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ELENIN, TEKOMA and NIBIRU              The Facts about each of               these Celestial Bodies                       ...
1.) What is – Elenin?ANSWER: It is a natural celestial body, a small comet, but made up of more rock than iceand gas. It l...
8a. What will Earth’s night sky look like with Tekoma in it?Night time: people on Earth will see Tekoma as a mixture of pa...
12.) What is going to happen in terms of Nibiru entering Earth’s solar system?ANSWER: Nothing. Nibiru will not enter Earth...
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Elenin, Tekoma (a brown dwarf), Nibiru


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Andromeda Council. Update. This detailed paper covers the explanations of what: Elenin, Tekoma (a brown dwarf, Nihohia, and Nibiru truly are.

And how they will affect, or not, our solar system... as they pass by Earth space.

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Elenin, Tekoma (a brown dwarf), Nibiru

  1. 1. ELENIN, TEKOMA and NIBIRU The Facts about each of these Celestial Bodies www.andromedacouncil.comTo read an Andromeda Council published news story & listen to interviews on this topicplease go
  2. 2. 1.) What is – Elenin?ANSWER: It is a natural celestial body, a small comet, but made up of more rock than iceand gas. It literally ‘clears the way’ for the arrival of Tekoma (Tay koe-mah), a brown dwarfabout the size of Uranus, trailing behind it. Elenin with its elliptical orbit will come into Earth’ssolar system, in a manner of speaking deposit Tekoma, and then leave.2.) Many people on Earth are aware of a pyramid shape that now seems to be locatedin place of, or covering Elenin. What is this about?ANSWER: We are aware of technology, a monitoring device if you will, that is projecting apyramid shaped force field over the general area of comet Elenin. It seems only when aproblem would occur in space would this device be activated such as it was. It seems thistechnology is also keeping Elenin and Tekoma on course to minimize possible disruptions byTekoma to Earth’s solar system.3.) Then why is Elenin coming toward Earth’s solar system?ANSWER: Elenin is simply clearing the way for Tekoma.4.) Will the arrival of Elenin itself directly cause any disruptions or Earth changes?ANSWER: no.5.) Then what is Tekoma?ANSWER: It is a brown dwarf about the size of the planet Uranus. It should arrive in Earth’ssolar system approximately this coming mid-October 2011; and is expected to settle into thissolar system as a new, albeit smaller, not quite as bright - second sun. It is expected tosettle in place between Venus & Earth but much closer to Venus, than to Earth.6.) What about the possible disruptions to this solar system, more importantly toEarth, with the arrival of Tekoma?ANSWER: A combination of multiple Andromeda Council biospheres, you could also callthem planetoids, these are essentially very large star ships. They each have a compliment ofa few thousand crew people. Collectively these biospheres will project their combined forcefields to envelop and buffer planet Earth and many other planets in Earth’s solar system asTekoma arrives. Their efforts will, as much as possible, minimize the potential vibratoryeffects and disruptions to planet Earth as Tekoma arrives and settles into place.7.) Isn’t there already a brown dwarf occasionally visible to Earth - next to Earth’sSun?ANSWER: Good question. Yes there is. It has been there for a long time. It is in theprocess of turning from red to brown. However, as measured from your Sun, it isapproximately 3 billion light years distant away from your Sun. Because of its distance, youon planet Earth rarely see it.8.) Why is Tekoma coming to Earth’s Solar system?ANSWER: This event, its arrival, is part of its own evolution.It is also the destiny of this solar system to become a binary star system. As a result,Tekoma will also lighten your night sky, that is to say it will make your night sky brighter.From this point forward your night sky will look much more like twilight through-out thevarious night times occurring around your planet.
  3. 3. 8a. What will Earth’s night sky look like with Tekoma in it?Night time: people on Earth will see Tekoma as a mixture of pale yellow & pale orange colorat around 8 o’clock, as you would say, on a clock face. Nihohia will seem to have horizontalbands of pale pink/pale purple/pale blue colors, and its moon will be seen as pale bluishwhite color at just due ‘northeast’ of 7 o’clock. You would see your own Earth moon ataround 2PM. Compared to the daytime, these new celestial bodies will all look bigger atnight.8b. What will Earth’s day time sky look like with Tekoma in it?Day time: people on Earth will continue to see the Sun, large & yellow; Tekoma, the browndwarf, as a body of light, a very small sun throwing off an orange color. Tekoma, comparedto your sun, will be about the size of what you would call a new, unused, pencil eraser head.Nihohia, the planet, would be about the size of if you took a well used pencil and made adot on a piece of paper that’s how big Nihohia will appear to be; and its moon as if you madea dot with a fine point pen that’s how big its moon will appear to be. Perspectively, all wouldbe located, if you think of your sun as a round clock face, all would be located in the lowerright hand corner at around between 4-5 o’clock.9.) Then what is Nihohia?ANSWER: Nihohia (Nee-hoe-hee-ah) is