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  1. 1. PlanningTaskDate DueCompletedExplanationResearch – 06/02/11Analysis on 10 music magazine front covers 6/2/11YESI worked on the front cover analysis throughout the research as it took a long time to do.Analysis on 10 music magazine contents pages6/2/11YESI worked on the Contents Page analysis throughout the research as it took a long time to do.Analysis on 10 music magazine double page spread6/2/11YESI worked on the Double page spread analysis throughout the research as it took a long time to do.2 Flat plans for existing music magazines27/1/11YESMy flat planning went well as there were a lot of interesting pages in existing products that gave me ideas.Research into magazine institutions 29/1/11YESI researched a few magazine institutions to give me an ideas about who would deal with my magazine if it went into production Audience researchquestionnaire31/1/11YESI created a questionnaire that I gave to people that I am targeting in my magazine. Analysis on questionnaire results2/2/11YESThe results gave me a lot of interesting answers which helped me when making my product. I put the results in graphs to present it in a clear way.Analysis on “Find Your Tribe” results4/2/11YESI done a questionnaire on “find your Tribe” I then reflected on the results.Audience research mood board5/2/11YESMy audience research went very well and gave me a lot of options which I could see visually when creating my product.Reader profile for my magazine6/2/11YESMy reader profile helped me when looking at what audience I should target.Planning – 11/02/11Organisation of music artists8/2/11YESIn this task I email a model to get them to come to my photo shoot so I could use them in my magazine. Organisation of location8/2/11YESI took a photo of the location and explained why this location was good for me to use when uploading it to my magazine cover.Organisation of props and costumes8/2/11YESI explained what props I was going to use and why I am going to use them. This gave me a better understanding of how props are important. Drafts for masthead, layout, mode of address, colour scheme10/2/11YESThe layout drafts really helped me as I could choose from 2 drafts or mix them together to create a perfect layout.Storyboard for shot types in photo shoot10/2/11YESI done this task using post it notes to give me a better understanding of what shots I will use in my photo shoot.Flat planning for my magazine11/2/11YESI flat planned my own magazine to show that I could produce a full magazine with interesting topics to attract my audience.Production - 11/03/11Evidence of original photography13/2/11YESI showed my photography skills by uploading the photos I took from the photo shoot.Evidence of manipulation of photographs15/2/11YESI edited some of the photos to make them much better and in some photos make it look interesting.Front page20/2/11YESThis task took some time so I allowed lots of time to create it.Contents page26/2/11YESThis task also took some time so I also allowed lots of time to create it. it took time because I too look at my flat plan and see what topics are on what page.Double page spread11/3/11YESThis task took a long time due to the fact that I have to work with two pages. I produced a story and inserted it on the pages. The problem was that there was a lot of text and not much room.Evaluation – 8/04/2011Main Task Evaulation14/03/11YESI wrote an evaluation of my ideas when planning my final product. I wrote about the things that worked well and didn’t work well, along with improvements. Write the ways that my music magazine is used to develop or challenge forms and conventions of real magazines17/03/11YESIn this part of the evaluation, I wrote about all the features in my product and decided if they challenge conventions or followed them.Write about how my magazine represents different social groups21/03/11YESIn this part of the evaluation I had to explore the different social groups I was aiming at in my magazine.Write about the kind of media institution that might distribute my music magazine and why24/03/11YESIn this part of the evaluation I was looking at what media institutes would suit my style of magazine.Write about who would be the audience for my music magazine27/03/11YESI investigated and thought about who my magazine would be for and targeted at.Write about how I attracted/addressed my audience30/03/11YESIn this part of the evaluation I wrote about how I attract my audience.Write about what I have learnt about technologies from the process of constructing the magazine 1/04/11YESIn this part of the evaluation I investigated the different types of technology I used to produce my product.Looking back at my preliminary, I should write about the progression to the full product4/04/11YESIn this part of the evaluation I looked back at my preliminary and was investigating how I have improved my skills.Give a reflection from the audience feedback.8/04/11YESI gave a reflection to how I think the final audience feedback went and was writing about how I could take on board the comments.