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Social Media and Networking - Infographic


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How do people use social media and networking online to search for jobs and advance their careers? We asked nearly 100,000 people from around the world - their responses will surprise you.

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Social Media and Networking - Infographic

  1. Social Media/Networkingt h e e v o lv i n g w o r k f o r c efear it censor it26 %are worried that material from 33% edit content on their social network sites totheir social networking page could avoid career problemsadversely impact their career.gen y is the age group most concernedabout potential career fallout. using it24 %search for work 32% 33% of those who use social media, linkedin® and facebook® are the most preferred—only 3% use twitter®using blogs orsocial network sites only in the americashow job seekers word-of-mouth is still theare finding thatj b number one way to find a job, followed by online recruitment 26% online job boards advancing careers 22% word-of-mouth via social media 17% recruitment companies 17% direct approaches from employers 34% generation y 7% print advertisements 26% generation X 1% social media sites 10% other 20% baby boomers