a small planet accompanying Tekoma. It is smallerthan Pluto, and it brings a very small moon with it. Both are in orbit very close to Tekoma.There are humans living under the planet surface of Nihohia in underground cities. Somepeople are what you would call Caucasian looking, and some are soft, pale blue skinnedlooking who are distant cousins of people of blue skinned heritage first written about in theoldest texts of ancient India. The races of Nihohia have inter-mixed as well. A person fromEarth speaking Hindi today would in some manner be able to speak with these people.They are very calm, harmonious, peaceful people. They are also very highly evolved people.They do not fight among themselves, at all. It is their destiny to come to this solar system, toevolve into the 4th dimension, and to help Earth people with their own multi-faceted transitionand transformation into this dimension.There are underground tunnels that go to the various central cities where these people livetoday. They have technology. Specifically they have a force field in place to shield theirplanet. The force field protects their planet so that it will not break up, or be destroyed duringtheir travels. Their moon has some space stations underground with people living in them.The same force field technology protecting Nihohia – protects its moon. These people havebeen moving around the cosmos in Nihohia for about a 100,000 years, and in a cordialfriendly way they have communicated with many other civilizations & peoples along theirjourney. They are currently a 3rd dimensional world with 3rd dimensional people. They willtransform into a 4th dimension world just like Earth. So will their people.10.) What about Nibiru?ANSWER: It is a planet about the size of Jupiter. It is trailing somewhat behind Tekoma.11.) Is it inhabited are there people living on, or underground, the planet Nibiru?ANSWER: Yes. There are 4th dimensional people living on Nibiru. Nibiru’s people became4th dimensional within the past 2,000 years of Earth time. They would be known to thepeople of Earth as – the Annunaki. But in reality the Annunaki are only a small portion, asmall clan of the majority of the people who are known as the – Nibi (Nib-ee).
  4. 4. 12.) What is going to happen in terms of Nibiru entering Earth’s solar system?ANSWER: Nothing. Nibiru will not enter Earth’s Solar system.On behalf of the people of Earth, and the people of Nibiru - the Andromeda Council hasnegotiated with the people of Nibiru to – not interfere - with the people of Earth. As part ofthis negotiation the Andromeda Council has secured the help of 5th dimensional beings touse their technology to push the trajectory of Nibiru [and its moon(s)] to literally pass farover the top of Earth’s solar system.Therefore, there will be no ‘cause & effects’, no Earth changes caused from Nibiru passingover the top of Earth’s Solar system. None. To Earth’s solar system, it would feel as if agentle breeze would be blowing by.13.) Approximately when, which month of Earth time, will Nibiru pass over the top ofEarth’s solar system?ANSWER: Nibiru is projected to pass over the top of Earth’s solar system approximatelysometime between late November to mid-December 2011. Again, to Earth’s solar system itwould only feel as if a gentle breeze would be blowing by, nothing more.14.) Even though 5th dimensional beings will use their technology to push the plannedtrajectory of Nibiru to instead pass over the top of Earth’s solar system will therestill be any cause & effects from Nibiru on this solar system in terms of evoking anyEarth changes or disruptions?ANSWER: No. There will be no cause & effects from Nibiru passing over Earth’s solarsystem.15.) What might be the primary cause of any possible Earth changes that are beingopenly discussed by so many Earth people having to do with 2012 & beyond?ANSWER: Most of the possible Earth changes being discussed projected to happen from2012 – throughout all of 2013 – would be caused by highly charged magnetic energies at thecore of a black hole, at the center of the galactic equatorial plane, that Earth’s solar system isabout to cross. This black hole – and the 4th dimensional band of higher, faster, frequencyenergy in the galactic equatorial plane zone – both are projected to cause magneticdisturbances resulting in the literal increased & agitated vibration of planet Earth. This bandof energy vibrates at a 4th dimensional frequency that Earth & its solar system is in theprocess of just now entering, and will vibrate at for the foreseeable future at least a fewthousand years.Again, keep in mind, as the web site indicates, there are a number of Andromeda Councilflagged biosphere’s, or planetoids, star ships with a crew compliment of thousands if you will,which are projecting “force fields” around the planet Earth.The Andromeda Council using the strength of its combined force fields will do its utmost tominimize & mitigate as much as possible the agitating energy of the black hole, and theheightened vibration of the 4th dimension, on planet Earth.It remains to be seen how severe, or not, the degree to which the agitating energy andheightened vibration of 4th dimensional space will affect planet Earth.But there will be change to the planet. In order for Earth to evolve it must adjust, and itmust become balanced again. In order for Earth to become balanced, the shifting of theearth’s crust must happen to put the planet back into alignment.