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travel israel

  1. 1. places must see in IsraelIsrael is one of the areas with the most interested inthe long history and worlds holy places a number ofplaces in Israel, (partial list) makes the experiencespecial1. Temple Mount - the holiest site of one of theworld, you can not visit Israel without seeing thissite, even if they are not religious. The TempleMount was built on Mount Moriah in Herod on theeast side of Old Jerusalem. The site is built like aflat Plaza artificially elevated at 140 hectares widewith retaining walls, one wall is famous the worldsmost significant site for the Jewish people thatcame to pray to post comments about God. On topof Mount Temple once stood and now stand Domeof the Rock and Al Aqsa, which one of the holiestsites for Muslims worldwide.2. Holy Sepulcher - big church located in what isconsidered by most Christian tradition as thecrucifixion and burial, and resurrection of Jesus.The church is located in the Christian Quarter ofJerusalems Old City, at the end of the famous "ViaDolorosa" instead identified Calvary. Since the 4thcentury church is considered one of the mostsacred and important churches in the world andmillions of pilgrims visit the church from all over theworld.3. Masada - an ancient fortress on top of an isolatedrock cliff along the eastern edge of the Judeandesert overlooking the Dead Sea, which joined the
  2. 2. World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2001. The sitetells the story of Jews preferred suicide rather thanbe slaves of the Romans. One part is to emphasizethe palace built by Herod the northern northern cliff,side by side you can see the Roman siege systemsurrounding the site, which is the most completegood example for this type of ancient Romansystem.4. Dead Sea - the lowest point on land within ameter of the world, -421 (-0.26 mi) below sea level.In addition, because the most from this secondbody of water people in the world can float on thewater experience you will not want to miss. DeadSea Medical Tourism offers recreation and tourismbased on the healing properties of hot springsdatabases and mud - a warm sea, rich in minerals,and beast of the desert and nature. As of 2009 theDead Sea is one of the Sufis candidates includedseven wonders of the world.5. Bahai Temple - This beautiful temple surroundedby stunning gardens in Haifa is a pilgrimage site formillions believe the Bahai Faith. Where the templeis the "Shrine of the Báb," and that they are theremains of Mirza Ali Muhammad the founder of thefaith also known as "Bab" (Gate). The building itselfcombines architectural elements from the East andWestern architectural style. On the first floor of thetemple can be seen in Arcadia square with a pinkgranite column may, over the Golden dome ceilingmade 12,000 gold tiles and glazed fifty shapes and
  3. 3. sizes. In addition, the beautiful temple gardens andother buildings can be found belonging to religiousand administrative center of the Bahai House ofJustice, including the International Teaching Center.Apart from the tour in the temple are recommendedfor evening to come to the German Colony underthe temple to see how Temple is illuminated atnight.6. Church of the Annunciation - an impressivebuilding located in one of the holiest places in theChristian religion. According to the CatholicChristian tradition, this location is where was thehome of Mary Mother of Jesus in which the angelGabriel told her that she carries in her womb theSon of God. The current structure is designed forthe Franciscan Custody by Italian architect GiovanniMuzio and was open in 1969. On building a largedome can be found under gray cone that looks likea lighthouse lamp.7. Neighborhoods of Mea Shearim (Hundred gate) -Orthodox (Haredi) neighborhood in downtownJerusalem, which was founded in 1874 and was thefifth neighborhood outside the Old City walls. Todaythe neighborhood consists mostly of people fromthe Orthodox (have different sets of ultra-Orthodox),that has chosen to distinguish themselves from therest of society, that Israel has a life preservingcultural Jewish community in Eastern Europe in thepast. Despite the dilapidated appearance of theneighborhood is also worth to see in anthropological
  4. 4. of life that was saved over the years unique. It isnoted that when he came to visit this neighborhoodto avoid coming in large groups to dress modestlyto avoid problems with local residents.8. Tel Aviv - Jaffa - Israels Business metropolitanarea is also called "city that never sleeps. Tel Aviv isa city of entertainment in shopping, where you canfind a range of luxurious shopping centers (SquareState (state square)), art fairs (inheritance ofBenjamin), old (Dizengoff Square) flea market(Jaffa). From the perspective entertainment you canchoose between the beach is an activity, manycafes, shows, concerts and a very active nightlifeincluding pubs and clubs open until early morning.tourists who are looking for romance and some artgalleries in town offer Many art magical alleys ofOld Jaffa. It should be noted that like other majorcities world Verity city offers great cultural events ofthe festival so when coming to Tel Aviv, be sure tocheck the site tips in updates.