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PRO's vs. JOE's (and Jane's) - Infographic


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Although making the decision to get fit may be the hardest one to make, it’s the fitness budget (one that will ensure you get the results you are looking to achieve) that sets the stage for your long term success. As much as we wish our bank accounts were filled to the brim, the reality is that bills keep piling up and we are forced to spend our pennies wisely. In a “do-it-yourself” world, where you can attempt to do the job of trained professionals for a fraction of the cost, you might save some money but you’re in for an uphill climb. Like all other do-it-yourself scenarios, the less you spend … the more time and effort you need to invest to get the job done (not including the actual exercise needed to get fit). The reverse is true for those who can invest in certified fitness professionals. All they need to do is show up to their sessions and work hard because the personal trainer does all the rest. To help you determine which direction is best for you, we’ve developed the “PRO’s vs. JOE’s (and Jane’s)” infographic to compare “do-it-yourself” fitness programs versus working with a personal trainer.

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