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Mobilenation by todd vatalaro


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MobileNation provides a powerful drag-and-drop environment for designing bespoke mobile applications all within your web browser. Whether you're a novice or expert, you can quickly use MobileNation to design your very own custom mobile apps.

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Mobilenation by todd vatalaro

  1. 1. Ben Davey Cofounder & CEO 650-283-4237
  2. 2. Summary The CIO’s dilemma
  3. 3. Summary “How do I get data out of these 10 year old systems and create mobile apps?”
  4. 4. Summary The CIO’s options Do it in-house Cost effective
  5. 5. Summary The CIO’s options Do it in-house Hire Talent Cost effective Buy the capability in house
  6. 6. Summary The CIO’s options Do it in-house Hire Talent Outsource Cost effective Buy the capability in house Access the best commercial providers
  7. 7. Summary The Solution
  8. 8. Solution • The application builder for the enterprise • Tightly integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure (databases, LDAP, etc) • 1-click deployment to HTML5, App Store, Google Play
  9. 9. Case Study HBF Health Insurance • Enabling 900,000 members to access membership services
  10. 10. Case Study Country Fire Service of SA • Ability to enable the public to view realtime threats, based on the user’s geo-location
  11. 11. What we’ll cover in today’s demo • The basic usage of the MobileNation builder • Basic data integration – A store finder app • Intermediate data integration – Business product inventory mobile front-end • LDAP authentication • Presenting your data in different widgets – Creating a calendar application • App breakdown – CFS mobile • Upcoming feature discussion – Orientation support, enhanced oData support, Oracle stored procedures