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Digital Business Opportunities


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Business Opportunities

  1. 1. Digital business opportunitiesSpeak was given at the Business Camp at theDigital Factory May 7, 2013.Audience: Ryslinge Innovationshøjskole
  2. 2. Always remember the purpose….
  3. 3. Reid Hoffman - Entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Investor. (Co-founder Linkedin)- Shape your identity or it will shape you.
  4. 4. • Choose your own Identity• Identity comes from choice; choice comes from identity. On adaily basis, the actions you take, the people you spend timewith, and the principles you choose to defend will define youridentity. Therefore, you should choose to construct an identitythat signals to the world your core values and unique choices.
  5. 5. Digital Identity
  6. 6. World’s strongest Digital IdentityHave we ever heard from Baumgartner ever since....?
  7. 7. Co-creation & user engagement
  8. 8. 1993 - Den første digitale generation
  9. 9. 1993 - Den første digitale generation
  10. 10. Even more digital….
  11. 11. Digital StrategyKilde:
  12. 12. • Social media is an extension of your business• Every employee is your brand ambassador, yourmarketer, and the face of your company.• PR no longer stands for only public relations; itmeans people react, people respond, and peoplereach out.- Awesome Business – Scott StrattenSocial Business”We use twitter, we are a social business” is like ”wehave an oven, we’re a gourmet kitchen” @ValaAfshar– CMO, Enterasys, Siemens Enterprise, Boston.
  13. 13. The perfect storm – Peter Svare
  14. 14. My typical day includes these sociale & digital media
  15. 15. Social Media Strategy
  16. 16. Content strategy
  17. 17. Internet via mobile vs. the stationary computer
  18. 18. Multichannel (= new possibilities)
  19. 19. How to get revenues from a “free” business model- Create A need- in-app purchase- Abonnement- Storage- etc.
  20. 20. AndroidApple
  21. 21. Windows 8
  22. 22. Native appsCross-platform appWeb (based) appsMobile website
  23. 23. App type – to be selected according to need & purpose
  24. 24. #MadeWithAtoms•
  25. 25. Questions ? 60134166