Social Media Strategy


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An introduction to 6 of the most powerful social media channels for content marketing and how to utilize them. This will help you determine which is best for your business and how to get started. Get your brand noticed and engage your customers.

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Social Media Strategy

  2. 2. Purpose There are many channels to choose from and not every channel is right for you or your business. This presentation will introduce six great tools and provide suggestions for use; you will need to determine which one(s) are best for you. It is important that you take the time to determine your Social goal(s), which channel(s) have the right features, and how much time and resources you are willing to dedicate to your Social efforts. Social Keys 1. Be real. 2. Engage. 3. Prepare a strategy for handling customer complaints. 4. Success will not happen overnight; set your goals: manage and measure to them. 5. The tools are free, but your time to participate, create content, and measure your efforts is not.
  3. 3. Channels to be discussed
  4. 4. Twitter Twitter is a microblogging, content marketing tool that allows you to share relevant content with your customers, monitor your brand, and increase SEO by driving traffic back to your site or other social channels. • Tweets should include: o A short, attention grabbing summary statement. o A link back to your blog or website. o Relevant hashtags to categorize your tweets and make them easily searchable. • Monitor and manage with a dashboard like Hootsuite o Followers o Mentions o Retweets
  5. 5. LinkedIn LinkedIn Groups provide members with a professional environment to connect with one another, share knowledge, while giving you the opportunity to show you are an industry thought leader. • Utilize “Manager’s Choice” to promote posts. • Invite community thought leaders to lead discussions. • Utilize polls to learn about your community and keep them engaged. • Measure not only membership levels, but discussion activity as well.
  6. 6. Facebook Create a business page and communicate with your customers, announce promotions, and create brand awareness. • Ideal for hotels, restaurants, and consumer goods. • Showcase product or feature updates, menus, and promotions. • Utilize polls to get customer feedback on products and services. • Invite your guest to share their stories – they become your biggest promoters
  7. 7. Pinterest – Instagram These are two of the most powerful Content Marketing tools available: because their medium is pictures, they bring your business to life. • Increase SEO. • Share video and photos. • Share menus, food, new products, etc. • Your customers promote your brand as they share pictures.
  8. 8. Flipboard Flipboard is a social network aggregator that brings the content of your choosing to your tablet or smartphone, then allows you to easily share it across any social network. • Create your own magazine as a content marketing piece. • Invite your customers to contribute to the magazine and keep them engaged. • Utilize keywords in your magazine title and description to be found by potential customers.
  9. 9. Conclusions & Resources I hope this presentation has provided some insight and stimulated new questions. Remember there is no “Social Silver Bullet” and not every channel is right for each industry. • What is Hootsuite? • Facebook for business. • A guide to twitter utilization: Twitter my Way. • What is a hashtag and how are they utilized? • What is content marketing and why does it matter? Be Honest With Content Be Patient With Expectations Be Engaging With Your Community Comments, feedback, questions: they are all welcome, please contact me.