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What IT Workers want

As the demand for IT skills grows, employers are under pressure to find employment practices that tick all the boxes for top talent in this field. And, if this infographic is anything to go by, IT professionals are more likely to want flexibility in their work, and to seek innovative projects that expand their skill base.

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What IT Workers want

  1. 65 %Information technology professionals: of those intending tO change jobs, the greatest attrition risks are:workforce attitudes 71% Baby Boomersand motivators 68% Middle intend to look for another Management job in the next year—up from 60% in 2009 68% Workers in the AmericasInsights from over 10,500 Information Technology professionals across the globecareer growth and skill developmentIs it more important to remain with your existingemployer or change employers? 55% say change 81 % derive meaning from their work by their opportunity to excel/ Prefer to work remotely 70% IT Professionals 63% Other Professionals IT professionals who prefer to develop in their field; work remotely by region significantly more than other professionals (75%) 79% Americas 69% EMEA 27 % 66% APAC IT professionals who prefer to work remotely by generation say that higher salary and benefits are 76% Baby important in terms of Boomers job engagement—an increase from 18% in 2010 74% Gen X 64% Gen YGen X and Middle management 31% prefer to stay 14% are unsure 50 % use their social media attracted to innovation in prospective employersThese two groups are significantlymore likely to agree that changingemployers is the best way todevelop their careers 57% 59% network when making career decisions; comparatively more than the average worker (41%) 16% vs. 13% Gen X Middle IT Professionals Professional/ Management Technical Workerskellyservices.comAn Equal Opportunity Employer © 2012 Kelly Services, Inc.Source: 2012 Kelly Global Workforce Index. Note: Professional/Technical workers are those who work, and/or possess experience and skills in fields such as: Education, Engineering,Accounting and Finance (requiring a four-year degree), Healthcare, Information Technology, Law, Marketing/Sales (requiring a four-year degree), and Science.