2013 “Mobile IQ L2 Ranking Prestige 100®,” Scott Galloway, L2, January 11, 2012!K4Nqo
  5. 5. Day 1 Wednesday September 24th, 2014 7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:15 AM Opening Comments from the Chair 8:30 AM Opening Address A Digital Customer Experience Strategy to Balance Business Goals with Customer Needs Companies need a digital strategy to ensure they create the right experiences to match their customers’ needs and expectations. Hone your competitive advantage and boost business results. Establish the right set of guidelines your team needs to create a strategy that: • Reflects company business objectives and values • Direct the intended digital experience and delivery channels • Guide processes and decision making on the right projects Embrace a customer-centric organization and align your strategies accordingly to meet your business objectives. JC Quintana, Global Head of Innovation, Hewlett Packard 9:15 AM Case Study Digital Customer Journey Mapping to Optimize Experience and Value Journey mapping provides a customer-centric view of your customer’s relationship lifecycle with your company. Better anticipate and provide value to exceed customer expectations and grow your business. Take away insights on how digital touchpoints impact the journey. • Identify areas where technology can alleviate pain points • Eliminate hurdles in their path to purchase • Differentiate your brand with innovative digital CX Leverage customer-centric insights to help you develop the ideal digital CX. Tim Perek, Director, Digital Customer Experience, Schneider Electric Steven Javor, Senior Manager, Digital Customer Experience, Schneider Electric Canada 10:00 AM Mid-Morning Networking Break Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. 10:30 AM Industry Expert People at Key Moments of Truth A great digital experience today is table stakes for all organizations. How can you integrate the digital side with a more personal or “human” experience? In this session you will learn about: • Developing an engagement for every step of the customer journey • Optimizing the right content per digital channel • Leveraging technology to enhance the experience • Incorporating the latest in digital personalization for on-boarding customers, cross selling, deflecting contact center calls, and more Painlessly transition your customer to digital channels by creating a personalized experience. Larry Lubin, President & CEO, Blue Rush 11:15 AM Case Study Integrate Your Content Marketing with Your Customer Experience Strategy to Nurture Communities, Drive Engagement and Boost Retention Content marketing done the right way is proven to attract, engage, convert, and retain customers. Collaborate with your marketing team to create content marketing that works. Reach your customers with relevant and valuable information during their journey. • Establish your content marketing plan • Create engaging experiences that also optimize actions • Speak to pain points to add value and establish trust • Employ analytics to identify insights to drive new business Provide value-added content to bolster customer loyalty and retention, and grow your business. Scott Linabarger, Senior Director, Multi-channel Content Marketing, Cleveland Clinic 12:15 PM Networking Luncheon Join the speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon.
  6. 6. 1:15 pM case study Set Your Mobile Strategy to Support and Enhance Customer Experience Objectives Determine what mobile options are right for your brand and prioritize your digital investments accordingly. Facilitate on-demand information, transaction and service to drive positive brand sentiment and engagement. Address key factors and create your roadmap. • Why does a mobile strategy make sense? • What is your strategy and how does it fit with your overall CX? • What are your options: mobile site, app, m-commerce? • What are the risks and the key lessons learned? Realize the full potential of your mobile strategy to improve your CX. Kevin Thompson, VP, Customer Experience, Barneys New York 2:00 pM panel Capitalize on Your Customers’ Path to Purchase and Gain Sales Through Mobile Commerce Mobile provides interaction opportunities anywhere anytime across the customer journey. Support your customers’ purchase decision when it matters most and optimize conversions. Determine if mobile commerce is right for you. • Define how m-commerce meets your company’s goals • Enable m-commerce capabilities to meet your customers’ needs • Leverage mobile platforms to engage and help your customers buy Learn how m-commerce can compliment your existing or future mobile customer experience strategies. Lesley Mottla, VP Product & Member Experience, ZipCar Tom Weisend, VP, Creative, Rue La La More speakers to come … 1:15 pM case study Making Digital Experience Design Pay:  How to Move the Needle on Customer Abandonment Through Design This case presentation on “The Norton Lounge” addresses these two questions: Can digital experience design make a measurable difference on business results? If so, are there lessons and practices that can be extrapolated from this case and applied to your own business? This presentation will illuminate an execution framework to: • Make the case for courageous creative choices that create distinctive digital customer experiences • Craft digital experience to achieve targeted