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2013 ESPC Annual Meeting - Top Ten Ways To Optimize Cross Channel Marketing (2013)


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2013 ESPC Annual Meeting - Top Ten Ways To Optimize Cross Channel Marketing (2013)

  1. 1. to optimize cross-channel marketing without hurting your brand and reputation Top 10 ways
  2. 2. GOALS Learn to get proper consent through various data acquisition efforts Understand compliance with U.S. and Int’l laws Integrate personal and non- personal data while respecting privacy Avoid brand and deliverability hazards
  3. 3. Avoid arrested development… # 1 with purposeful collection
  4. 4. Optimize consent for each channel …they’re still walled gardens # 2
  6. 6. Collection is part of a TRANSACTION, but no disclosure of marketing intent or opt-in request EMAIL ‘AUTO-CONSENT’ IS NOT PERMISSION Legal in US but is a poor privacy practice and increases deliverability risk Mitigate with welcome emails.
  7. 7. UPDATED TCPA OPT-IN RULES OCT 16: Prior “express written consent”.  Agreement must be overt, specific to marketing SMS, and independent of any other agreement.  Cannot send more than 1 Opt-Out Confirmation text Is the above compliant??
  8. 8. BY THE GRACE OF THE WIRELESS CARRIERS Include industry-mandated essential terms and disclosures cost disclosure how to opt- out link to T&Cs contact details
  9. 9. BE AWARE OF SOCIAL NETWORK TOS Make permission statements clear Provide links to your privacy policy discussing social data use Mind restrictions about using data off the platform
  10. 10. Consent optimized for the US… may not be adequate in Int’l markets # 3
  13. 13. for CASL IS COMING # 4 Don’t wait. Prepare now...
  14. 14. Requirements Consent  Purpose-based Express Consent (Opt In)  Implied Consent can expire! Content  Mailing address + Tel, Email or URL  How to opt-out Unsubscribe  “Readily performed” processing Coverage  (Non-accidental) access from a computer system in Canada  Broad definition of “commercial message”  Email, SMS, IM, MMS, video, and software in scope CASL DESIGNED TO BE MORE RESTRICTIVE Regulations still incomplete and CASL not expected to come into force until late 2013 or early 2014.
  16. 16. Don’t feed Point-of-Sale # 5
  17. 17. USE TOOLS TO MITIGATE SPAMTRAPS  Use kiosks/iPad instead of teller requests  Ask to check spelling  Correct known domain typos  Ask to opt-in within eReceipt or send COI
  18. 18. Old email data is still a delivery risk # 6 …even if it was initially COI’d
  19. 19. SEGMENT DATA BY TENURE (AND COUNTRY)  Adjust acquisition practices to help identify recipient’s country jurisdiction, segment accordingly Behaviorally verify users inactive for over 8 months and re-confirm users inactive for over 18 months.
  20. 20. Continually scan for signs of life # 7 …across all your frontiers
  21. 21. USE CAMPAIGN ANALYTICS  Monitor performance and delivery metrics  Look for email Clicks. Opens can be false positives!  Who are your social media fans?  Can you re-target offline buyers?
  22. 22. Disclose tracking and data integration efforts… # 8 and get consent where you can
  24. 24. DON’T FORGET ENHANCED DISCLOSURES IN THE EU ” “Updated cookies policy – you’ll see this message only once Barclays uses cookies on this website. They help us to know a little bit about you and how you use our website, which improves the browsing experience and marketing – both for you and for others. They are stored locally on your computer or mobile device. To accept cookies continue browsing as normal. Or go to the cookie policy for more information and preferences.
  25. 25. Readily accessible privacy policies are a must # 9 …on-deck and off
  26. 26. # 4PRIVACY POLICY SHOULD TOUCH ALL CHANNELS  Web, mobile, and app privacy policies should be easy to read!
  27. 27. Put it all together to help you # 10 bridge channels
  28. 28. 1. Constrain collection of data to only specific purposes. 2. Ask for unambiguous consent up-front. Mind industry-specific guidelines. 3. Record ‘overt acts of permission’ whenever possible. It is always possible. 4. Audit your database and practices to gauge Int’l risk. (UK ICO, CASL) 5. Preempt spamtrap risks online and at Point-of-Sale. 6. Put in place tailored data hygiene controls to cull bad data. 7. Scan for signs of life across all touch points to re-target and re-engage. 8. Put what you should and more into your privacy policy. . 9. Make your web/app privacy policy easy to access, read and understand. 10. Bridge across marketing channels using your primary medium. 10 WAYS TO NOT TO BREAK YOUR BRAND
  29. 29. THANK YOU! Alex Krylov: Privacy & Compliance Analyst Lead, CIPP Experian Global Compliance | Marketing Services. For more information, please visit YOUR SPEAKER