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The Leadership Disconnect infograph

This is info graph is the visual summary of our third KGWI report on the issue of leadership in the contemporary workplace from the employee perspective.

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The Leadership Disconnect infograph

  1. PERCENT OF WORKERS WHO ARE DISSATISFIED WITH THEIR MANAGEMENT’S LEADERSHIP STYLE (TOP 10 COUNTRIES)Eight out of 10 countrieswho experience the italy south Africa germany poland denmark hong Kong sweden hungary france switzerland 36% 35% 34% 33% 32% 31% 29% 29% 28% 28%highest levels of leadership 48dissatisfaction are in EuropeLeadership: what you wantand what you get Preferred leadership style Actual leadership style percent of workers PERCENT OF WORKERS inspired by their worldwide that reported managers to do their best work they feel inspired by (by country)democratic empowering empathetic visionary AuthoritativeFavors team Fosters/allows Sets a tone Provides clear Direct approach; 24 their manager to do 35% 50% 65%involvement/ workers to so workers vision/foresight, expects that their best work Puerto Rico 38decision-making have direct feel engaged, allowing for directives will Canadaby the group; decision-making valued, and cohesive be followed United Statesgives instruction responsibilities guided to progressafter consulting succeed towards a Mexicothe group shared vision Switzerland 20 20 South Africa Belgium Norway rred by 81% of prefe wo Luxembourg are rke 17 es s tyl rs Hungary p 16 France hi e most com rs is is th mo percent of workers Italy th de n worldwide that said they ay le Ireland ea either didn’t believe in rl ss ad Sweden the preferred leadership style breakdown fou their employer’s mission/ er er United Kingdom ork shi se purpose, or didn’t know it least pre 60 Russia p Th e 29% of w e 12 style ce fe als o th Germany rred their work pl a 4% Netherlands Portugal It’s Poland But on Denmark 8 India e in ly 4 7 Indonesia se 3% sa al Malaysia ly yt tu his ac New Zealand is what they empowering (%) percent of workers Singapore democratic (%) empathetic (%) worldwide who speak Australia visionary (%) highly of their employer— Thailand the most positive countries China include Norway, Russia, Hong Kong Mexico, Sweden, United States and Italy