<br />Organisation of Model<br />Name of Model: Lucinda Durston<br />Mobile Number: 07734893591<br />Email Address: <br />Figure 1 - Screenshot of E-mail-688340363220Date of Photo Shoot: 02/03/2011<br />Organisation of Location<br />Name of location: Inside models house, Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe<br />Location: Flackwell Heath golf course<br /> I have chosen this location as I think it will give a natural feel to it and show a pure side to my model. I think this would be a great place to take photos as the wind will blow my models hair around giving it a professional look. The scenery will really fit in well with the prop I will be using as the old fashion guitar is usually used for country music and the green field behind should really suit this. I will do my shoot in the day when there is a lot of natural light to make my photos look clear. <br />82677051435<br />Location recce<br />ACTIVITYIS THE LOCATION SUITABLE FOR PHOTO SHOOT?ADDITIONAL COMMENTSLook around the location.yesGolf CourseTalk to people at location, organise photo shoot permissionyes-Identify the equipment you need to use. (camera, tri pod)yes-Examine and identify any potential health and safety issues(Both people and equipment related issues)e.g. cover up camera if raining. Stranger danger... yesGolf balls may hit or disrupt us.Check the position of the sun and lighting conditions.yes-Look for interesting shots and camera angles.yes-Do a light metre reading on the camera.yes-Confirm times and dates with modelyes02/03/2011Arrange transport for myself and my model.yesLocation is within walking distance.Make sure everybody is aware of the photo shoot that is taking place and give priority to the people at the location who are not to do with the photo shoot.yesRespect golfers and give priority to them.<br />Organisation of Props and Costumes <br />Props<br />2655570770890 There will be only be one prop involved in the photo shoot as I don’t want the images to look too busy and to be cramped with props. The prop I will use is a plain original guitar. The guitar will be held in different positions by the model to see what looks well and what one gives the impression that she is a certain character. <br />Costumes<br /> I will only use one costume throughout the photo shoot. I will get my model to wear fashionable clothes at this time. I will get her to wear something with very neutral colours as I don’t want her clothes to draw attention I want the prop and her position to draw attention. The fashionable clothes should appeal to my target audience and make them feel like they are the same as the model on the front cover and inside the page.<br />Photo of Consume<br />Draft 1Front CoversEvidence of drafting<br />-170815309245<br />Draft 2<br />-80645180340<br />Contents Pages<br />-45720631825Draft 1<br />Draft 2<br />-67310158115<br />Masthead<br />Double Page Spreads<br />-847725675005Draft 1<br />-809625344170Draft 2<br />-85725542925321Shot Types<br />54<br /><ul><li>Taking a photo of my model in medium close up would be good because it will show a lot of my model and will also show most of the prop. This is what I want the reader to see as the prop will be the main focus. I will take the photo at a low angle to show that my model is important and powerful.I will take a photo of my model in medium shot, sitting down looking out of frame to make the shot interesting and to show that she is posing for the camera. My model will be left of frame to also make the shot interesting and to show some of the background.Another shot I will use is a medium shot with my model left of frame to also show some of the background and also to make the photo a bit more interesting. My model will be looking at the camera to engage the audience.My model will be centre frame facing forward and looking into the camera to make eye contact with the readers. This will make the focus on the model rather than the background. She will be in medium shot to show both her and the prop to make the shot interesting.This will be a long shot of my model at a low angle so that my model is looking down at the camera to give the impression that she is important and powerful. A long shot will mean that it gets most of my model in the photo including the prop. </li></ul>My Flat Plan<br />-752475109220<br />Audience Feedback<br />Front cover:<br />Amy Robb – <br />I like draft number one for the front cover. This is for many reasons. I like the main image being where it is because it draws attention to it, the fact it is so large makes it stand out so it is the main focus. The cell lines along the side of the magazine are very effective because it gives you an insight into what is inside the magazine. I like where the mast head is because it is centred and large drawing attention to it. The sky line is good too because it will draw attention to the article it is holding. <br />George Preston - <br />The draft that I prefer for the front cover is draft number one as I think that it is more spread out and would make it easier for me and other readers to read the content on the page. I like the fact that he has used a skyline at the top of the page as I think that it will be the first thing people read before the rest of the content. I like how he has used a large image to attract attention to the reader. I also like the large masthead. The use of cell lines with reference to the page number makes it easier for the readers to navigate around the magazine. I think that the flash doesn’t stand out that well and I think that it should be a different shape and location.