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Social Media Strategy In 3 Steps


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Toby Bloomberg provides a 3 step model on how to build a social media strategy. Step 1: Align the Enterprise, Step 2: Build the Strategy Step 3: Create Awareness
Learn more about social media strategy in her popular eBook: Social Media Marketing GPS and the American Marketing Assoc sponsored podcast series:

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Social Media Strategy In 3 Steps

  1. 1. How To Map Your Social Media Strategy Your Conversational Guide Toby Bloomberg 7-29-2010 © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  2. 2. YouTube Rock Star Max Doesn’t Need A Strategy © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  3. 3. Random Acts of Social Media Via MarketingSavant © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  4. 4. The question is not - how can I use social media “tools?” I finally figured out my problem: I was trying too hard to develop a social networking strategy instead of incorporating social networking into my marketing strategy. Brendan Hurley VP Goodwill of Greater Washington The question is - how can social media “tactics” to support marketing goals/business objectives? © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  5. 5. © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  6. 6. Developing Your Social Media Strategy Strategy The direction the business will pursue within its chosen environment and guides the allocation of resources and effort. It also provides the logic that integrates the perspectives of functional departments and operating units, and points = them all in the same direction. - American Marketing Association Strategy The action path the organization has chosen to realize goals. Strategies establish broad themes for future actions and should reflect reasoned choices among alternative paths. - Eric Marketing Profs Board Goal Directed toward a vision and consistent with the mission. Objective Specific measurable result associated with a timeline © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  7. 7. The “Strategic” Jelly Bean Approach © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  8. 8. Mission Statement Guides Strategy Leading financial company with a legendary Commitment to developing meaningful reputation for strength and stability that can product offerings and a high level of offer you more convenience and resources to service tailored to the needs of help you reach your financial goals. small businesses © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  9. 9. 3 Phase Social Media Planning Model 1. Align The Enterprise 2. Build The Strategy 3. Create Awareness © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  10. 10. 1. Align The Enterprise Face the Gorilla In The Room Determine impact on enterprise Determine cultural compatibility Identify Social Media Champion/s Inform all of your staff! © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  11. 11. Gorilla In The Room © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  12. 12. 7 Social Media Barriers 1. Lack of internal resources/time 2. Not convinced about the value/ROI 3. Lack of awareness of social media within company 4. How to scale 5. How to authentically engage 6. How to keep social media from taking over 7. New roles/leadership/influence What are other barriers specific to your organization???? © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  13. 13. More Social Media Barriers: Crowd Sourced By Participants 1. Who owns it 2. Corporation letting go of the power – getting upper management to back that up (Executive support) 3. Lack of belief – don’t believe in it enough to act 4. Lack of confidence 5. Fear – Legal ramifications, privacy and personal information might be compromised 6. Lack of coordination between departments 7. Risk management (legal) © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  14. 14. 5 Steps To Internal PIECE Conversation 1. Prepare: educational component, competitive analysis, customer activity, industry trends 2: Invite people who perceive they have a stake: C-suite, marketing, legal, technology, customer service 3: Encourage people to talk openly 4: Confirm and prioritize issues 5: Engage next steps create a Red Flag Memo and identify a social media champion. Bonus! Identify 2 social media champions: c-level and grass- roots © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  15. 15. Based on Outcomes Develop … Red Flag Memo Chief Executive Officer Brave Marketing VIP CSMO– Chief Social Media Officer Executive summary - highlights of meeting Challenges – issues identified Opportunities - solutions Next Steps – action items © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  16. 16. Social Media Impacts Business Processes © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  17. 17. 2. Build The Strategy Objective/s & Goal/s – supports business outcomes Conduct social media asset audit Conduct industry and a competitive analysis Identify target audiences Ensure Brand Consistency Determine Tactics & Content Direction Determine metrics for success © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  18. 18. © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  19. 19. Target Audience © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  20. 20. Success Success © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  21. 21. Success is based on goals and objectives Reinforce branding Improve customer service/product support Lead generation/new business opportunities Loyalty marketing Customer feedback Search engine rankings Sharing internal knowledge Executive leadership Increased awareness (viral marketing) Media attention © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  22. 22. Quantitative Measures Comments Referrals to website Friends, Fans, Followers Key word ranking on Google RSS subscriptions eMail subscribers Links to blog and tweet posts Media mentions & interviews RT – retweets More engaged volunteers, Unique visitors sponsors, customers, etc. Time spent on your blog Bounce rate © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  23. 23. It’s About Influencers © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  24. 24. A New Value Proposition  What is the value of the perceived “halo” effect about your organization from “influencers?”  What is the value of the community/networks that the “influencer” brings to you through links and extended commentary?  What is the value of longevity of social media in any type of medium (text, audio, video)?  What is the value of real time insights? © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  25. 25. 3. Create The Awareness Customer Strategies Tactics Banner Ad Signature Twitter Blog Website Enterprise A Integrated Marketing Model © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  26. 26. © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|
  27. 27. I Invite You To Join The Conversation With Me! Toby Bloomberg @tobydiva Social Media GPS .. A free eBook A Guide To Social Media 1 Tweet At A Time Supporting Podcast Series Sponsored By AMA: Social Media GPS s/social_media_mktg_gps_series.aspx © 2010 |Bloomberg Marketing|