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SI Executive Workshop: Governance, Strategy and Sustainability

An executive workshop product offered to large companies on how Governance, Strategy and Sustainability are linked and can drive competitive advantage

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SI Executive Workshop: Governance, Strategy and Sustainability

  1. 1. Part of an Executive Training Workshop Series organised and delivered by Stakeholder Intelligence and associatesExecutive Workshop: The links between Corp Governance, Sustainability andStrategyA focused, high level, one day executive workshop offering unique insights intohow best practice in board and company planning are increasingly linked withsustainability and corporate social responsibilityWhat will be covered?The workshop, with no more than 20 participants, offers practical insights intothe following key areas for your company:  How global corporate governance best practice is evolving: And what that means for your company.  The increasing and emerging links between governance, sustainability and strategy.  Practical case studies of leading companies: How they make the link, in policy and practice.  The results for your bottom line: How you can begin the process, and make $$$ in return.What’s the format for the day?The workshop will not be a “sit there and listen” format, but an interactive daywith a mixture of short, practical presentations, discussion and group work inan “experiential” format.Who will be there?Board members and senior managers from across your business.Where, when, and how much will it cost?This workshop can be delivered on demand, at a cost of £5000 + VAT.
  2. 2. Part of an Executive Training Workshop Series organised and delivered by Stakeholder Intelligence and associatesHow do I sign up?By contacting Toby Webb: or calling him on+44 7867 416 646.About the workshop leader:Toby Webb is Founder of Ethical Corporation and Stakeholder Intelligence.Toby Webb founded Ethical Corporation, the leading magazine and conferencebusiness on CSR world-wide, back in 2001. Since then he has advised the UKPrime Minister on CSR, written UK Government CSR policy (ResponsibilityDeals) and overseen the publishing of more than 8000 articles on sustainablebusiness, and more than two dozen research reports. He also runs StakeholderIntelligence (SI). SI is an advisory, training, facilitation, and research companybased in London, with a global network of experts and clients all over theworld. He has an MSc in Corporate Governance and Ethics from BirkbeckCollege, University of London, where he is also a lecturer in CorporateResponsibility. He is a research fellow of the London Centre for CorporateGovernance and Ethics and is undertaking a PhD in Governance, Strategy andCorporate Sustainability at Birkbeck College, University of London.Other trainers and experts are also available as required: