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How To Mind Your Own Business June 25, 2012


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One hour blogtalkradio show for small business owners featuring guests from all areas of business management. Today on How to Mind Your Own Business , Jim and Marsha Walker Eastwood welcome guests Ruth King and Steve Dubin

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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How To Mind Your Own Business June 25, 2012

  2. 2. Together Again Radio QUALITY, INTEGRITY, EXCELLENCECommitted to achieving high standards for their broadcasts, Jim andMarsha Walker Eastwood are passionate about meeting the evolvingstandards in internet radio broadcasting.Together Again Radio has worked hard to develop and implement a widerange of best practices that best serves the needs of both the business andthe general community. It is their goal to advance the reflection andpromotion of goods and services made in America as well as those fromthe global community; to provide an open exchange of ideas and opinionson topical issues; and to inform, educate, inspire and entertain theirlistening audience without compromising integrity and alwaysstriving for excellence.
  3. 3. Today on How to Mind Your Own Business , Jim and MarshaWalker Eastwood welcome guests Ruth King and Steve Dubin Ruth King is a serial entrepreneur owning or having owned 7 businesses in the past 30+ years. Some have done really well. Others have failed miserably. She knows what has worked for her and her small business customers. There are 16 critical strategies in her award winning book, The Ugly Truth about Small Business that she will share with the listening audience. Steve Dubin is the man behind My Pinnacle Network, a “business to business” networking group that streamlines the process by putting members shoulder to shoulder with others who are in the exact same traffic lanes. If approved, members have the exclusive rights to their category. And they block their competition. Unlike Noah’s Ark, Steve’s Pinnacle Network only brings one business species in at a time.
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