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What’s Your Dilemma August 30, 2012


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One hour live call in show that allows the guests to rant and get issues of their chest. Hosts are Relationship, Anger Management and Financial Coaches Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood.

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What’s Your Dilemma August 30, 2012

  2. 2. Together Again Radio QUALITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCECommitted to achieving high standards for their broadcasts, Jim and MarshaWalker Eastwood are passionate about meeting the evolving standards ininternet radio broadcasting.Together Again Radio has worked hard to develop and implement a widerange of best practices that best serves the needs of both the business and thegeneral community. It is their goal to advance the reflection and promotionof goods and services made in America as well as those from the globalcommunity; to provide an open exchange of ideas and opinions on topicalissues; and to inform, educate, inspire and entertain their listening audiencewithout compromising integrity and always striving for excellence.
  3. 3. Ruth J. Clark is the owner of Fashion MovesInclusive Designs, fashion design companyestablished to create a bridge between theFashion/Garment Industry and People withdisabilities. Ruth’s rant today focuses onthe Fashion Industry that is ignoring 15 - 18%of our population
  4. 4. Matthew Crowley is a venture lawyer whoregularly gives educational talks with theLos Angeles Venture Association (LAVA)and actively participates in groups designedto support new businesses. Matt specializesin helping entrepreneurs avoid the types ofproblems that can wreak havoc on a newbusiness and properly manage tasksincluding:Investor negotiationsEstablishing & managing boardsFiguring out your companys value
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