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  1. 1. Technique: Single Minute Exchange of Die and One-Touch Exchange of Die Primary Use: Reduce and eliminate waste in Change Over practices Metric: Time from Last good piece to first good piece - UOM = minutes or seconds Additional Metrics: Total annualized time in set-up, throughput losses, material losses, inventory turns, SWIP and NONSWIP inventory, FG Inventory, total tooling costs, total available machine time, safety, ergonomics, quality rate, Gross Strokes Per Hour  TARGET Condition  To create improved smooth and balanced flow with Manufacturing Flexibility in both mixed and fixed model production environments > apply 3P thinking How to perform Generalized: •Video Tape and perform Direct Observation of Set-up process / Practices •Gather Data from Observation on Standard Set-Up worksheet (C/O time) •Watch video with operators > Operators learn more outside of process •Separate internal from external setup operations •Convert/Shift internal set-up steps to external •Simplify Internal>Re-sequence>Standardize function,not shape>Eliminate adjustments •Simplify External Scale External to Internal > sequence and time •Use functional clamps / eliminate use of fasteners>Use intermediate jigs •Adopt parallel operations S.M.E.D. By: Todd McCann