emotional outcomes and customer meaning • Measure the impact of digital customer experiences to support the case for change Develop a digital experience design strategy that transforms customer relationships with your brand. Greg Olson, Sr. Director, Customer Lifecycle Management, Symantec Glen Drummond, Chief Innovation Officer, Quarry 2:00 pM case study Let Your Customers Drive Innovation to Create an Authentic Customer Experience Are you sitting on your most valuable resource? Learn how to tap the wellspring of customer ideas and turn critics into innovators. Improve conversion and strengthen relationships with your customers with these key insights. • Establish grassroots feedback channels that differentiate your brand from the ‘big boys’ • Catalogue and mine customer complaints and ideas • Close the loop by rewarding customers who contribute Bring a personal touch to your ‘voice of the customer’ program. Renee Racine-Kinnear, Director, Digital Customer Experience, track:mobile CHOOSE YOUR TRACKDelegates will have the option to choose between two tracks. Source specialized information most pertinent to your interest area and priorities. Foster in-depth knowledge and training unique to you. Interact with fellow peers, exchange ideas and take away solutions to your biggest concerns. track: processes
  7. 7. Day 2 Thursday September 25th, 2014 2:45 PM Mid-Afternoon Networking Break Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. 3:15 PM Panel Choose the Right Set of Metrics to Improve Your Overall CX Performance There is a strong correlation between loyalty and customer experience. While organizations often have some CX metrics in place, most are not put into action. More effectively track, quantify and refine your efforts. Source advice and insights to: • Develop consistent CX metrics across your organization • Choose metrics that fit your industry best • Leverage your data to improve decision-making Redesign your metrics to maximize your CX strategy investment. Stacy Hansbury, VP, Digital Channels and Customer Experience, McGraw-Hill Education More speakers to come … 4:00 PM Case Study Web Design: Design Digital Experiences that Meet Usability Expectations When customers can’t complete a task online, most will switch to more expensive channels or your competitor. Source examples to design and execute a best-in-class digital experience worth staying on and revisiting. Develop your road map to navigate these stages: • Design and prototyping • Testing and evaluation • Improvements for optimal usability and functionality Create experiences that support your customers’ needs and increase sales, loyalty and retention. Taro Naruse, VP Product, RetailMeNot, Inc. 4:45 PM Conference Adjourns to Day Two 5:00 PM Evening Social Activites 7:30 AM Registration and Continental Breakfast 8:15 AM Opening Comments from the Chair 8:30 AM Opening Address Envisioning an Organizational Digital Transformation to Positively Impact Your Customer Experience Digital is emerging as an anchor and driver to organizational transformation. Through changes in technology, process and people, make the shift to meet your customers’ expectations. • Define what “digital” means for your organization and customers • Align your values, objectives and resources with a digital lens • Create a cultural shift to maximize internal buy-in • Communicate and engage employees through social media Accelerate revenue realization through a customer-centric digital transformation. Ali Hussain, SVP, Digital Customer Experience, Citibank 9:15 AM Industry Expert Beyond Usability: Design for Continuous Digital Customer Delight and Drive Conversions Engaging and delighting today’s digital customers demands next- level design approaches that fuel consistent, differentiated customer experiences across all touch-points. Shift your thinking from “users” and “usability” to “consumers” and “consumability.” Develop a customer-centered design strategy that recognizes what digital customers best respond to: • Integrate customers’ experience across specific devices, context and intent • Discover how to use customer data to design “living services” • Explore key changes to support design-led change Create digital experiences that delight and go beyond “usability.” Nandini Nayak, Accenture Interactive, Managing Director and Global Lead Customer Experience & Social Practice, Accenture 10:00 AM Mid-Morning Networking Break
  8. 8. 10:30 aM panel Enable Self-service Opportunities to Improve CX and Cut Costs Self-service technologies provide access anytime, anywhere and anyplace via the customer’s device of choice. Embrace digital channels to make self-service capabilities available to your customers and increase speed of service. Develop a framework to: • Create sustainable self-service opportunities that work • Manage customer operations more efficiently • Build strong, positive and personalized engagements Achieve a new level of customer service and engagement. Joe Morrisroe, Executive Director, NYC 311 Joseph Leung, Director, Guest Experience, WestJet Airlines Michelle Clausen, Director of Channel Innovation, Pfizer 11:15 aM panel Personalize Your Customers’ Web Interactions to Increase Relevance, Engagement and Satisfaction Consumers today expect a personalized online shopping experience. Adopt tools and tactics to help you dig into the needs of your