Organizational culture


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Corporate culture is a very important aspect of Apple Computer. The theme at Apple is freedom and originality.

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Organizational culture

  1. 1. Organizational Culture Todd Vatalaro 8/10/01
  2. 2. Corporate culture is a very important aspect of Apple Computer. The theme at Apple is freedom and originality. The corporate culture of Apple is unique and so are the products. At Apple we, as employees, are given freedom to pursue originality. We at Apple passionately personify a life style through our computers. Most of Apples major PC competitors simply assemble computers for their customers. Apple takes on the complete responsibility for the whole personal computer realm. Apple is known for ease of use, cosmetic appeal, and innovation such as wireless communication. Corporate culture is learned over time and is difficult to change. In a company like Apple, a new worker has roughly three choices: accept the corporate culture, become an innovator, or leave. I have been in communication meetings where Steve Jobs has made it perfectly clear, “If you don’t like working at Apple please quit, because there is a line of people waiting outside the door to replace you.” Although most outside the organization would see this statement coming from the CEO as being arrogant or destructive, it seems to make people want to stay! The corporate culture also demands the very best from its employees. My previous job at Apple was Test Engineer, traveling the world dealing with quality issues. I must admit it was the most stressful job I have ever had, but it made me the best I could be. 1
  3. 3. In Triumph of the Nerds, a PBS show that traced the roots and history of the personal computer, an engineer is interviewed and asked about his experience working for Steve Jobs. The engineer shared a story about a time when he was working on a new computer that was so revolutionary that it would change the world. He recalls Steve entering the computer lab late one evening and asking him what the hell he was doing? The engineer gave Steve a “dog and pony” presentation of his work. Steve replied “That’s shit! You need to work harder,” then Steve turned and walked away. As history shows, this project would change the world., its name was Macintosh. The engineer today will tell you that the corporate culture at Apple and the drive for perfection made him one of the best microcomputer engineers ever. His name is Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs may be a p pain in the neck, but he is the heart and soul of Apple’s corporate culture, and pushes us all to be “insanely great.” Clearly Apple’s corporate culture has not faded out, just has had to change itself in a technological world that’s never the same as it was the day prior. 2
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