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  • Everything is up - Visits up from 132,924 in June to 149,174 in July.New visitors up from 25,117 in June to 30,024 in July
  • #IndySM

    1. 1. Public Safety and Social: What Indy’s First Responders want you to know. Hashtag: #IndySM
    2. 2. On Twitter: @Friends_of_IDSD Rocky Wiley (left) and Eddie (right) Donate at Any area Max Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    3. 3. HIRE Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13 On Twitter: @12StarsMedia
    4. 4. EAT AT Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13 On Twitter: @BrownBagIndy
    5. 5. On Twitter: @Chimney_Safety On Twitter: @Waynetwpfire Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    6. 6. Social Media use by Indiana State Police • Welcome • The Indiana State Police use social media in traditional ways – promoting the agency and our activities on Facebook and Twitter. – Currently we have over 17,000 Twitter followers and over 15,100 on the ISP-PIO Facebook page. – We use social media to interact directly with the public and push information without a filter. • This is an area that is expanding, changing and evolving constantly. Boston PD and marathon bombing – first announcements were via Twitter and not a press conference or a release – Boston used it to dispel misinformation Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    7. 7. Social Media use by Indiana State Police – Crime tips and concerned citizens • Both Facebook and Twitter have generated tips, kudos, and potential leads • Information must be vetted – We utilize social media to promote employment • Trooper position (target age group) • Putnamville District mechanic – NIXLE – Not fully social media but similar in many ways • Subscriber based • Unfiltered message Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    8. 8. Social Media use by Indiana State Police We have used social media to push up to the minute information on traffic, parking and safety at IMS race events • Cooling stations added or new locations – Use of social media has expanded to other events • State Fair, college athletics, Columbus Marathon – Cold cases – our own and others we are assisting on – Constant – We are always learning and doing new things • The lines between what an agency PIO does and how an agency uses social media are blurring and the two areas are intertwined. Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    9. 9. Social Media use by Speedway PD • Information on events that • affect local citizens – Parking restrictions and street closures – Lost/found animals – Utility outages and services – Promotion of community events – DIRECT INFORMATION TO THE TARGET AUDIENCE – Find us on Twitter @SpeedwayPD – Find us on Facebook at SpeedwayPD Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    10. 10. SOCIAL MEDIA USE for the INDIANAPOLIS FIRE DEPARTMENT The Indianapolis Fire Department utilizes social media as our primary method of communicating with the general public outside the new media. The IFD uses Twitter – Instagram and Facebook Our primary use of Twitter includes Incident Communication, General Information, Incident Updates and critical time sensitive… need to know info. (evacuation, road closures etc.) We sent our first Tweet on 11-16-2011 and as of October 22, 2013 have sent 544 Tweets. @IFD_NEWS has 2411 followers and follows 131 Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    11. 11. IT TAKES A VILLAGE IFD use of Twitter was very sporadic from November 2011 to June 2013. Mostly used for Fire Safety Messages - IFD Events and Promotional for support of other events Missed Opportunity: Richmond Hill Explosion November 10, 2012 We had maybe 300 followers. Enter: Mike Pruitt – Wayne Township PIO – Twitter Expert Mike helped out on Belmont Fire and Tweeted the incident on behalf of IFD as part of the PIO JIC on scene. 4 PIO’s on scene IFD (2) 1 IMPD, 1 Wayne Township. Twitter feed went crazy and we gained 300 followers. Steadily climbing ever since! Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    12. 12. Successful Use of Twitter in 2013 Belmont Fire 6-15-13 (52 Tweets) 96th and Keystone Bus Crash 7-27-13 (28 Tweets) Government Center Rope Rescue 8-2-13 (9 Tweets) Van Buren Fire 9-8-13 (41 Tweets) Other uses of Twitter by IFD Fires, Extrications, Haz Mat, Rope Rescues, Dives, Events, Support of other Agencies, Arson, Crime Stoppers Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    13. 13. Picture Based INSTAGRAM AND FACEBOOK IFD joined Facebook in 2010 https://www.facebook.com/Indianapolisfiredepartment IFD Facebook has 185 followers and 2700 likes Facebook is primarily used by IFD for Events and Promotion IFD joined Instagram in July 2013. @IFDNEWS has posted 96 times - has 134 followers and follows 6. Instagram is primarily by IFD for Events and Promotion, Duplicate Incident Information – Twitter Visual Communication and more characters are primary positives of Instagram. Framatic App is instrumental in both Twitter and Instagram Created Pintrest account - IFD News Possible uses will be for Prevention and Events Younger Audience flocking to Pintrest Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    14. 14. IMPD Social Media 2013 users of social media • • • • • Facebook – 1.11 billion users Twitter – 500 million users (200 million active) Youtube – 1 billion users Linkendln – 225 million users Pinterest – 48.7 million users Stats provided by Craig Smith of Digital Marketing Ramblings Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    15. 15. IMPD Social Media IMPD has established a number of social media feeds to include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Nixle. November 2013 Facebook – Over 6200 Engaged Users Twitter – Over 6900 Engaged Users Youtube – Over 300 Engaged Users Nixle – Over 1700 Engaged Users Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    16. 16. IMPD Social Media IMPD’s Use of Social Media No cost to the agency Investigative Crime Prevention Crime Awareness No cost to the agency Immediate announcements Solicitation of Tips No cost to the agency Recruitment Direct News Media Most Important: RELATIONSHIPS Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    17. 17. IMPD Social Media o Twitter: IMPD_News • #impdcares • #impdcarrers o Facebook: IMPD_News o Youtube: IMPD_TV o Nixle: Text 888777 keyword “IMPDNews” Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13
    18. 18. For more information • • • • • • • @Indstatepolice First Sgt. Brian Olehy … BOlehy@isp.in.gov @SpeedwayPD Capt. Jason Dierdorff … jdierdorff@speedwaypolice.net @IFD_NEWS Capt. Rita L. Reith … Rita.Reith@indy.gov @Waynetwpfire Capt. @Michael_Pruitt1 … Mike.pruitt@waynetwp.org @IMPD_News Officer Kendale Adams … adams.kendale@indy.gov @marc_lotter Communications Director for Indianapolis @MayorBallard , marc.lotter@indy.gov @Friends_of_IDSD Gary Hay … garysar@aol.com (dogs Eddie and Wiley) and Tony D'Ambrosia … tdambrosia65@yahoo.com (dogs Rocky and Max). • Twitter list for public safety: @jwwhitt or https://twitter.com/jwwhitt/indy-public-safety/members • 11/7/13 Sponsors: @12StarsMedia; @BrownBagIndy; @chimney_safety Indy Social Media - @IndySM - 11/7/13