STEM Careers


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  • Hi Todd, Wonder if we could use this infographic, we are running a STEM month at Young Scot and are looking to inform young people about the sector
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STEM Careers

  1. STEM careers: 5 2 3demand is up for today’s innovators 1 4 12STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics)Faster aircraft, bolder video games, better Top 11 STEM opportunity markets annual income highest share of science and stem workersmedicines—technology moves forward every day. The top 11 metropolitan areas have a strong concentration and a STEM technology professionals are turning to sizeable volume of STEM jobs (compared to total employment) and average (as a % of employment) free agencyAnd STEM-savvy workers make those advances are predicted to grow their STEM employment by more than 6% in $77,880 1. Luxembourghappen. Without the work of scientists, technicians, the next five years. U.S. 2. Sweden averageengineers, mathematicians, and other skilled workers, $43,460 3. Denmark seattlemost new products and discoveries would never be 4. Switzerland minneapolis 5. Norwaydeveloped. The growing demand across all industries boston The highest paying STEMfor new products and innovations is fueling the occupations ($100k+) are: Between 2009 – 2011, san francisco baltimoredemand for STEM talent in the U.S. and abroad. • atural Science Managers N the growth of self- san jose washingtonThere are many reasons to consider a STEM employed STEM • ngineering Managers E workers in the Beyond the premium wages and dallas Atlanta • omputer/Info C was nearly twice the San diegoincreasing opportunities, STEM workers are Systems Managers rate of growth for all houstontoday’s innovators and inventors. They often • etroleum Engineers P 12. The U.S. self-employed workerswork for the most progressive companiesgenerating new ideas, inventingnew products and solving complex STEM professionals demand for stem professionals 2010-2020 the stem occupational breakdownbusiness and societal problems. with a bachelor degree or higherTheir contributions are great and their 68 % Technology (IT/Computer)impact vast – creating downstream Engineering andjobs and fueling economic growth. 49% 34% Architecture Mathematical While there are some STEM 2% Science opportunities for those with a high school diploma, the majority of new and replacement jobs in STEM 14.3% 16.8% 21.8% 10.3% 15.2% 16.6% 15% will require at least some other Job STEM Job Technology architecture science mathematics postsecondary education. growth growth (it/ & engineering computer) The top 8 STEM jobs (% growth through 2020) biomedical medical scientists, Software Developers, biochemists and Database Network and Software Developers, Actuaries 27% engineers 62% except Systems Software 32% biophysicists 31% Administrators 31% Computer Systems Applications 28% epidemiologists 36% Administrators 28%