customers so you can provide more value along the way. Improve your company’s web experience with actionable insights. • Understand what your customers’ behavior is like online • Make customer insights available to the right staff • Integrate channels for a unified web experience Take your online strategy to the next level to drive repeat visits and purchases. VP / Senior Executive, Maxymiser More speakers to come … 10:30 aM case study How to Use Social Data to Increase Customer Intimacy and Grow Advocacy Customers are talking about your brand on an array of social media platforms. Be part of the conversation and gather insights about your customers. Break down your social data to achieve a shorter real- time response cycle to your customers’ feedback and needs. Develop analytics best practices to: • Aggregate and analyze feedback from social media • Get to know your social customers and leverage their influence • Make real-time and intelligent decisions based on analytics Enable faster and better responses to your customer feedback to improve retention and loyalty. Munish Gupta, Director, Social Media Analytics, Dell 11:15 aM data analytics Discover Actionable Insights to Create a Richer Experience for Your Customers Data is the life-blood of customer experience. Strategize how you collect and analyze data in a coherent manner to achieve an omni- channel experience. Develop a framework to: • Integrate data from digital platforms and multiple back-end servers • Create a cross-channel analytical dashboard for your operations staff • Take action and customize experiences based on insights Leverage data analytics to create holistic CX programs that drive results. CHOOSE YOUR TRACKDelegates will have the option to choose between two tracks. Source specialized information most pertinent to your interest area and priorities. Foster in-depth knowledge and training unique to you. Interact with fellow peers, exchange ideas and take away solutions to your biggest concerns. track: personalization track: social/data
  9. 9. 12:00 PM Networking Luncheon Join the speakers and your peers for a relaxing luncheon. 1:15 PM Case Study Design Online Communities to Educate, Engage and Convert New Customers Brands need to be present where their social customers congregate. However, public social networks limit a company’s ability to control how customers experience the brand on those sites. Create online communities to capitalize on the opportunities provided by owned media and find solutions to integrate it with public sites. Develop solutions to: • Enable emotional connections with your brand • Attract new consumers to your brand with consumer-driven expert content • Foster loyalty through communities that provide a sense of belonging Generate opportunities for interaction and conversation on digital channels you own to nurture positive brand association. Vincent Boon, Chief Community Officer, Standing on Giants / Telefónica 2:00 PM Case Study Customer Experience is a Product - Design it, Build it and Fix it When it Breaks You’ve designed and built multi-channel experiences for your customers. The end goal of your CX program is to meet your customers’ expectations and needs. Make sure the delivery of the experience happens as intended. Source strategies and key lessons learned to ensure you: • Inspect the experience delivery and deliver value at every touch-point • Keep your customers at the center of your delivery process • Take corrective action when the experience delivery fails Take away a blueprint to delivering consistent experiences across channels. Ron Kerr, VP, Multi-Channel Customer Experience, Agency & Field, Nationwide Insurance 2:45 PM Mid-Afternoon Networking Break Interact with conference speakers and fellow attendees. 3:15 PM Case Study Create Your Digital CX Command Center to Secure Customer Retention Advanced customer care centers are morphing into command centers capable of tracking customers as they simultaneously move across channels. Determine the right combination of capabilities you need to achieve optimal experiences and business growth. Integrate digital channels with live-agent support to: • Service the customer through customer-preferred channels • Manage interactions with the right contextual information • Optimize your resource allocation across channels Make your contact center a part of your digital CX strategy to optimize your investments. Jim Ferron, Customer Experience Architect and Strategist, Nintendo of America & Principal, CXient Consulting 4:00 PM Conference Adjourns About This Conference The Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit is a one-of-a-kind event. Covering the hottest topics, this event provides an exceptional learning opportunity for customer experience, digital and marketing executives from multiple industries across North America. In an exclusive setting, senior executives connect with their peers to exchange ideas, best practices and insights. Brands will take away the know-how to design and deliver on innovative digital customer experiences. About Strategy Institute Strategy Institute is an established leader in delivering timely knowledge and best practices in multiple industries for nearly 20 years. Our esteemed portfolio of conferences offer critical business intelligence to empower executives to stay competitive in rapidly evolving markets.
