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IncredibleMinds Career Roleplaying Program


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With the Federation of American Scientists, Todd designed the IncredibleMinds Career Roleplaying Program. IncredibleMinds is an educational program that uniquely combines coaching, mentoring and roleplaying with commercial video games and professional modeling and simulation tools. Advisors and supporters include AEgis Technologies, Boeing, Colgate University, Department of Energy, Federal Aviation Administration, George Mason University, Marquette University, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Parametric Technology Corporation, Raytheon and State of Washington.

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IncredibleMinds Career Roleplaying Program

  1. 1. ™ career roleplaying program 2008 Copyright © Borghesani
  2. 2. OBJECTIVE. CHANGE FUTURES Help At-Risk Youth Realize Their Professional Futures • Design a Career Roleplaying System that offers students the means to experience science, technology, engineering, and math (S.T.E.M.) careers.
  3. 3. NEED. FUTURE WORKFORCE Bridge the Future of Learning with the Needs of the Workforce IN DEMAND CAREERS • Organizations need individuals with “21st Century Skills” Aerospace Engineering • Behavioral Sciences These skills are adaptability, innovation, critical thinking, problem Biosciences solving, initiative, collaboration, and social awareness Chemical Engineering Chemistry • Schools do not teach these skills Civil Engineering Clinical Medicine • STEM education powers our nation’s innovation engine Cognitive & Neural Computer Science Computational Sciences • Today’s students need learning systems designed for their generation Ecology & Environment Electrical Engineering • Achievement in post secondary STEM education must be improved Geosciences Immunology Materials Science • Education needs to be relevant to industry Mathematics Mechanical Engineering • We need to teach with industry tools Microbiology Molecular Biology & Genetics • Naval Architecture We need to expose youth to the world of work Ocean Engineering Nanotechnology • Professional scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians Neuroscience need to participate as coaches and mentors Oceanography Pharmacology Plant & Animal Science Physics Space & Planetary Sciences 2008 Copyright © by T. Borghesani
  4. 4. OPPORTUNITY. GAMER GENERATION Transform Gamer Intelligence into Professional Competencies • The Gamer Generation will dominate the workforce • Gamer intelligence is At 90 million gamers in the United States, this generation is already remarkably relevant for larger than the baby boom productive citizenship in the 21st century. • Female gamers comprise 39% Examples include the ability to • Commercial video games, industry modeling and read, write, and act within dynamic systems, to think simulation tools can be used as technologies for career procedurally within exploration computationally rich spaces, to build worlds and navigate • complex information networks, Billions of dollars worth of video game, modeling and simulation and to engage in collaborative technologies can be leveraged to the advantage of minority youth peer-to-peer learning. • Every industry vertical and every scientific discipline uses modeling and • Risk-taking simulation tools • Critical reflection • Collaboration • The afterschool market is underutilized • Meaning creation • Non-linear navigation • The parents of 15.3 million children say their children would participate • Problem-solving in afterschool—if a program were available • Problem definition • Innovation • There is no afterschool program for advanced career exploration
  5. 5. SOLUTION. CAREER EXPLORATION An Exploration System That Helps At-Risk Youth Experience In Demand Careers • We combine playing video games with using industry Modeling & Simulation Tools modeling and simulation tools • Commercial video games offer motivational insight across numerous industries and careers • Modeling and simulation tools bring careers to life • Youth play quot;professionalquot; roles, learning 21st century skills and building critical career knowledge • Using industry’s tools of the trade–modeling & simulation tools–they solve problems by “constructing” answers • Our objective is achieved through the operation of four program components • Student Career Roleplaying • Educator Career Coaching • Professional Mentor Development • Parent Coaching Workshops
  6. 6. SOLUTION. AUTHENTIC PURSUITS From the Inspiration of a Favorite Video Game To Becoming An Industry Rock Star Step Three Become Playing “professionals”, youth work on numerous “real world” industry and research challenges over the course of their membership. Step Two Discover Youth learn professional tools in the context of each game’s backstory Explore Step One Youth play an assortment of video games to gain an understanding of in demand careers.