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An overview of our Vacation Storebuilder platform that was created to market properties and increase visibility on the web.

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Vacation Storebuilder

  1. 1. Vacation Storebuilder an advanced ecommerce platform a division of Vibes Interactive LLC For a full product demo and proposal,  contact us at 877‐303‐8540 © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
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  3. 3. For a full product demo and proposal, contact Sarah Rooth at 847‐513‐9488 or Vacation Storebuilder Powered Sites Deploy a Variety of Sites • Property-branded microsites • Destination-based sites • Theme-based sites • Private-label aggregate sites • Targeted marketing microsites for online and offline marketing © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
  4. 4. For a full product demo and proposal, contact Sarah Rooth at 847‐513‐9488 or Sample Site Layouts © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
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  8. 8. For a full product demo and proposal, contact Sarah Rooth at 847‐513‐9488 or Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics Google Analytics Integration Online Marketing and Booking Conversion Dashboards Full Reporting Data Mart © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
  9. 9. For a full product demo and proposal, contact Sarah Rooth at 847‐513‐9488 or Vacation Storebuilder ‐ a division of Vibes Interactive Vibes Interactive’s customer acquisition, retention and value maximization platform connects vacation ownership and vacation rental companies with customers in inventive ways to deliver measurable results. Lead/Tour Generation Vacation Rental Interactive  Reload Sales Presentation Upgrade Member  Vacation Planner Preferred Guest  Program © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
  10. 10. For a full product demo and proposal, contact Sarah Rooth at 847‐513‐9488 or SELECT LIST OF CUSTOMERS MEMBERS OF © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC
  11. 11. Vacation Storebuilder an advanced ecommerce platform a division of Vibes Interactive LLC For a full product demo and proposal,  contact us at 877‐303‐8540 © 2010 Vibes Interactive LLC