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IIPC General Assembly 2016 - Tool Development Portfolio


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Framing, discussion and notes from the International Internet Preservation Consortium's new portfolio on collaborative tool development. Presented and discussed at the IIPC General Assembly in Reykjavic, 11 April 2016.

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IIPC General Assembly 2016 - Tool Development Portfolio

  1. 1. IIPC General Assembly 2016 Portfolio Discussion Tools Development IIPC Portfolio Lead Tom Cramer Stanford University
  2. 2. Objectives from Consortium Agreement The Consortium principles and objectives remain to: work collaboratively, within each country's legislative framework, to identify, develop and facilitate implementation of solutions for selecting, harvesting, collecting, preserving and providing access to Internet content; facilitate international coverage of Internet content archive collections within national legal frameworks and in accordance with each member’s collection development policy; be a strong international advocate for initiatives and legislation that encourage the collection and preservation of and access to Internet content. To achieve this aim, the Consortium will continue to: provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge about Internet content archiving; develop and recommend standards for collecting, preserving and providing long term access to Internet content; facilitate the development of appropriate and interoperable, preferably Open Source, software and tools; raise awareness of Internet preservation issues and initiatives through activities such as conferences, workshops, training events and publications.
  3. 3. Why Tools Development? One of the main missions of IIPC is to foster collaborative tool development. the world of web archiving is vast, yet the number or participants relatively small the more we can foster a rich tool environment, the more everyone involved in any part of the web archiving lifecycle benefits Could IIPC play a greater role in collaborative tool development for web archiving? major focus of 2015 GA was open source, collaborative development for 2016-17: what can IIPC do to improve how we do tool development in the web archiving community?
  4. 4. Proposed Portfolio Direction 1. Reaffirm statement of principles and objectives for tool development as a priority. 2. Build a consensus vision for the value of tools, and a collaborative, interoperating toolscape, among IIPC members. 3. Synthesize an agenda for tools development across IIPC members 4. Codify APIs that lead to modular and interoperable tools across full W-A lifecycle (from capture / preservation / access / research) 5. Advance some small scale, collaborative development efforts: little things can lead to big things 6. Help seed grassroots, open source or otherwise collaborative efforts: tool training, hack-a-thons, adoption fairs, etc.
  5. 5. Breakout Session Focus Is tool development a priority for web archiving? If so, why and in what areas? Can we change how we approach tool development? Smaller, more modular approach? Emphasis on interoperability & APIs? Lessons and patterns from open source communities? Build member capacity to contribute to and benefit from these efforts? What are the intersections of tool development with the other IIPC Portfolios: Member Engagement and Partnerships & Outreach? Who is interested and able to participate? What are next steps?
  6. 6. Report Out YES, tool development is a priority. Interoperability / APIs / Modularity are key. standards, data models, metadata are too Use case-driven dev essential (both what & WHY) Needs and opportunities to reduce friction of collaboration. (Lots of dev happening both locally and outside IIPC that could be plugged in.) Dev-to-dev face time (tech training, hack-a-thons, unconferences) Slack, email lists, GitHub, etc. On ramps for new devs, too. Needs for both small and big efforts. IIPC as a facilitator / broker for (big) efforts.