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Dibbz bridge teaser (2014)


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Dibbz Investment Teaser

Published in: Technology
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Dibbz bridge teaser (2014)

  1. 1. Dibbz is a new mobile ad tech company providing real rewards in your favourite app experiences Round closes 16th Jan ‘15 The Problem Traditional banner ads have a click through rate of 0.4% and simply feel dated on mobile platforms, leading many consumers to ignore them via 'banner blindness'. The Solution Our solution rewards users by providing them a promotion or offer they like at the right time, place and moment in their app experience. Through our moment-targeting, we've seen an increase in engagement rates that is 75x higher than that of traditional ads. Whether it's by rewarding users with a £5 voucher or Free Next Day Delivery, we create a positive moment that consumers engage with, act upon and ultimately enjoy. Our Edge • Emotionally Engaging Rewards • Insightful Analytics • Contextual & Dynamic Delivery Engine • SDK & RTB based technology Elegant solution 1 2 Robust Technology • SDK & RTB network • Smart Bidders • Dashboards & Analytics • Viewability Tracking • Attribution Tracking
  2. 2. £30 £20 £10 Gross Sales (£m) Featured In The Model • Brand A sets-up a campaign with us. • We algorithmically target their most receptive consumers via our network. • We provide contextual and dynamic delivery based on multiple data points. • Profits are driven by the 40-60% margins made on our impression cost. The Traction We are already working globally with established brands in EMEA and LATAM regions. Customers include: The Team Elliot Sochall CEO & Founder Visionary of the Dibbz service and experienced in previous marketing startups. Nick Slater COO & Co-Founder Experienced early stage founder with legal and financial knowledge. Rogerio Candeias CTO 10 years of Software Dev & tech entrepreneur. Studied at MIT & Harvard. Toby Allen CSO MBA with 7 years of Product Development & Senior Management Experience. The Opportunity • Raise of £250k • 12.5% equity offered • Over £5k – Type A Shares • Under £5k – Type B Shares The Use of Investment We believe in building a strong and stable company. We need to continue to build on our foundations & remove bottlenecks. • Sales Staff (40%) • Technology (30%) • Operational Costs (20%) • Marketing (10%) Join us on Crowdcube Round closes 16th Jan ‘15 £0 £4 £12 £14 £24 £0 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2014 2015 2016 Gross Sales 30,000 3,525,000 11,560,000 EBITDA -94,805 2,010,788 6,856,822 EBITDA % -316% 57% 59% Net Profit (Pre Tax) -97,485 1,958,032 6,786,822