Modern Marketing On A Budget


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Created for the Consortium for Entrepreneurial Education
Learn the 4 Steps to Social Media Success
Learn from examples from Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest and Blogs
Learn from case study about how Microsoft used Pinterest to launch a new product
Additional resouces included: Social Media Planning Guide, Create your social media guidelines forms, blog content ideas and more.

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Modern Marketing On A Budget

  1. 1. Your Social Media Guide Toby Bloomberg - @tobydiva CMG, Director of Social Media Integration 2012 Modern Marketing On A Budget
  2. 2. 4 Steps To Social Media Success
  3. 3. 4 Steps To Social Media Success 1. Customers
  4. 4. 4 Steps To Social Media Success 2. Content
  5. 5. 4 Steps To Social Media Success 3. Care
  6. 6. 4 Steps To Social Media Success 4. Communicate
  7. 7. People like to do business with people they like. “People-based relationships and performance will continue to be the most important formula for success.” Lorraine Tribe, Quest Personnel
  8. 8. Source: Forrester Research Then
  9. 9. Source: Forrester Research Now
  10. 10. Social Media/Networks: -Facebook Content  Sharing work  Research Share Conversation
  11. 11.  Educate  Emotional Connection  Entertain Relevant
  12. 12. Teacher PTA
  13. 13. Social Media/Network: Twitter Content  Professional opportunity Share Conversation
  14. 14. Twitter: Principal
  15. 15. Twitter: During Class Students can ask questions as you teach Students can answer each other’s questions when they arise Classrooms can collaborate by giving each other advice on different topics: test prep advice, grammar tips, etc… Students can summarize larger pieces of text in 140 characters or less Classrooms can share rules for specific subjects Students can ask questions/answer questions from students in other rooms, schools, states, etc… Students can use it as a publicly written Think Aloud Teachers can invite community members and parents to view a window into your classroom during a specific time From twitter4teachers Thinking Aloud
  16. 16. Social Media/Networks: LinkedIn Content  Member question Share Conversation
  17. 17. What’s A Blog? An online journal which produces fame without wealth for pajama-clad scribes, known as bloggers, who write so well they don’t need editors and survive by eating ramen noodles and Tang powder from a spoon. Heard if from Scrappleface blog
  18. 18. Social Media/Networks: Blog Content  Thought leadership through social networking crowd sourcing Share Conversation
  19. 19. Blog: Classroom Teacher + Students
  20. 20. Blogs: Principals & School BusDrivers
  21. 21. Social Media/Networks: Pinterest Content: Pins Share Conversation
  22. 22. Bio Boards Benefits • Personal branding •Thought leadership • Subject matter expert • Look behind the resume • Highlight what’s important
  23. 23. Pinterest Case Microsoft Product Launch Contest “Since we had such great artists that designed amazing art on our mice, Pinterest proved to be a great vehicle to promote this initiative.” BJ O’Hare, Microsoft
  24. 24. Pinterest Contest: Product Design Launch Microsoft – Case Study Why Pinterest • New mouse designs expressive and appeal to people looking for ways to personalize their everyday life. • Use Microsoft designer mouse pins to “decorate” boards Goals • Generate awareness of the new colors and artist designs through engagement with an audience • Increase followers of Microsoft boards • Generate repins Awareness •Microsoft social networks: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, TechTuesday tweet chat (#winchat/@windows)
  25. 25. Pinterest Contest: Product Design Launch Microsoft – Case Study Engagement Tactic • Added new images every few are fresh pins for people to use Research Analysis • Designs vs color images pinned • Rerepinning the contest pin • Pin & board descriptors • Group of images vs single item images • Product images vs lifestyle images. From Diva Marketing Interview with BJO’Hare
  26. 26. Before You Begin To Pin 1. How can you leverage and integrate social visual communications to support your brand story? • Goals • Brand values • Brand promise 5. What is Success? • What are your metrics? 6. How will you manage social visual challenges? • What to pin e.g. images & sites • What not to pin e.g. images & sites • Watermarks • Key words 7. How will you create awareness?
  27. 27. Return On Social Media Define success – based on goals and objectives • ROI/revenue • ROO/return on objectives • ROE/return on engagement • Such as:  Reinforce branding  Improve customer service/product support  Lead generation/new business opportunities  Loyalty marketing  Customer feedback  Search engine rankings  Sharing internal knowledge  Executive leadership  Increased awareness  Media attention  Learnings
  28. 28.  Objectives  Goals  Identify target audience  Who  Where are they online?  What are they doing?  How do they want to engage with the (people of) brand  Determine tactics  Listen to digital conversations  How will social media tactics integrate into current and future initiatives?  Determine metrics for success  Quantitative: Web analytics, followers, friends, likes, shares,  Go Behind The Numbers  New Value: longevity of digital, halo effect of influencers,  Determine awareness program Social Media Planning Guide 1:00p
  29. 29. Social Media Platform Who will you friend, follow, connect, etc.* Personal Sharing Scale of 1-5 Blog Facebook Twitter Podcast Video Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest *Colleagues, clients, friends, vendors, media, etc. ** Scale of 1-5 where 1 means no personal sharing, 5 means a lot. Getting Started: On Your Terms
  30. 30. Top 11 Blog Post Ideas 1. Instructional - How to do 2. Informational – Passing along information 3. Top List – a la David Letterman’s 4. Profiles – Highlight employees 5. Interviews – Customers, parents, students 6. Inspirational - Success stories 7. Book Reviews 8. Survey/ polls 9. Resources 10. Video - Incorporate videos into a text
  31. 31. 4 Steps To Social Media Success 1. Customers 2. Content 3. Care 4. Communicate
  32. 32. Without leaps of imagination or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities. Gloria Steinem
  33. 33. Join The Conversation With Me! @tobydiva Social Media GPS .. a free eBook A Guide To Social Media 1 Tweet At A Time Reach out if I can help with your social media strategy