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Reporting, Comms, Social Media in CR February 2013 Toby Webb


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This is an attempt to put some good, and poor practice together on sustainability communications, in PowerPoint/PDF.

It's a presentation I am using later this week with my class at Birkbeck, University of London, for a couple of upcoming talks.

It makes sense if you click on the links. It's better heard but should make some kind of sense. Let me know if not.

  • Thank you. This is an excellent deck that pulls it all together so simply. You know, it is all common sense but for some reason large corporations just don't get it right. It's not like social media hasn't been around for a while! Thanks again.
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Reporting, Comms, Social Media in CR February 2013 Toby Webb

  1. 1. Sustainability/CR Reporting,Communications and Social Media: Trends, the business case, and getting it wrong - and right, in 14 slides Toby Webb, February 28 2013
  2. 2. Why do authenticcommunications matter in 2013? Heres one very good reason
  3. 3. The J&J Credo
  4. 4. The numbers do not lie
  5. 5. Good CR/ Sustainability Reporting
  6. 6. Mediocre CR/ Sustainability Reporting. But why?
  7. 7. Social Media: What not to do…
  8. 8. A bad mistake, more here
  9. 9. A recent campaign, more here
  10. 10. Getting Social Media Right
  11. 11. Getting Social Media Right
  12. 12. The 15 New Rules of Authentic Global Sustainability and CR CommunicationsAnd a longer version, with examples
  13. 13. Still the ultimate sustainable business ad?Still the ultimate sustainable business ad?
  14. 14. Further reading / www.stakeholderintel.com me: