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Tom's paper pbl presentation


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Published in: Education
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Tom's paper pbl presentation

  1. 1. Ebooks and new techTom and Sirkku17th November 2010
  2. 2. Ebooks the future is hereWhat’s the story?• We have approximately 30,000 print books in our Library. How many ebooks do we have access to?• These can be read through a computer or laptop, or through an ereader.• Some new technologies for learning and teaching, please share your favourites!
  3. 3. Ebook library
  4. 4. Adobe ID•
  5. 5. Create an Adobe Account
  6. 6. Visit the Library!
  7. 7. Ebook library
  8. 8. Online campus login
  9. 9. Ebook library
  10. 10. Ebook library
  11. 11. Ebook library
  12. 12. Adobe digital editions will open• The first time you download a book you will need to Authorise your PC with your Adobe ID
  13. 13. Bookmarks can be added and texthighlighted
  14. 14. How do I get back to my book?• Navigate to Adobe Digital Editions