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History of Mel Brooks Part 1


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Interview with Mel Brooks for his upcoming American Masters special on PBS. What does this comic genius think and what do his cast of characters think of him. It helps to research this stuff . . .

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History of Mel Brooks Part 1

  1. History of Mel Brooks: Part 1Preparing for the Forbes Interview
  2. First Part: Do your researchIn preparing to interview Mel for his American Masters specialMel Brooks: Make A Noise on PBS May 20, it helps to do your research . . .
  3. “Mel is a fascinatingcombination of elements” - Nathan Lane@toddmwilms  
  4. “He takes you down a pathwhere you think this isgoing to be so wonderful,and then he just pulls youinto something that is sostupid and funny” – JoanRivers@toddmwilms  
  5. “He felt special; and he was special”– Carl Reiner@toddmwilms  
  6. “His narcissism is hilarious. It’s like the sun”– Richard Lewis@toddmwilms  
  7. “Mel is not afraid to go upto the line; occasionally hewill cross it” – Rob Reiner@toddmwilms  
  8. “I said ‘my job is finding the insane andthe bizarre in the common place?’ I don’tremember saying that, but I will givemyself a pat on the back for that one” -Mel@toddmwilms  
  9. On Zero Mostel: “I had to be careful about not hurting his feelingsand still getting what I want” - Mel@toddmwilms  
  10. On meeting Mel: “When God spoke to Moses for the firsttime . . . Yes, I would say it had some minor importance onmy life.” – Gene Wilder@toddmwilms  
  11. On Mel and TV: “You said, ‘Let’scall him Maxwell Smart. Becausethen we can call the show ‘GetSmart’.” – Buck Henry@toddmwilms  
  12. “I was in love with him instantly. You see, because helooked just like my father, and acted just like my mother”– Anne Bancroft@toddmwilms  
  13. On Blazing Saddles: “Theengine that runs it andmakes it stay on track is‘Racial Prejudice’.” - Mel@toddmwilms  
  14. “The difference between comedy andtragedy is . . . Tragedy is if I cut myfinger. Comedy is if you fall into an opensewer and die.” – Mel@toddmwilms  
  15. “How could I not do the moviewith him? The charactersname is ‘Latrine’ for God’ssake.” – Tracey Ullman@toddmwilms  
  16. Interested  in  more  Brooksisms?  Visit  Shout  Factory  or  check  out  my  interview  on  Forbes    @Toddmwilms