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Intelligent Personal Assistants & New Types of Search


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A quick look at some of the new types of queries we may see as Intelligent Personal Assistants (IPAs) take off, and which provide a big future opportunity in post-PageRank search.

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Intelligent Personal Assistants & New Types of Search

  1. 1. The next trillion searches: Intelligent Personal Assistants
  2. 2. Ambient Search 3 Emerging Types of Search Faceted Search Transactional Search
  3. 3. TrendTechnologyResearch
  4. 4. Ambient Search
  5. 5. Google Information Needs Study Google asked 8 times a day: What did you want to know recently? Research
  6. 6. Google Information Needs Study Google found: 1/3rd of potential searches are unfulfilled Research
  7. 7. Home Assistant Appliances Technology
  8. 8. Home Assistant Appliances Technology
  9. 9. Device Sharing Research •1.1 times per day •Usually phones •5% with strangers People share devices:
  10. 10. More Devices: Smart Mirrors Technology
  11. 11. Smart User Identification Google Zensei: Bioimpedance Research
  12. 12. Ambient Interfaces (Soli & Glissando) Research
  13. 13. Ambient Search • Search devices will be ubiquitous - leading to new types of search. • Personalisation will be ubiquitous - leading to increased reliance on it. • Interfaces will improve - leading to something cool, I’m sure.
  14. 14. Faceted Search
  15. 15. Direct Answers Trend
  16. 16. Conversational Search Technology
  17. 17. Hound: Faceted Search Example Technology
  18. 18. Faceted Search is like Faceted Nav
  19. 19. Machine Learning Service Discovery Technology
  20. 20. Machine Learning Service Discovery Technology
  21. 21. Faceted Search • Search Engines will capture more of the funnel; the filter & sort phase will move there. • Web search will be inadequate for handling more and more of these searches.
  22. 22. Transactional Search
  23. 23. Amazon Echo: Voice Purchase Technology
  24. 24. Collapsed Funnel: Search & Checkout Trend
  25. 25. Viv: Conversational Commerce Technology
  26. 26. Viv: Intelligence Everywhere Technology “In the next five years or so we think there's going to be a new icon that's going to be very recognizable. That means you can talk to that thing.” - Dag Kittlaus, Viv Founder
  27. 27. Ambient + Faceted + Commerce OK, Alexa. Buy the cheapest 5 star washing powder that will arrive before Friday. Technology
  28. 28. What did you just say? •More search results will be presented in-situ in an IPA. •Conversions will also happen in-situ. •Make an app now and start the integration into IPAs •Opportunity to leap-frog web-search competitors.
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