  10. 10. Ensure Your Leadership with a Customized Sponsorship/Exhibit Package By sponsoring this one-of-a-kind event, you can showcase your company as a trusted and expert advisor and provider of digital customer experience solutions. Ensure your presence is known. Select sponsorship packages are still available. To learn more, contact Simon Wright at 1-866-298-9343 ext. 275, or email Past-Related Attendees Include: • Adobe • ATB Corporate Financial Services • AIMIA • Brant Community Healthcare System • Bank of America Canada • Bombardier • BlueSun Inc. • Coca Cola Ltd. • Creative Marketing • Desjardins Trust • Dx Health Strategies Inc. • Dell • Deloitte • Hanover & District Hospital • Engine Digital • E-Media Resource Group • Facebook • Fidelity Investments Canada ULC • Glaxo Wellcome Inc. • Goldmand Sachs • Hunter & Partners Inc. • Hudson’s Bay Company • IBM • Imperial Life Financial • JM Charter Securities • Janes Family Foods Ltd. • KPMG LLP • Kirkham & Jack Insurance • LinkedIn • London Life Management • Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority • McKesson Enterprise Medical • Ministry of Finance • NCE Resources Group • Novax Industries Corporation • Off the Cuff Marketing • Olympian Financial Inc. • Oracle • Penson Financial • Pharmascience • Rich Media • • Standard Life • Telus • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. • Worldsource Financial Management • YouFoundation • Zielsdorf Group first major event where cx meets digital hear what your peers have to say from past related events “ Excellent speakers. Great variety of industries. Simple core messages / take aways.” ~ Dina Fakhry, VP Customer Experience, Standard Life “ I have enjoyed all the speakers and presentation content. It’s great to know that other companies are experiencing some of the same stuff we are in our digital strategies.” ~ Megan Anzai, Manager, Social Media and Digital Marketing, Sun Life Financial “ An excellent variety of speakers! A very informative day that has resulted in many ideas.” ~ Jennifer McLean, VP Customer Service, BlueSun Inc. “Great focus on content, wholly relevant presenters and attendees.” ~ Ryan McDermott, Director Business Development, Adroll “The content and speakers exceed my expectations!” ~ Susan Mitchell, Chief Compliance Officer, Oxford Financial Group
  11. 11. select speaking and sponsorship An exclusive education platform to connect with Senior Digital Customer Experience, and Digital Marketing Executives across a range of Industries looking for solutions to their biggest challenges. Market Breakdown Finance 26% Government 3% Hospitality 5% Pharma/Healthcare 18% Retail 8% Transportation 3% Telecom 7% Utilities 12% Industry Stakeholders 18% Market Breakdown: Title Breakdown Title Breakdown Chief/VP/Director Digital Customer Experience 30% Chief/VP/Director of Digital Marketing 25% VP/Director/Head of Digital Customer Service, Customer Care 15% President, CEO, VP 10% VP/Director/Head Operations 10% Other 10%
  12. 12. DIGITALCUSTOMER EXPERIENCES T R A T E G I E S S U M M I T WednesdaySeptember 24th & ThursdaySeptember 25th, 2014 New York Hilton Midtown ATTENTION MAILROOM: If undeliverable to addressee, please forward to: Customer & Client Services, Marketing, Planning & Strategy, Operations HOW TO REGISTER: Phone: 1-866-298-9343 E-Mail: Online: Mail: Strategy Institute, 230 Park Avenue, 10th Floor New York City, NY USA 10169 Keep up with all of our latest news Follow us @DigitalCustX on Registration fee: The registration fee includes luncheon, receptions, refreshments, networking breaks, continental breakfast, and original course materials. Payment is required in advance and can be made by company cheque, VISA, MasterCard, or Ameri- can Express. Please make cheques payable to the Strategy Institute Inc. and write the registrant’s name on the face of the cheque. Early Bird special: Expires on July 25th, 2014. Cannot be used with group discount. Group Discount: A Group Discount is offered for this conference (not in combination with any other offer). To be eligible for the Group Discount, delegates MUST register at the same time. The total discount per delegate (including applicable group discounts, etc.) MUST not exceed 25% of the regular conference cost. Cancellations: Cancellations must be received in writing by September 10th, 2014. Cancel- lations received by this date will be eligible for a prompt refund less a $495.00 (plus HST) administration fee. If you register for the program and do not attend, you are liable for the full registration fee unless you cancel according to the terms stated above. If you are unable to attend, delegate substitution is permitted up to, and including, the day of the conference. CONFERENCE CODE: 114017 Admission Policy: Strategy Institute reserves the right to restrict entry to the conference to any individual. Any such person requested to leave the conference site shall do so immediately upon request, whether previously issued a badge permitting entry. There is no refund payable with respect to anyone refused entry. Any information obtained at the conference cannot be relied upon for any particular set of circumstances, cannot be taken as professional advice or opinion. Attendees must consult with the appropriate professional before acting in response to information obtained at the conference. Evening Social Activities: Please drink responsibly. Strategy Institute shall not be liable for any conse- quential damages and/or personal injuries caused by excessive or irresponsible alcohol consumption. Please register this person for: Digital Customer Experience Strategies Summit 1. CONFERENCE PRICING Regular Investment $2,195 Early bird: $1,995 (register by July 25th) Please select Day 1 Track : Mobile Processes Please select Day 2 Track : Personalization Social/Data 2. CONTACT DETAILS delegate name: title: company/firm: address: city: state/Prov: ZIP/postal code: telephone: fax: mobile: email: approving manager's name: title: 3. METHOD Of PAYMENT VISA MasterCard American Express Payment Enclosed Please Invoice Me (Invoice due upon receipt) card holder's name: card number: expriration date: signature Disclaimer: Strategy Institute reserves the right to change or adjust the agenda without notice