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Paramountbathroom_Bathroom Cabinets_Lalit_5-12-2012


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Paramountbathroom_Bathroom Cabinets_Lalit_5-12-2012

  1. 1. Bathroom cabinets Insert Product Photograph Here
  2. 2. Overview• Making Your Bath Refined• The bath design is as important as the equipments and facilities that are put in there, when constructing the bathroom, it is will nice to consider including a good touch that will reflect your personality and family. This will enable your bath to a real place for relaxation and a scary little place that you take the least time possible in. the process of making your bathroom a safe haven does not have to be expensive, with a little research, you can get nice and cheap Italian tiles, good wooden cabinets and shower heads at the local stores.• It may appear simple but one thing that will give your bathroom that final touch is the paintings color used on the walls, it should match with all the on all the equipments installed in the bathroom .installing cabinet in the bathroom will help with not only storage of appliances and therefore making the bath neat, the design will provide that stylishness that speaks volume of your style. Installation of mirrors on the walls of the bathroom is the secret used by many to provide the feeling of space in the bathroom. This will especially be advantageous to a small bath making it even well-designed. With a nice looking bathroom, you enjoy yours showers everyday.
  3. 3. Features & BenefitsBathroom Cabinets
  4. 4. Applications• We offer an ‘Express’ service on certain Bathroom Furniture ranges, this is priced at £75 Inc. VAT. Please contact us for details on 02392 586616.• * All items ordered with furniture will come as one delivery once the furniture is complete. * Lead times are based on average stock availability and may be delayed. * When items are out of stock, we will contact you to inform you of a rough delivery date. * Paramount Bathrooms Ltd. are not responsible for our suppliers / manufacturers stock or availability.• 5.2 Our own transport will be used when deliveries are made to post codes starting with; BH, BN, GU, KT, PO (Excluding IOW), RG, RH, SL, SM, SO, SP, TW. In some cases pallets may be used to deliver to these postal areas, mainly if we are unable to reach you on our own transport. All items will come individually wrapped when delivered on our own transport. Goods will be delivered as close to the main entrance of your residence as possible. Our driver is not insured to carry the goods beyond the main entrance of your residence. Please ensure someone will be available to assist our driver with the lifting of large goods.• 5.3 Orders will be delivered on pallets when not inside our own transport area (see 5.2). Pallets will be delivered as close to the main entrance of your residence as possible. Delivery companies are not insured to remove items from the pallet or deliver goods beyond the main entrance of the residence. The ownership of any packaging and pallets used in the delivery belongs to the buyer of the goods, and neither Paramount Bathrooms Ltd. or the delivery company will be responsible for the removal or disposal of this.• 5.4 Small items may be delivered via a courier. Occasionally we will deliver sanitary ware / shower enclosures through our supplier.• 5.5 All deliveries require a signature. This signature will indicate that all items are received in good condition, unless noted as “Damaged in Transit” in which case, the items damaged will need to be detailed. You are entitled to 15 minutes to unwrap all goods entirely and inspect them for damage, please see Section „6. Damages‟ for full details.• 5.6 Delivery dates will be arranged once the order is complete. Delivery will be scheduled on a Monday to Friday, AM or PM delivery windows are available for a charge of £15 Inc. VAT - you will need to contact us on 02392 586616 to arrange this. Delivery dates are approximate and no liability will be accepted by Paramount Bathrooms Ltd. in regards to a late delivery. We recommend you do not arrange for the fitting of these items until after they have been delivered.• 5.7 By scheduling delivery you are agreeing to be present at the time of delivery. If you cannot fulfill this scheduled agreement then please inform us 24 hours before delivery by email at• 5.8 If we attempt the scheduled delivery and no one is present to accept and inspect the goods, your order will be returned to us. The re-delivery of these items will be charged as actual cost of return and delivery, which in most cases will be higher than the original delivery charge.• 5.9 If a delivery is refused for reasons detailed in 4.1, 4.2 or 5.3, then re-delivery of these items will be charged as actual cost of return and delivery, which in most cases will be higher than the original delivery charge.