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  1. 1. The results of the Predictive Index® survey should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index analyst. The PI® report provides you with a brief overview of the results of the Predictive Index® and prompts you to consider many aspects of the results not contained in the overview. If you have not yet attended the Predictive Index Management Workshop™, please consult someone who has attended in order to complete the report. Todd Lingle Survey Date 6/25/2012 Report Date 7/11/2016
  2. 2. Strongest Behaviors Todd’s PI Pattern is extremely wide, which means that his behaviors are very strongly expressed and his needs are very strongly felt. Todd will most strongly express the following behaviors: Connecting very quickly to others, he’s strongly motivated to build and leverage relationships to get work done. Openly and easily shares information about himself. Strikingly expressive, effusive, and verbal in communicating; he talks a lot, and very quickly. Enthusiastically persuades and motivates others by adjusting his message and delivery to the current recipient. Very collaborative, he works almost exclusively with and through others. Strong intuitive understanding of team cohesion, dynamics, and interpersonal relations. Extremely informal, extroverted, and outgoing; gets familiar very soon after you meet him. Communicates effusively, flexibly, and engagingly; draws others into the conversation. Almost exclusively focused on people, building relationships, and teamwork rather than technical matters. Uninhibited; very open and trusting in sharing his thoughts and in asking personal questions. Not interested in the details; delegates them freely. Needs unstructured projects where flexibly working with people, and a focus on the goals rather than the plans, is necessary. Summary Todd is a very verbal, animated and stimulating communicator, poised, and capable of projecting enthusiasm and warmth. A fluent, lively, forceful talker, he is able to sell ideas with assurance and intensity. He has a strong sense of urgency, initiative and competitive drive to get things done, with emphasis on working with and through people in the process. He understands people well and uses that understanding effectively in persuading others to do willingly what he wants them to do. Impatient for results, Todd is a confident and ambitious "doer" and decision-maker, a self-starter who can delegate responsibility and authority when necessary. Having a distinctly low level of interest in details which are not pertinent to his goals, he will delegate them whenever possible, relying on persuasion, rather than close follow-up, to assure completion of such work. Venturesome and rather freewheeling, Todd is uninhibited in expressing and acting on his own ideas, which he will do without very much concern for traditional, established policies. Skillful at "selling" his ideas to others, he is also determined and persistent in expressing and acting on them. At ease and self-assured with groups or in making new contacts, Todd is gregarious and extroverted, has a compelling impact on people, and is always "selling" in a general sense. He learns and reacts quickly and functions at a faster-than-average pace. Able to adapt quickly to change and variety in his work, he will become impatient and less effective if required to work with repetitive routines and details or to do structured work under close supervision. Management Style
  3. 3. As a manager of people or projects, Todd will be: Strongly focused on team cohesion and goal attainment, rather than on the specifics or details of the plan; likely to consider details an impediment towards speedy success Concentrating on team accomplishment and communication; he achieves his goals through them and with them – consistently encouraging his staff to do more, better, faster Comfortable delegating authority and particularly details; he is eager to discuss his ideas with others is amenable to changing his mind if it help achieve the goal faster Trusting of others, expecting that they’ll finish any work assigned to them; his follow-up is casual and cursory – much more concerned with meeting deadlines than achieving perfection Engaging, spirited, and enthusiastic – confident in his ability to persuade others towards his point-of-view. Selling Style As a salesperson, Todd will be: Persuasive, enthusiastic, and confident in guiding the process towards his goal Eager to keep the process moving along as quickly as possible; utilizing keen persuasion, rather than pressure, to close a deal Brazenly persistent – will use all tools at his disposal to succeed – won’t take ‘no’ for an answer Skillful with the emotional aspects of the sale; connecting with his prospects on an individual basis; leveraging this information to close the deal quickly Adept at navigating the "politics" of an organization; finding the key players and utilizing persuasive talk to win the sale Flexible in working with the customer to close the deal in different, and possibly unique, ways – willing to bend or even break the rules to close the deal Better at selling intangibles such as ideas or concepts than technical or specialized products. Management Strategies To maximize his effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction, consider providing Todd with the following: High levels of independence, autonomy and flexibility in his activities Opportunities for involvement and interaction with people Freedom from repetitive routines and details in work which provides variety and change of pace Opportunities to learn and advance, with recognition and reward for communications and leadership skills demonstrated Social and status recognition as rewards for achievement Repeated exposure to general company policies, standards, values and disciplines will be important in his development.
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