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Paramountbathroom_Towel Rail_Lalit_6-12-2012


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Paramountbathroom_Towel Rail_Lalit_6-12-2012

  1. 1. Towel Rail Insert Product Photograph Here
  2. 2. OverviewChrome Towel Rails
  3. 3. Features & Benefits• Chrome towel rails• These are now the biggest seller on the market today. They were originally made to match the chrome on the taps and have never looked back. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes with curved and straight being the two most popular shapes. The curved chrome towel rails allow the towel to be folded over the top easier as there is a bigger gap behind it.• These chrome rails can run off of your central heating circuit, off of electric or a combination of the two allowing you complete flexibility of choice.• White bathroom towel rails• These give off more heat than their chrome brother as the white convects the heat much better. Some people prefer the white towel rails to chrome ones as they match the white sanitary ware and the white acrylic of the bath perfectly. The white is also slightly cheaper to manufacture hence the selling price is a bit lower.• There are many different styles and shapes to select from and there is usually one to suit all bathrooms and budgets. You must make sure that the heat output is sufficient to heat your bathroom even on the coldest days.• Anthracite• These were first brought into the UK about 15 years ago in places where there was a lot of footfall in an area such as sports club as they are almost unbreakable. They are steel all the way through and have no coating such as chrome plating or white paint so even if knocked they will not damage.• The heat output from these towel rail and bathroom towel rail is higher than any other material as it confects the heat superbly as well as looking great.