<br />Will Grimsey – <br />The draft I like the best is draft one as I think that it would appeal to the audience more. I think that the overall layout would attract the readers, especially the large image on the right as it takes up a lot of space on the page. I like how he has used cell lines to draw the audience in and I like the fact that he used page numbers for the cell lines. I think that using the flash is also a good way of getting the audience’s attention.<br /> <br />Contents page: <br />Amy Robb - <br />I like draft number two for the contents page. This is because it looks better and is more organised. I like how there are images in which relate to the articles within the magazine. This is because it saves you having to read the whole contents in order to find an article. I like how the actual contents is positioned on the other side of the page then typical magazines as it looks more interesting. I think by having the name of the magazine in the top left corner is effective because it creates a consistent look which overall looks professional.<br />George Preston – <br />Draft number two is the best draft out of the two because the layout looks much neater. I like the large masthead and the name of the magazine in the corner as this should make it stand out to the readers. I like the fact that everything is put into sections and have a clear space in between them. I think that the advertising section is a very good idea and giving reference to the page number on the images is also a good idea as it makes the magazine easy to navigate. I think that he could choose one large image instead of smaller images to get the readers attracted.<br />Will Grimsey - <br />Although draft one is very unique, I also prefer draft two as it is much neater and very clear for the readers to understand the content of the magazine. I like how he has a large area for his content and also like the idea of using the page for advertising. I think that inserting the name of the magazine into the contents page is a good idea as it makes the magazine seem consistent and gives a professional look to the page. I think that the masthead is in a good location and I like the fact that it is off center to make the page look a bit different. I think that adding page numbers to the images is good as it is an easy way of readers accessing content by a visual way.<br />Double page spread: <br />Amy Robb – <br />I prefer draft one as I like how the article is spread out over the two pages and I like how there is a lot of it so that it gives a detailed article for the readers. The image looks very large which can have a big effect on the readers as it stands out and gives an insight to what the article is about. I like how some of the text is overlapping the image as I’m guessing he is using a technique called text wrapping. I think that this will make the page look very professional and neat. I think that the location of the masthead is very unique as typical magazines have the masthead at the top. I think my putting it somewhere different can make the layout seem different to other magazines and can make it more interesting for the audience.<br />George Preston – <br />My favourite draft is draft two as I think that the layout is much neater than the other draft. I like the fact that the masthead is stretched along the two pages making it stand out to the readers. I also like how the main article is split into two separate columns as it makes it easier to read. I think that the pull quote is a good idea as it attracts the attention of the readers and gets them to read it and makes them want to read the article more. I think that making the image very large is a good ideas as it gives an impression of what the article is going to be about. <br />Will Grimsey – <br />The draft I like the best is draft 1 as I think that it is a very unique layout and think that it would attract the readers more. I like the use of the large image in the corner as I think that it will catch the reader’s eye when flicking through the pages. I also like how the article is separated into columns as it makes it easier to read for the audience and makes the page look much neater. The thing I don’t like about this draft is the mast head as I think that it is quite small in proportion to the main text and image which is not as important. I think the masthead should be much bigger for it to stand out to the readers. <br />