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home4 | Employment Restructuring Report U.S Employment Restructuring Report Q4 2012


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home4 | Employment Restructuring Report | united states edition Q4 2012 contents summary 01 US Labor market trends 02 US regional labor trends01 03 most heavily ➔ The number of 99,851 fewer than at the same The total number of people 1.2 million more job openings impacted sectors layoffs in the third quarter time in the previous year. unemployed stood at 12.25 than at the low point of the 04 US labor market outlook of 2012 touched its lowest million, some 1.5 million recession in mid-2009. 05 major level in six years as the Another encouraging sign announced fewer than a year earlier. US job layoffs upward trend across most was that the number of However the improvement in The number of long-termUS labor sectors of the economy people employed part- unemployed (jobless the labor market in the third about this reportmarket continued to gather pace. time for economic reasons – sometimes known as for 27 weeks or more) quarter may be short-lived. There is expected to be a was 5.0 million.trends There were 332,368 layoffs involuntary part-time workers – worsening in the final months in the quarter, 121,786 fewer fell by 269,000 to 8.3 million. Job openings at the end of 2012 due to the devastation than in the June quarter and of September stood at caused by Hurricane Sandy, 3.6 million, approximately with many businesses, 200,000 fewer than at the particularly in and around previous quarter, and only a New York, experiencing slight improvement on the shutdown, and employees position from a year ago. resorting to claiming However, there are now unemployment benefits. 

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